Variegated Jade | Propagating Variegated Jade Succulent (with Actual Results)

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Propagating Variegated Jade Succulent (with Actual Results)


Hi, guys, welcome to easy peasy gardening. I’m your gardener, friend Ruchi. And today I’m going to show you how you can propagate a variegated jade plant basically, uh? This is very similar to your regular jade plant. It can be propagated through cuttings or through leaves. So today I’m going to show you how to propagate it from cuttings. So here is our plant, and you can tell why it is called variegated. You know, it has these, uh, strokes of white lines. Uh, it were in the length of the leaves everywhere. Now you can see that. Some of the leaves are turning yellow because you know it is winter time and the weather is really cold. So when the plant is under stress, you know, the leaves turn yellow so since this stem is kind of getting longer, so I’ll just take a cutting from here. So here is my cutting, so you take at least three four inches long cutting, and you can remove, uh, these bottom leaves, And in fact, uh, I’m going to put these leaves in the planter itself, so that you know, sometimes they start to grow roots there. And then this is the cutting right now. This cut is fresh, so I don’t want to put it in the soil right away because it may rot, so I’m going to just leave it in a shaded area for a few days and once the callus forms ill. Keep you posted! If you like this video, and if you have not subscribed to my channel yet, please do so now and don’t forget to press the bell icon next to the subscribe button so that you get notified when a new video is uploaded, so it’s been one week that I cut this stem and it has been lying in a shaded area. And if you look at this? The callus has formed at the end. So now we can plant it and the leaves have been lying here too. And you know, the ones that were yellow. They are kind of shriveling and that’s fine ill. Just leave them there and in this planter. I have, you know good. Uh, succulent, potting soil mix. If you’re using a regular, uh, potting soil mix, you can just add coarse sand in it, and that will do the trick and then just make a hole and plant the cutting in there. Ah, and because it’s been already one week. I’ll water it a little bit and then I’ll again. Just leave it. Uh, in a shaded area. Maybe for a couple of weeks so that it kind of settles down And then I can move it in partial sun and keep you posted. It’s been a few months that we took this cutting and planted it here and it has been sitting outside. It is taller because it was growing slowly. So you know, I didn’t realize, but yes, it is much taller now and you can look at this mother plant that has also grown big, but I must say that these variegated variety. Uh, you know this? Um, grows slower than the completely green variety. You know, when the leaves are completely green, they grow faster than this one, But anyways, you know, even this one has grown, uh, bigger and this one has grown bigger too. And I want to dig it up to show you the roots, Yep. Oh, my god, there’s a lot of roots. Look at this. So it is growing very well. I’m going to put it back here. You know, I just wanted to show you that. It has grown groups so it really doesn’t require much care. Uh, you know, I put the stem in here. After forming the callus, I water it sparingly. It was sitting outside in partial sun because it was just a stem no roots. So you know, it was not in full sun and even this one, if if I put this one in full sun, it kind of starts to develop those brown spots on the leaves, so even this one is in partial sun and this one also was in partial sun, and you can see that it has grown roots, so it is pretty straightforward to propagate a variegated jade plant. Just take a cutting, let the callus form and then plant it in succulent soil mix and give it a little bit of water every once in a while and partial sun and it starts to grow. Although you know, the growth is pretty slow, but it does grow and it looks so beautiful, So I hope this video was useful to you. If you have any questions, leave a comment and I’ll try to answer as soon as possible. If you like this video, press the like button subscribe to our channel and don’t forget to share it with your friends and family, and I’ll see you next time. Happy gardening bye.