Variegated String Of Hearts Care | Want A Happy Variegated String Of Hearts?! | Variegated String Of Hearts Care!

Sharina Tallada

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Want A Happy Variegated String Of Hearts?! | Variegated String Of Hearts Care!


So I walk in? I look to my right nothing. I look to my left and I see, sir. Is this a variegated string of Hearts? How much is it? Forty fifty dollars, ten dollars. Damn, and do you know what? I said. So my please my plan, homies. I am so excited that you here because today I have a very special guest, and that is my variegated string apart. If we are just first meeting, my name is Shireen. And in this channel, we talk about bringing more plants into our home because I truly believe that the more plants we have the more purpose we have in our lives, right, so if you’re new, consider subscribing now, I have to give you a disclaimer that some of the tips and the tricks that I’ve done with this one right here may not be what’s recommended by the plant expert horticulturist biochemical professionals. But I think I’m doing something right what I wanted to do. Today was actually share some of the tips that I have done to make this beautiful string of hearts happy here to a year ago, You could only find a beautiful variegated string of hearts on Etsy, eBay personal sellers randomly at a flea market And from what I’ve noticed online. They were maybe twelve dollars for unrooted strand $45 for two inches, and that is just not acceptable. Okay, this is beautiful and everybody deserves to have it. And I have been seeing some. Please get one, so congrats! I’ve excited for you because this is truly a fine first of all. Can we just admire how absolutely gorgeous this plant is? I love the way it trails. I love how it grows out kind of like a pour-over effect. I love the colors. I love the thick leaves. The colors are green, and then it blends out to white with the outline, becoming a little bit pink, and then the back sides are a little bit more purple. Some are more purple than the other, based on how much? Sun that it has received, which is a really good segue for the very first easy care tip that you want to do with your variegated string apart number one, the lighting. Now this beautiful plant. Clearly you can see that it requires a lot a lot of bright indirect light. Okay, but went back to what? I said earlier some of the things that I have done with this plant. Probably not what recommended because I actually give her almost direct Sun instead of me yapping about how much Sun she gets. How about I just show you exactly where she lives which is right back there? In my west facing window as you can see, she is at my west facing window and what I usually do is take the strands and make sure that they are placed on my extremely dirty windowsill Right there, so I can make sure that all the beautiful strands are getting a lot of light. I did pull her back a little bit because I felt that she might have been getting too much. Sun that was over in the summer. Put her on the shelf and didn’t like it, so she started to turn a little bit more green. She is now back here, and you know what’s really cool. Some of these beautiful hearts are full white. Can you see that one and don’t? You love how a lot of them are so purple and pink A. I’m trying my best to make sure that this is this happy and getting enough Sun and enough care, so she stays happy. Okay, so I cannot even reiterate enough. Actually, I can how much Sun this beautiful plant gets. She is getting so much. Sun every single day. That is harsh right now. Clearly since it’s fall going into winter, but like. I said, when I moved her, she was not into it. She started turning green. So if you do see that some of the new growth on your plant is kind of growing out more green like it’s not as white or you’re not seeing a lot of the pink and a purple more. Sun, that’s all I can tell you. I remember when I got this, so I actually did not want it like did not want it at all. Must have been hungry that day. It was a crisp. October Day in Pasadena, California, We were on our way to the Rose Bowl flea market just to see what plants were around no expectations, no plans, no goals, but to just enjoy the day. So we walk in. We pay our $12 fee to get into this really big me, so I walk in unexpected. I look to my rides. Nothing, I look to my left and I see was by itself. It was just hanging on the you know, the easy at pole. I went closer and I said, sir. Is this a variegated string of Hearts? And he said, yeah, it is, I said. How much is it forty fifty dollars? He said ten dollars. Damn, yes, ten dollars, and do you know what? I said. No, thanks. I have no idea what was going on in my mind, but I am very lucky to have someone with me. That just took out his wallet and said here. I will take it, so thank you to my roomie for that. Hold on! I got a drink some water, which is actually a good segue to the number Two tip for your variegated string of Hearts is watering now just like people. They need their water and please only water her when she is thirsty, girl, so they like to be on a little bit more of a drier side. They like a lot of Sun. You also want to wait till they’re 100% dry and where is my? Actually, you know what, let me get it just so. I can show you hold on. Brb, ok. I’m back so as far as watering. This is what I do. I use moisture meters In addition to checking the soil lifting up the pot to see if it’s heavier. If it’s like I stick this in there. Not both of them, just one. I have two because one of them really sucked for some reason. I want to take it a step further and make sure that she truly truly is extremely dry extremely thirsty. So what I do when it does as a matter of fact, need water Is I take this all the way to the same ends? I water it all the way through about two to three times. I made sure see how mine is still in a nursery pot Because I’m scared to Repot. If you have yours in a, you know, cute pot, not this one right here that there is a lot a lot a lot of drainage holes because these guys tend to, you know, get root rot, ich and drown with over watering, and you just want to make sure that, especially for this one, especially for a a string of hearts that you cannot find anywhere else, except for $100 for 2 inches on. Etsy. You want to make sure that you are wondering this correctly? Okay, so, Holls, Holls, Holls. Okay, you know what’s an idea? What do you think if I actually do a repotting my string of hearts video because I’m so scared and it’ll actually be a really good video, right, repotting that we really appreciate you. We as in me in my the Soh V. So I do not take being able to create these videos for you for granted. It is so much fun. You bring me so much, joy and I hope I can do the same by adding some, you know. I don’t know. If you want to watch any other videos, click and tap anywhere on the screen and give me a like and subscribe so so I can get more plants. Thank you very much. I’ll see you in the next one. Look how freaking gorgeous this philodendron! Majesty, is that Lucas, just cut? The leaves are so black. They almost match my soul. .