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Hen And Chicks | Sempervivum Plant Care | The Indestructible Succulent


Hey, guys, welcome back to my channel. Okay, so I wanted to mention something really quick about my little. Welcome back to my channel. A lot of you guys have said that you like say that along with me and that it’s funny and it’s cute, and I appreciate it. However, I was thinking about this the other day, and I’m like, what if you’re new to my channel and I’m telling you welcome back to my channel. That’s kind of arrogant like, yeah. I know you’ve been watching me this whole time, so welcome back. I think in 2020 I’m gonna start saying. Welcome to my channel, duh. I mean, why didn’t I start saying that? In the first place? Sorry to all you new subscribers. If you’re new to my channel, I’m Nicole. Welcome to my channel and lets. Just get on into the video shall so for starters. You guys might be thinking. Did she film this in the fall? I didn’t, it’s the end of December, You guys the end of December in Chicago. I’m in a light jacket. It’s gorgeous outside and there’s no snow on the ground. I mentioned I live in Chicago, right. It also terrifies me That January and February are going to be disastrous. So I figured I would take this opportunity to come outside and to clean up my backyard because I kind of abandon it at the end of fall like I left some pots out here. It’s rained since then there’s stagnant water sitting in containers. There’s head and chicks out that look like they should probably come inside some dead plants and a whole ton of leaves back there, which I might or might not get to that, because let’s be honest like who’s really seeing that anyway. It’s a lot of leaves anyway. I thought I’d take you guys along with me so you can see that. I don’t always have my together not that I ever said I did, but you know what I’m saying? Okay, we have coffee. Let’s talk about some plants that I left outside and it dipped down to like, eight degrees. It did snow so it has been freezing and these plants are still alive. Can you guess what they are? I didn’t know this until someone told me that you can leave these out all winter, and they’ll be fine, but I’m a little paranoid, so I think I might bring them in. I don’t know, I’m not sure hen and chicks! Look at these guys. I mean, they look fine and you can even see some of the seed. Um’s dead here. But there’s some new growth in there. It’s not crazy! I think I might clean it up and I’ll take you guys along with me. So we can just clean them up a little bit and then. I’ll wait to read your comments in the comments section below. And you guys let me know if you think maybe I should bring them in for the winter or leave them out here. It just blows my mind that these things are still alive. There are some dead leaves underneath, so that’s why. I need to clean them up, but there’s also some more over there. I’m gonna go grab them. Hold on this pot here. It looks like it might have fell and that’s. Why there’s some damage on it. See like right there, but this is looking pretty and this is new growth like, really, it’s adorable and they’re alive. So I mean, you guys who told me that these things survive winter? You weren’t lying now. This was a different one, and I’m wondering what’s going on with it. And if I should just leave it and see what happens, this one doesn’t look like it’s doing too good, so I’m not sure. What do you guys think about this? There is a piece here that looks like it could be new growth. So maybe I could. I don’t know, pop that off and I’m not sure I’m not sure what to do. I think I’m gonna focus on cleaning up my hen and chicks for right now. And then I’m gonna wait and I’m gonna leave them outside. We’re supposed to get like 50 degree weather for the next few days. So I will wait to hear what you guys think I should do. Look, there’s another little growth right there. It’s so tiny. I mean, I just don’t get how they can survive with, like, literally. No water like none. I forgot about the flight pattern out here. It’s always great when the planes go by every 20 seconds. Alright, so lets. Clean this up. I’m gonna pivot the camera so you can see what I’m doing, all right. Does this work looks okay to me? You can kind of see. I think I’m gonna go in and grab some tweezers. So I could really get in there. I’ll get what I can. Now, see. All these leaves under here, just kind of pull them off. Toss them to the side. I just can’t believe like how much of this is still looking. Perfect, you know, and then with this one down here, there’s just a couple of dry leaves on the stem, but I’m just gonna leave this because I know hen and chicks kind of push out these little sprouts, and you can cut this callous it over and repot it, but I probably won’t do that until the spring time, so we’ll just leave that as is now. It looks kind of wonky, but whatever. Alright, you just kind of get in there and grip it from the base, and I mean, not that these dead leaves are necessarily hurting the plant. You just don’t want the plant to put so much energy into trying to salvage leaves that are clearly not coming back from the dead. Oh, my gosh! There are, there’s like little. See this little sprout here? It’s like a new baby forming. I am impressed. I never had hen and chicks and I bought these on clearance last year. Oh, my gosh, look at this. There’s another little baby in there. Can you see that? I hope it’s focusing look at that. I don’t know what happened here. Mia said she took the dogs out a couple times and she found them on the ground, so the wind had, like pushed him off the table, so that’s probably what happened there. Well just take off the damaged ones, so it looks a little cuter. Okay, let’s lift up here. See all this dead? This is all dead, so we just want to kind of get that out of there. I’m excited to read your comments and to see what you guys say. I have a feeling you’re gonna tell me to leave them outside, but I don’t know I just get worried like with the with the bad weather we get in January in February. It could get down to negative, like 10 degrees multiple times out of the season. So just worries me a little bit, all right. I think I think that that’s good. There’s one more here that will pull out there. I think that looks pretty good on that side. This side, not so much, but this side looks pretty good, and there’s like other babies growing, so that’ll be fun to kind of. Maybe do an update on these in the spring, so you can see how they’re doing. So make sure you leave that in the comments for me to let me know what you think. I should do look at. Oh, well, okay, so now in here. I’m just gonna kind of pull these back to and pick these out. I might go in here with tweezers, but these are coming out fairly easily and I’m able to get my fingers in there. See how compacted this soil is though, like it’s really compact, So I don’t know I just hope that the roots won’t get damaged by it being so compacted and by it, not getting any water. You know, they’re supposed to be really resilient. We will see, okay. That was easy! See, that just looks so much cleaner. There’s no dead leaves under there. And then the plant won’t put energy into those leaves. Do the same thing for this one. I always like videos where, like people are cleaning up their plants or repotting. I just find them so relaxing. I love watching them. I think I like them more than I like to watch house plant doors to be honest, all right, okay. That one looks good. I think we’re good on this one. There are a few dead little sea domes here. I just can’t get over a like. How all those new seat? Ums are forming, they’re perfect. They look like tiny little sprouts youll. Pull some of those out of there. Clean it up a little bit, hey! I think we’re good with that one. Now, this one. I’m gonna have a little bit of a hard time with just because it looks like it’s mostly done. This one looks like it could be. Okay, but I don’t know about cleaning all this up. Although if you look in, there’s still some green left and these tips were that color to begin with, it just looks. It looks bad to me. I’m no expert on hen and chicks. But this just doesn’t look good, so I think I’m just gonna leave this as it is. And you guys tell me if this is a total waste of my time, or if I should just leave it outside and see what happens or bring it in. I don’t know, I’m really curious to know what you guys think. I want to show you something that’s still alive as well, which is totally crazy. This just completely boggles my mind this. IV is still alive and still growing all this down here. All these little tiny leaves here is all new growth. You guys this stuff is? This is so resilient and in the spring. I’m sure it’s gonna just take over this area like crazy. I also wanted to come on and say thank you guys for hopping on that. Live video the other day. That was so much fun. If you were there, thank you if you weren’t. We talked a lot about plans for 2020 And what I plan on doing on this channel and there are a couple surprises Coming up that I’m gonna save for after the new year. Nothing gigantic but stuff. I think that you guys will think that it’s fun, but I did want to let you guys know that I am going to be starting. A series called manic Mondays and it’s going to involve plants that aren’t doing so well. I figured it could just be a weekly conversation between me and you and I can feature one of my plants that might not be doing so well. Maybe get some tips advice from you guys on what I can what what I can do what I shouldn’t be doing and just talk about it and talk about like if you have any plants that are struggling, It’s a week, and I thought that it could be something that we can just do on a weekly basis and make some content. That’s a little bit relatable. I guess I could say to all of us because I’m sure we all have struggling plans all year long at some point, and then I will be going live every Thursday. I have chosen Thursday because after looking at my calendar, I did realize that I have quite a bit of weddings on Fridays this coming year, so it would be kind of like inconsistent if I switched the day from Friday to Thursday often. And I didn’t want to do that. And I figured Fridays. Sometimes people have plans and it just might be easier just to do a Thursday night. It would be a nice opportunity for us to just sit down recap on the week. Talk about our week. Talk about our plants. Maybe talk about a video that I posted earlier in the week. And if you guys have any questions on it, what my plans are for the next week and just kind of keep a relationship with you guys and make it more relatable and a little bit more personal instead of just posting videos and I will be doing one video a week that is like my regular content, so you know whether it’s a repotting or an unboxing a shop with me vlog, or something plant related, just like I have been for the past year. It’ll either be on Tuesday Wednesday, Friday, Saturday Sunday. I don’t know, I don’t know. I don’t want to be constricted to a certain schedule, so it’ll just be, you know. One video posted on one of those other days aside from Monday or Thursday. When I go live my live videos. I think I’ll try to schedule them for about 7:00 pm. Central Standard Time on Thursdays, and they’ll always go up publicly. So I’ll never go live where you can’t watch it later. I know some channels do that, but I don’t, so you’ll be able to see it if you can’t tune in on that day. And if I have any extra time out of my week, I know. January and February are pretty slow months, so you might get some more content for me during those months, but once the summer kicks in and wedding season is in full gear. I get a little bit busier, obviously because I’m a wedding photographer. If you’re new here, you didn’t know that, but I’m really excited about next year, and I can’t wait to see where this channel goes. Other channels Go on Youtube. I know you guys probably watched tons of other Planty Content Internet are on Youtube, and I’m excited to see what everybody else has in store for 2020 And I’m looking at this leaf right now and this is so cool. Look at how this goes from like green to purple. It’s a dead leaf, but how pretty is that? I’m not pretty! Oh, hello, dirt like all of them. I don’t know, sometimes dead. Things are pretty not often. Sometimes alright, guys, that’s it. Thanks for joining me in this kind of all over the place. Video of my hen and chicks. And I was just happy to get outside today. To be honest, it was so nice. I was like I need to grab my camera and you get out there and I will see you guys in my next video [Laughter] .