White Echeveria | Unboxing Echeveria Rainbow, Romeo | Succulents Imported | Khui Thùng Sen Hoả Đế Hồng Dâu Var

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Unboxing Echeveria Rainbow, Romeo | Succulents Imported | Khui Thùng Sen Hoả Đế Hồng Dâu Var


Yeah, yeah, . OK, OK, . Yeah, yeah, . Ah, ah, yeah, . Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, . Yeah, yeah, . Yeah, yeah, . Yeah, yeah. After only 1 month, my husband left the questions here. You guys put them under the lamp? Đèn and the trees in the garden are full of trees to make this road very healthy and the leaves are very hard. Always watch out for harmful substances to avoid all of them. When it comes out, it’s really fast. If it’s on Kurama’s land, it’s really fast You, guys. And for that reason, it’s great to stimulate your skin. This is also healthy. And here are the flowers that follow a lot when the Romeo tree. I keep under it very pink. You guys are not very good. Oh, here! I thought it was dead. It’s not dead, it’s over, it’s broken. Hey, he’s still healthy and taking a bath and here’s Zen Bo. This Rambo game of mine got sunburned, And then I let it go. Somewhat burnt. Say Guys. Oh, dear! Ah, it’s been a hot day today. Do you want to watch anything? Yesterday I got sunburned and last week, is it OK, OK? Yeah, yeah, ah. In the present, the rose sleeps friends. The rose market. And my rose tree are all asleep. Ah ah ah! This tree hasn’t slept. Ready to sleep ngủ? Thank you for watching my video today. See you again, friends. The videos after the name. Ahh ahh ahh ahh!

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