When To Repot A Cactus | How To Know When To Re Pot A Cactus & Succulent Plant

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How To Know When To Re Pot A Cactus & Succulent Plant


Hi, guys, it’s. Lynne, here. Hope everyone’s having an amazing day now in this video. I’m going to talk to you about how to know when it’s time to repot your cactus or succulent, and I’m going to tell you a bit of things about what tips I use when I know it’s time to put on, and the first one has got to be the most obvious one, and that’s the roots coming through the bottom of the pot as Ill. Show you here now! I always prefer to keep my plants in look at the under party, so I don’t worry too much if the roots are starting to come through slightly, but I was in this case. They’re coming through quite a bit now, so it’s time to put on, and that’s a really obvious one. I mean, everyone knows that, so don’t need to go into too much detail about that. Now, now the second bomb will be will be the plant that is open this dog’s a bit warm in here. If the plant dries out too quick in the pot, it’s in now the plant might not be over potted and the roots not coming through anything like that. But if you find that every time you go to water your plants, they literally dry out within a couple of couple of hours then. Obviously, the soil is over exhausted and it’s drying up too fast now. I find this happens with a lot of the PTAs. Compost mixes and I love the cacti and succulents that are for sale in the gardens shops and centers always nearly coming peat-based soil. And I just find it it’s. It dries like cardboard and it’s known easy, very difficult to re-wet again, but it ruins the Reed rise of the roots as well. Nikko edges, a lot of the root, mealy bug only from my experience, so I prefer to make my own soil Mix and have made a separate video on how to make your own cactus and succulent plant mix and Ill. Pull the links up above there. Check that video. If you haven’t seen it, it will save you loads of money rather than buying separate mixes, and because I use a soil base mix rather than a peat base mix. I find it far better. It stops the plants. I’m drying out really, really fast, and it’s far more economical to make your own as well and I like to use a Johnny soil, even number two or number three and go into more details on that video. So check that out, guys, but see if you plant dries, I really fast, and it’s not, it’s not under parted and the roots aren’t coming through. Then you must refresh the soil because obviously it’s not giving chance for the root system to take up moisture, which these plants need because they store in their stems. And so it’s important that you freshen up the soil. So that’s that’s one of them. The other one is if it’s too top-heavy now the problem I find with a lot of cacti and succulents is because especially the serious types like I just show these here. These are my tall cacti. Is that when you do go to repot them a lot of the time they don’t have very large root systems, though they’re not very deep, so if you pop them into a big pot to match their height, obviously they’re going to go into rot, and most cactus owners prefer to be a little bit under potted. Anyway, because you know you never can. It’s very hard to Rotter. Cactus, if it’s under potty. But it’s very easy to get root rot if it’s over potted, and they don’t like to be sitting stagnant or wet soil for too long, but what I tend to do here now, obviously again. If the roots are coming through all the plant is really toppling over. Then it’s an obvious sign he needs to be potted, but if it’s just obviously too top-heavy for it’s part, which you’re going to get with serious type plants like these. I tend to, I mean, hear them in the greenhouse. I’ve sort of wedged them all together, so they’re not really going to topple over, but when I bring them into the house for the winter, I put a lot of rocks on them. And how’d you show you? I’ve done here. This is my puntilla. It’s a big plant. Obviously it has a shallow root system and it’s in a pot that matches its root system, but because it’s very top-heavy. I’ve got a rock from the garden. Barney and it stops you from toppling over. Sounds a good tip. If you have top-heavy plants that don’t need to be repotted and the soil is perfect and everything put it put a brick or stone on them, and it stops and toppling over, but never over pot a cactus because that’s far more disastrous and under Potti, say my experience under potting use, You just call these yellow plants and maybe a little bit shrivel, it’s shriveled, but never never death of a plant so always under than over pot, and I’ve made a separate video on how to repot a cactus and that also goes for succulents as well. I’ve made few different videos, so check them out. But I’ll put the links up above at the top there on how to repot a cactus and that goes into more detail there and the fourth one will be yellowing now, usually when the saw gets exhausted, a plant can sometimes take on a bit of a yellow appearance And you probably think. Oh, that’s strange, you know, my plants well watered it. The root sight doesn’t need repotting, but it’s just yellow all the time. Now there could be a number of different reasons for yellow in plants and one of them is. Sometimes it can be something as simple as it has a bit too much sunshine. A lot of the aloes are showing my yellows underneath here. These are lovely and green, but if I was to put these on the top shelf here, they would go yellow because although they’re succulents, they don’t like too much intense light, so they’re green up nice, so sometimes it can be something as simple as receiving too much sunshine, especially behind glass, and they’re not getting the ventilation. They’re normally would if they were outdoors, but a lot of time it can also be going yellow down to the soil, being over exhausted so again if the plant doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with it Needing me potting, get it out of the soil, That’s like getting out of the pot, check the the root system over, and if there’s any bugs which can be at one of the reasons why a plant will start to go yellow because it’s not having getting chance to take the nutrients up, then obviously treat it and take all of the old soil off and repot into fresh soil and again if it’s too much light movie away into a slightly shadier spot and the other one is as well. If you find your plant shrivels sometimes. I’ll have a plant that doesn’t need repotting well. I don’t think he does at first. I think I would. You know, it’s okay, but you see, starting to shrivel and I have a few people say to me. My cactus on my succulents shriveling up, It doesn’t need repotting. No roots are coming through, and I only reported it last year this year and I don’t know why it shriveling. Well, I would say to them. Get it out of the path. There’s something wrong with the root system because if you watching it enough and this using good quality soil and it’s no sign of disease dead or anything that then he’s down to the roots, and it’s nearly always down to root mealybugs or something similar or we could be something as silly as people using peat based soil, be their succulents and it’s drying out too fast, and though they think they’re watering it all the time because it’s dry and within a couple of hours, the plants are having a chance to take up the moisture so again, always use a good quality soil. Mix and again. I prefer to use Johnny as number 1 or 2 which is a soil based compost. I know it’s not necessarily available in many other parts of the world here in Ireland in the UK. We can get hold of it and I love it. It’s a soil based one. They do use a bit of peat in the mix most. Johnny’s use bit of peat. There’s only a small amount and it’s mainly lone bass, which I prefer to you. So if you can’t get hold of Johnny’s a number number two or three where you live, then any soil, based rather than predominantly peat based soil mix would do with a bit of extra sand and grit. And, as I said, links up above there. Check out on how to make your own cactus. Mix there, and that’s that one, so just trying to think what else would cover. It obviously top heavy. We’ve covered that one and the Oh. Yes, if you plant, obviously, if your plant has not been be potted in absolutely yes and believe me. I’m a bit guilty of that. I’ve had plans for a long time and no roots coming through. They seem healthy and everything like that. This example, this one here, actually. I had this plant for years and the disease really, really healthy and I think it’s been. It was in the same pot, really. I’m not joking me to say about ten years up until last year and the moons weren’t coming through it flowered for me every year. Nothing wrong with it, but I just thought you know. I’ve not not only part of this plan for so long. I’m going to have to refresh the soil, So I gave it a bit of a refresh and it’s doubled in size, literally in the past year. Look at that, it’s beautiful, multi heavy specimens. So if your plant is pretty pretty looks pretty healthy, but you have not freshened up the soil for a long time. I’d recommend go ahead and just repotting it anyway, Because it’s good to freshen up the soil, and I would recommend obviously fertilizing with evil cactus and succulent feed, or I like to use a tomato feed because I believe, anyway encourages lots more blooms of a greater greater experience with using that, and I’ve done a separate video on what I like to feed my cat. I’m circling food with so check that video up above if you haven’t already, and that’s that’s best thing. I’ve advice I can give you. Any comes to repotting and let me show you where some of my ones. I’m going to be repotted on this year. That a desperate, huh? Would you show you this one here? You’re actually at the bottom. This is my pencil plant. And that’s desperate to be repotted, so look out for future video on that is very top-heavy, and I just hope that that’s helped you out, guys, because I’m often being asked. You know, how do you no way it’s time to repot your your plants and that’s the best advice I can give so when it said you lo, don’t. Yes, check out a blog. I’ve also done a blog on this on my website as well and put the links down below and it’s a desert plants of Avalon. Calm, so check my website as well, guys, and I want to send you Loads of Earth heaps. A happiness and tons and tons are happy growing as always from Island. Check with your flower guys until the next video bye.