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Variegated String Of Pearls


Hey, guys, so I have a huge problem here. I bought some new plants because it’s been like all winter that I didn’t buy any plants and they’re all not doing well and I’m so sad and, uh. I was gonna reach out to you guys and see if anyone can give me any advice, especially on this little guy. So this is the variegated string of pearls and look what’s happening. It’s like drying out completely, and I don’t know what to do. I mean, it looks like there’s. Some new growth like right, right there. That’s some new growth and like right here, some new growth. So I guess some of the strings, and maybe right there. Some new babies right there. Um, some of the strings might be doing well, but some of them and even look, it’s like kind of molding right there, hold on. Can you see it right, right. There looks like some kind of mold. Uh, I’m so confused as to what to do. I was super stoked on these. Um, and there was like a pretty big string of just white ones, and that’s the one that dried up first, which I think was kind of expected. Usually the white a super white section of a plant never survives right, so I’m like wondering what to do. Um, you know, I saw some people writing that. Uh, sometimes these are thirsty, Kind of like how this one looks. It’s a little bit, It’s a little bit crinkled up, and so I watered it when I got it. It was like super wet, so I decided to just put it in this pot and not water it for a minute. Uh, so it? Can you know dry out and then I can start watering again, but like this is what’s happening now a week later and I’m devastated. I don’t know what to do. Should I try to like? Should I try to? Maybe take this out and separate the roots and sort of, um, maybe laid them out somewhere like kind of the way that the turtle leaves are. Hold on, guys. I got one of these too one of these little. Uh, string of turtles which, um, a lot of the strings kind of fell off when I was, Um, repotting it because this one just came in the mail. Um, wrapped in like a cellophane, and there wasn’t really any roots now that I think about it, and I’m having thought about taking this out of the dirt too, and just simply laying the strings on top of dirt because I ended up doing that with some of the extras right here. I just put them on Moss in this little like sushi container and they seem to be doing well and actually, some of them are growing roots, although they’re white and fuzzy, and I’m wondering if this is like also some type of mold, but these are starting to grow rude, so I think soon I’m gonna take them out of here and kind of, like, place them on top of dirt. So I don’t know what to do. Do I do the same thing with these pearls? Do I just not water the pearls for a moment? Do you think maybe they’re getting too much light? I have them sitting so this is just for the video, but I have them sitting in here. This is like a window and a window, but this corner is covered by a curtain, So I kind of put my more sensitive plants in here, but I’m wondering, could this still be too much sun? So if anybody has any advice because God, I was so stoked on these, and for the longest time, I avoided buying a string of Pearl’s plant because I really wanted a variegated one, and I actually saw someone on Facebook marketplace selling this really close to my house, so I was like I’m getting it. I’m gonna try it and now my heart is breaking because they’re dying. I don’t know what to do so any advice would be super appreciated. Um, because these seem to be like so delicate, and I don’t know if I’m over watering or underwatering or just letting them fry in the sun. What is the deal? I’m not sure so, guys. I would really appreciate any and all advice, and I have been making videos, guys. I don’t know if I mentioned this in my last live video, but I have zero time to edit hanging out with my kid and trying to take care of my home. So at some point, I’ll be releasing some more videos about my plants. I know the other day. I tried to do a little trim and chat of all of my jades which didn’t happen because everything that could go wrong with my camera and my internet went wrong, so I still haven’t trimmed them because I want to do it on camera and kind of talk to you guys about what’s been going on with my plants and all of the new plants that I got. Um, so yes, more videos soon to come. Hopefully hopefully I find a moment to edit. Oh, here’s another new guy which I’m super sad about, too. This one was mega wet When I bought it as well. So I took it out of the pot right away. I put it in like normal dirt and just right now. I noticed that this tip is rotting right here and I actually took out. That leaf is okay. I’m not gonna touch it too much. I’ll do it off camera. But, um, a clump of leaves like this just fell off of it, and I’m so upset because I was really stoked on this one as well. Um, I had it a long time ago. And what happened was just like one. Long Spike grew and all the bottom leaves died and this is what it looks like. Now hold on, this is what it looks like now. Just like this long. This long, long plant and I wanted to kind of, like, chop it up and try to propagate it. But I was always afraid that I’m gonna like, kill it and lose it. So when I saw this pot for five bucks, I was like well. I’m gonna get it and then I’ll chop up the long one and see what happens, but now this one is rotting a little bit too. And I’m really sad, and you know I. I like these plastic pots. I know everyone’s like wild about the ceramic, but I like the plastic ones because I can kind of, like, squeeze them, and I feel like that gives a little air to the roots, and you know, kind of helps the the soil dry out a little more, but gosh, I’m just not having good luck since I since I got my new plants. So yeah, guys, if anyone can help me, I really really need it, because, gosh, if I’m able to save even one of these strings, I would be happy anyways. I will see you soon, guys. Thanks for everything for anyone who gives me advice. I really appreciate it and I really really need it. Thanks so much guys. Hope you’re having a lovely day, ciao!