Violet Queen | Echeveria Violet Queen |transplante, Cuidados Y Riego


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Echeveria Violet Queen |transplante, Cuidados Y Riego


And music]. Hello, friends. How are you again? Swan greets you and welcomes you cute, succulent today. I want you to accompany me to transplant. This cute echevería ring dance! This would open. I bought it in a nursery near my house. They don’t have many succulents, but the few that have sell them in this format in this pot size, and as You can see, they have many babies, And that is what I like because I can separate them and divide this plant. I already had it before and I have it planted in a corner here where I have my terrace. But I bought another because it had to be an exchange with someone on Facebook. They were going to send me a cool one imbricata in exchange for a Queens dance and well. I ended up, sending two dances, queens and a little piece of other succulents and spreading leaves. But Anyway, that’s why I bought it for that purpose. As you can see, they have many leaves that are already rotten. The substrate is very wet. The smell is what? I noticed from this nursery that the plants have very wet And when I get to buy them, It is urgent for me to get them out of there because I don’t want to that they are going to rot. They are very close together. There are many many shoots that it has around and this plant does grow and it is very pretty. I would have liked to leave it like that, but when I saw the leaves and as it had leaves in the middle of the rosettes that were also like you could prefer to give them more space between them as you can see. The colors are very beautiful, and when it is in the sun, grab some purple colors. Because as its name says, violets on the shores, the earth was very wet. They are very close to each other. They do not have space and that can contribute to let the flowers rot. The leaves are no longer there. So that’s why I decided separate them. Its windows roots. This is a bud that has four that wants to use it apart. There comes another recipe. I wanted to be careful if they had roots so as not to break. The leaves of this flower tends to be very fragile, very thin too. I think that’s why they rot easily. And here I already have them separated and here. I am also going to set aside for little flowers that I have to make of the exchange that I tell you that I did in Facebook. And I’m already using the mix you bought at the store is a guy from the brand that I will, and I’m going to put them in this recipe. I am going to put the big recipe in the middle and as you can see. There is a little son there, bud. These are very prolific like you. You can see how they were in the pot here. You will see me putting 4 nothing more, but then. I went to look for one of my patio, and I put five in total. This, I tell you that I am going to set it aside to make a separate arrangement. I liked how? It is in its shape and I am going to give it a saw so that it is fill in more. You see that then one waters and the earth as it condenses more. I am cleaning with a brush, the dirt that stuck to it when we were transplanting. Because as it was still wet, the earth stuck to the these are the leaves that I plucked from my terrace and they are the ones that I’m going to send by mail to the girl. I’m going with to make the exchange and here I already put it in the pot to separate them to send them and the other one. I am going to use in another arrangement as I told you and here they are. This is a week after the Plant. And look how beautiful they are. They get all the morning. Sun, let’s say from 8 am to 1 pm. But it’s almost shady and look at the colors that that violet color has taken on. The banks is very cute, and the plants have opened badly because they were very compact because of how. They were in the pot and here I present my Echevería dance . I hope you liked this video. Thanks for joining me while I planted this echevería by law queen. That have a nice day. God bless you !