When Are Succulents In Season | Succulent Growing Season And What To Do With Them!

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Succulent Growing Season And What To Do With Them!


Good evening, everyone. So it’s actually 12 oclock midnight now. And so I decided to water my plans one week, plus, so I would like to discuss a really quick, uh, topic, which is the growing season of Succulents. So as you know, um, so? How do we know our our plants are, uh, thirsty, so like this one, and now see Orange, Monroe are very soft and, um, bend and, you know, and then here you can see they move. They’re pretty flexible, so even this one, and that is because it now is their growing season. You have more growth with their plants. Um, that they’re drying up leaves faster than usual. So, um, like this is, and, um, they’re growing really fast. So, um, if you if you’re not giving them enough water so to avoid that to avoid, Um, a lot of, uh, leaves being, uh, dry like this. No, um, what we need to do is full water every week, or if it’s not raining check, no dip your finger in your soil in your top soil. And if it reaches at least an inch an inch, um, or anything, then do a full soak. So why am I saying this because your plants are drinking extra right now? And this is the best time to see them really grow fast, so you have this window of opportunity to really help them grow faster. You don’t really, uh! This is also the best time to fertilize your plants. Yeah, and so, um, for those who are asking or since, um, fertilization is relatively no, or it’s the in thing right now in the succulent community, But if you’re newly, uh, if they’re newly potted, no need to fertilize paren that much because a fresh pine soil. So now is the perfect time for them to be fertilized because one they have if they’re established already, it means they have a really good root system and they will be able to absorb the nutrients that comes from the fertilizer. So you know, best time, or if if you do have plants that are a little bit sensitive like this one. See Mexican snowball or this one is elegance. Uh, this is the common term that we have, but young name Telaga is Mexican snowball, then, but everything else like the Monroes like the lulen sayana. Yeah, I just go for it. I just get them wet. I don’t mind getting the leaves wet. Um, particularly champagne, loves water nowadays and so this again. This is the best time for us to fertilize if they’re established, but if they’re newly potted fertilized, wait for them to be established before we, um, we give them fertilizers, fertilize the plants that are established so that they can absorb the nutrients and grow much faster. Um, again being mindful of the of the ratio of fertilizer that you give, because sometimes if you give too much, your plants will atiolate because of the nutrient content and it will make them weaker in the long run so again over fertilization is not good, so lets. Do it properly my over excitement. Ah, fertilization over fertilization can actually cause your roots to burn, so let’s say nag Siam early grow plus osmo, it could actually damage the roots of your plants, and then when you pull out the plant, you’ll see that the roots are dried and burned so again to avoid that. Please do not over fertilize or do not mix your fertility, Your fertilizers choose your, uh, choose your weapon of choice. It doesn’t mean that every if you can give them every fertilizer that it’s out there it that it means that it will be good for them. So yeah, that’s it. Um, it’s gonna be a quick video and I hope you do. Um, you notice your plants? You know, go out check. Check out your plants and you’ll notice that they’re growing really fast right now. And this growing season will last up to, uh, February early or mid February of next year, so at the imperfect time, the malamig. And then you’ll see them grow you’ll. See them, give you pops of colors like, look. My Helena is showing me Purples so, um, so? I hope you do. Enjoy your garden. As much as I am enjoying mine right now. Yay, I’m so happy, but I’m so happy with my balcony setup right now. I’m so deep down deep down . I will put out all . Um, mostly, I water my plants during night time because it personally responsibilities was a mommy personal responsibility as a wife. So now it’s my time for myself and for my plants is another watering tip. Um, when you’re watering your horizons tip is from Jogi from hello, Haworth. So do not watch trick. I have Hindi, Pako Namatayana. By following sir yogis. Uh, advice, Um, so thank you to Sir Jogi for answering my questions. Super hectic workshop. And, um, so thank you, thank you, thank you. Um, so anyways, um, is so, um, I’m planning to uproot them and change them very soon. So another question is, um, if growing season, what it? What do you do with your sensitive plants, so lets. Say no, see what I do, is I? Don’t water her like the rest of my echeverias because it’s echeveria and grab those growth spurt, But for, um, for sensitive plants on Lexi Bearpo. I always checked first, so if you feel like it’s very tight. Pan leaves are very plump when it’s kind of squishy before I water that way, I’m sure that the plant really needs water instead of, you know, giving giving her water when she’s full because as you know, if we give water when they’re really full, what they will do is to drop leaves so to avoid that. I always make sure even if I you know. They haven’t been watered for a week. What I do is I still make the. I still do the pinch test. So like this one now. This is this one is very soft, so it tells me that this one I can water, but this one I cannot because it’s still very plump, and it’s still very fat so even if I haven’t watered her for more than a week, I I will still skip, so I give her a designated. I don’t give her a designated watering day instead. I really water her by feel. So if you do have, um, plants that are sensitive, Like, Of course, your amis, your clava, your clavatums or clavitone’s your ovitherums? Um, always check with the leaves before you water just so that you can make sure that they don’t get over watered and drop leaves because these plants are notorious for dropping of leaves when they’re very full, so just to avoid that. That’s what I do with my sensitive plans. When all those dreams got caught up right in the middle, when love was real like we were in the beginning when all those dreams told me that I got it, right.