Yucca Like Plants | Tips For Easy Care Yucca Plant | How To Propagate Yucca Plant

Shara Nyein

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Tips For Easy Care Yucca Plant | How To Propagate Yucca Plant


Hi, guys, welcome back to my channel, first of all. I would like to say happy new year. Welcome to 2021 And I hope you had a very great holiday with your friends and family, and yeah, so let’s talk about plan now. Alright, so in this video. I am planning to talk about Yooka. I’m sure that you are familiar with this. Um, beautiful plan. So in this video, I am gonna focus more about watering, sunlight and propagation. All right, so before we get into all of this. I want to talk a little bit about, um, about Yucca plant. And so you could plant this original. Come from, you know, a very hot and dry part from the from the America and the Caribbean. All right, but, uh, however, I have seen, uh, Yuga in that in Southeast Asia, where I used where I born because I’m very familiar with this plant since I was young because I remember that my grandmother, she used to plant a lot of this plant around our property. Um, the reason why she like to plant this Yucca? That’s because of the Yucca has a very sharp. Uh, you know, the edges are very like a sharp, Um, leaf and also, you know, they have this pointy spike. So that the thief. They cannot come into your property easily, you know? Is it smart? Yeah, but, uh, yeah, so I’m very, uh, familiar with this plant since I was young but, uh, as you know, you know? Southeast Asia has very, you know, like subtropical and tropical. You know, weather, and we also have this very heavy. Uh, moonsoon rain. At least four to five months. Uh, in a year, but that they can handle. Even though you know this heavy, you know, like a rain and wet season, which mean UK is a very easy going plan. You know, they can adapt that. You know, the weather and place it doesn’t matter, so that, uh, that that is the reason why Yuka became very, you know, popular among the you know, like indoor planters. But, uh, just, you know, keep in your mind that if you’re happy, you know, like, like small babies, then this, uh, plant might not be the you know, like child friendly, because as I say, they have this, You know, very sharp. Uh, leaf and, uh, edges are very sharp, And also you know the pointy, uh, spike, so that it might be, you know, you know? Just think about it before you buy it, so let’s talk about watering. So since Yucca. Come from, you know, like very dry place. They don’t like their, you know, soil to be to be wet. Uh, then then then dry so that I recommend you know if you want to water them, uh, just wait. Uh, until the soil is completely completely dry before watering water them regularly in the spring and summer, especially in the growing season. You know, so that they take lots of energy, so just do it regularly, but in the winter, you might want to, you know? Just sit back a little bit with the watering. You know, you want to extra be careful. Just let me just test with the moisture meter and want to show you. Oh, my god, I cannot go deeper, this is. This is just on the top of the soil. And it’s your number two. If I go a little bit, you know, like, go deep, then let me see. Oh, my gosh, so so hot. Oh, my god, okay. So where is it now? Okay, now it’s showing me five. Look, I, uh, poke it into, like a almost like, deep down here. Deep down here about like half of the pot. Okay, I cannot reach it down here and it is showing me three three and a half. Yeah, around four. I think it’s like a perfect condition. You know, not too wet, not too dry. Yeah, almost dry. Actually, you know, it’s like because four five six seven is like a moist level so now it’s like three and a half three around three so that this is more like more like dry than wet. This is perfect condition for the yuca. Let’s move on, talk about sunlight. So as you know that you got his come from, you know, like very hot, uh, place. So which means they prefer like lots of sunlight. I like to keep it next to the window to get the maximum sunlight, but northern phasing window is not my favorite spot for all of my plants, but southern facing window is okay, so let’s talk about propagation. There are many different way of propagating yucca. Uh, you know you. Can you know plant dividing stamp cutting? But the stamp cutting because the stem is like very thick. Uh, so that that might be a little bit difficult to cut the stem. But, however, I want to show you the method that I have done. Unfortunately, I don’t have the footage that I made cutting five months ago. I’m kind of regret that I didn’t make it, but I can show you here. The result and I can also show you. You know where I can look at here? This, uh, cutting. I made five months ago and, uh, look at one of the route is even picking out from the drainage hole already. This is I made it five months ago and they grow very, very fast. Many people say that yuca is very like a slow growing plant. I don’t think this plant is slow for a Russia slow growing plant. Look at the, uh, uh, when I get it, They are just like, you know, like a baby plant And in during five months, they just grow through and even you look. Do you see here? Even the new. Yeah, leaf are like coming this. Our new leaf, actually. And more new leaf are coming from inside, all right, So this is the where I make cutting here. Do you see they look still fresh? Even though five months ago, they are not totally dry yet. So if I want to make cutting, I can steal one more here. Do you see here and this two? These two are quite big. This two are quite big, so I don’t want to make cutting. If you want to make cutting, just cut right down here, you know, just right down. Oh, wait! Let me just bring it in here. Yeah, like right here because the the another cat, the cutting that I made, I just cut like it right down here right here. Okay, so, yeah, so if you want to make just, you know, just cut from right there and you can directly grow into the soil, but I am not sure that you can grow in the water or not because I haven’t tried that method. Uh, so yeah, so I just grow them in the soil. So yeah, do the like a soil like a propagating method. I recommend it because it’s worked for me. All right, and, uh, up here and this is how it is. Look like the whole big plant. This is very like a tall plant actually for ex. I can show you here like this like, very like they look super super healthy. But, uh, you can see here. Do you see here like some yellow leaf see, yeah? This is that’s because of, you know, now. It’s winter, so that most of the plant down, you know, old leaf down here. They started to get yellow time to fall. You know so. This is totally normal. You can just simply get rid of them. You don’t have to do anything or you. Don’t have to worry for it because this is, you know. Winter is the time for most of the leaf to fall. So just time to say goodbye. You don’t need to do anything about it. Just I just like to simply get rid of like this. Yeah, just like this easy. Isn’t it and, uh, up here all the leaf or you know, like so green and thrive. Uh, a lot of deaths I have to you. Can just, you know, clean them? Once in a while? It’s okay, you see here, a lot of new. See a lot of do you see here. A lot of new leaves are coming in my care, not in my care. I didn’t even do anything. Actually, they just grow itself. They are super easy. Plants see one new and this is also new and here. You can see all that, you know, like a light green. All of them are new. I hope you enjoyed this video, and if you like it, do not forget to thumbs up and subscribe my channel for more videos and as always, thank you so much for watching and see you next week bye.