Variegated Cactus | Understanding Variegated Cactus: How And What To Choose [part1] Ii Plus: Tour In Plantaholic Garden

Succulents and Spikes

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Understanding Variegated Cactus: How And What To Choose [part1] Ii Plus: Tour In Plantaholic Garden


hi guys! Today’s video is kind of a bit special because we are going to talk about corrugated plants. And you know what guys, the best way to understand? This is a legitimate importer of cactus and succulents, Timmy, Savannah Lamson and Plantaholic Garden and at the end of this video, Matuto, Hong kong variegated dance part youll. Get your money’s worth but guys before we start tutoring in Ramadan, garden and cactus and supplements plant. The holiday garden is a four year old garden, new Savannah, Lancer and Specialty. Nila Amaya. Variegated plants located Celeste Valenzuela, City and Meredith Clean houses greenhouse one is a four layered area that contains many kinds of cactus and succulents, but most of them have propagations the left or manga plaster for sale issues. hybrid forms now euphorbia from Swaziland. And as you can see Meredith and aside from that and in the price collections now Haworthia places a long time on this breeder , which contains most of the rarest and most expensive collections from Asia and Europe. Ninety percent Nintendo, I variegated. You also are going to see the biggest and the oldest astrophytum Subplitinus Enma, selected form some astrophytums, which are mainly intended for breeding at Champlain alcoholic Lincelanoma sensitive area, Acaba, a small landscape area for big and variegated plants on greenhouse foreign, and this is also the place where they put identification marks on specific plants collections interviewing the National Savannah. So hello, guys, welcome again to our channel succulents and spikes and guys neon Casama. Nathan, see me, Savannah, Lambsen of Plantaholic Garden. Okay, so guys, just a brief anoa history. variegated. Oh, yeah, actually made some. Um, . Oh, ! Yes, I started. Foreign And if you have any questions, let me know in the comment section below and hit the bell notification icon and guys, please, and we’re going to have another interesting topic and thank you guys for watching. Have a great day. uh.