Variegated Ghost Plant | Propagating Varigated Graptopetalum Superbum And Ghost Plant

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Propagating Varigated Graptopetalum Superbum And Ghost Plant


Hi, guys, this is Maria. Welcome back to my channel, so for my birthday. That was in December end of December. I got this beautiful. Uh, graptopetalum superbum. I think variegated one from my husband. This is Korean import and it was very expensive. It’s sort of a rare plant. Um, so anyway. I really wanted to propagate this one. When it arrived, it just had a tiny, tiny stretch here at the bottom, barely any really, but I was thinking about beheading this top, letting it dry and then see if I can produce some more plants that will continue to have variation. So it’s a little bit scary because it’s so beautiful that I sort of. I’m conflicted whether I want to cut it or not, I’m going to use a thread to cut it, and I actually don’t want to leave a lot of, um, leaves on the bottom, so I’m gonna go in between first to check where I wanna cut. Um, I want new cutting to have a lot of leaves, so let’s see there. We go, yeah, it’s done there. It is so I still have five leaves left and I do hope. This is gonna produce me some new growth. Um, this one, I’m not gonna remove any leaves, even though they’re close to the, um, you know, one probably needs to be removed Because I’m just gonna let it dry. I have another cutting here. This is Echeveria. I like frost that’s drying. I like to put them here on the under this rack. It’s kind of convenient. I have dried before some of the cuttings. So yeah, so I want to clean up. Um, the debris from my ghost plant and also take some more cuttings, but I saw that there was a lot of babies that leaves actually, that propagated itself, so these babies have roots and are ready to be planted. So I’m just gonna pull them carefully out. I see another one here. That one already has root in the soil for me, cleaning the debris and like picking up. These little babies is just so soothing. Um, there is another. One here stretched a bit. There is a bunch here that I think already established, so I might not move those because it looks like they found the spot in the soil. Just gonna clean debris around them. Oh, it’s so adorable. Look at that pink color. I always knock over some leaves here. And then there is always babies growing like every month. Yeah, I think that’s pretty good for now. So now I’m gonna take some colors. So here are my propagations of ghost plant. Uh, this one here. These were hot cuttings. They all wrote it and established. Well, then these were like a little leaf propagations and some of those pulled A little self-propagated leaves as you can see. They’re a little bit bigger. I think I need to water them a little more often. So I think I’m gonna need another pot for these little babies because I don’t know if I can fit all of them in here and then for this spot where I have only half of the cuttings. I want to cut some more from the mother plant. Okay, so I’m gonna cut this one. I really love this piece here. With two rosettes this one here, I’m placing them in soil right away. Hi, guys, this is me. Two weeks later and I’m in my plant room, and I wanted to show you how my propagation of variegated graptopathylon superbum is going, so lets. Take a look so here. It is guys, it’s under spider farmer lights. This is the part that I beheaded, so lets. Check if it started having roots, be very gentle. I don’t want to harass this plant very much and yes. It has little roots guys, so you can see white tiny little roots, so that’s good I’m gonna probably, um, water it now a little more and because it is starting to get wrinkly, You can see wrinkles and, not, um, disturb it anymore. In this spot, um, and then let’s take a look at the part I. I did have to remove one leaf. That was kind of moving around at the bottom, and that leaf is right here with some other Cursula fantasy propagations in the, uh, euphorbiam pot and that little leaf has produced a little root and it’s starting to grow new little rosette. So I hope it makes it and then let me show you. This main pot mother plant so close up as you can see. I’m so excited. It grew two rosettes and the rosettes do have variegation, especially this one on the bottom. I have to lift the leaf a little bit to show you. You can see the variegation on it. So really cool. I’m super excited about this. I don’t know if it’s going to grow anymore with that. Or that’s it those two, but yeah, so really excited that it’s working. Um, so here is how my other graptoped ones are that I’ve been propagating another pot that I made that I’m trying to fill out like this one of ghost plant. And then I have a little one here. A little pot. Oops, it’s catching something, so I have to be careful. So this is a smaller pot really cute too. And then I’ve been really thinking about propagating this one, but it’s so tiny. This is Tituban’s vargated one. Um, so not sure if I’m gonna be had any of these. Maybe this bigger one. We’ll see, so hope you guys enjoyed it and see you soon in the next video.