Trachyandra Plants For Sale | Succulents For Sale 🇵🇭 Local & Imported • Choose Your Own Plant & Create Your Own Set

Desert Succulent

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Succulents For Sale 🇵🇭 Local & Imported • Choose Your Own Plant & Create Your Own Set


Hello, everyone! Welcome to desert succulent. And today I will be showing to you. Atemanga plants for sale for this week. And we have different kinds of succulents here. Nah, you can choose from Ayan Sila. So we only have four crates. As of now, the reason why I stopped selling before is that Miranda supply and Nanomas’s occupants and it’s going to be easy for me, but then Madame Nagy inquires at the Facebook page, asking if we have succulents for sale or calendar. Mcgregor, no succulents and so and here are some of those, and we have our darling sunshine, so we have multiple offsets now, and this is variegated chicken feet. We also have our debbie. If you are someone who likes yuma pink succulents, you can have these morning, beauty. I am so light, blue young color and they are coated. With this very thick Farina, we have panda plant and the choco soldier as well, including Ito, Atima pink butterfly, so mostly manga ibebentanaten for this week. Are those Na Nagawana? We have cubic frost. Some of our haworthias and this is and right. Now I’m still propagating variegated to two buns before we can finally sell those so here. Still, we have our Tito buns. You know, brown, sugar, purple delight? We also have Mensa in this batch in Champlain again. We have our cubic frost. Stress, nastre’s nasila, our ice green succulents in Samanaganap. We also have those one. They’re already flowering and what you’re seeing right now is just one pot, including this one. I think these are Korean succulents, but they are locally propagated in all of them offsets, big sizes. And here we have our super bomb and Gangnam Young color. As of the moment, they can turn into pink to purplish in color and finally here. We have our marinade Just a couple of weeks ago, and, yes, finally, they are now ready to be sold, so you can have a lot of cuttings here. Propagate so side by side comparison, marinae versus Mendoza. We have our Bill Baker Namangasaki lens Mayan, or we also call them as the flat Moon Stones, Ayan Sila and our Letizia, so this one is a locally propagated Korean, succulent and also here, so we have, you know, I think Haworthia with multiple offsets and here we have two parts of that one in Champaign. We also have young attend, Lovely Rose. They’re also for sale. So if you are interested, you can just message us directly. Saating Facebook page at desert, succulent ph for you to avail it and also Samanagosa order no imported succulents, We are already open or accepting orders would be on May 15 just a couple of days estimated arrival imported succulents would be last week. May I will be adding the description box imported succulents.