Totem Pole Cactus | Totem Pole Cactus Propagation | Lophocereus Schottii

Erika Lodes

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Totem Pole Cactus Propagation | Lophocereus Schottii


Hey, guys, it’s Erica, and I’m going to be trying something new today, so as you can see here. I have my beautiful, spineless cactus, Which I love so much. It’s really tall. Oh, wow, you really can’t. See it. Let me, yeah, it’s very tall. It’s 36 inches to be exact. I actually measured it because I want to chop it. I have never like I don’t really know much about cacti. Um, I’ve never propagated a cactus, so I was looking up how to propagate one of these babies on Youtube and there were no videos specific to this plant. Um, but I did find this. One video that I thought was helpful and I’ll link it down below because I’m going to be following everything he did so the reason that I want to propagate, it is because you can see like right here. It gets smaller and I just it bothers me. It bothers me that it does that. So I want to chop it off right here and in the video that I watched that I’m linking down below, the guy said that it’s helpful for the cactus when you propagate it when it goes, goes in like that because soon it’s going to get top heavy, and it’s gonna break off anyways. And that’s how they kind of propagate themselves in the wild, which is so cool, so we’re just gonna speed that process along right now, and I’m gonna cut it. Um, I’m actually so excited because it really bothers me that it just gets skinny right there, and I think that’s probably like when I brought it home like this is. This is how much it’s grown since I bought it and I have the video where I bought it. I’ll probably link that too. So you can see how big it was, but, um, yeah, we gotta chop it. We gotta chop it down. I really like how they look when they’re like thick like how the bottom part is really thick, and I want a baby version of this that I can keep. Um, I don’t want to keep in my house because I don’t have enough sunlight to keep this in my house. This one right here I keep outside and it gets kind of a lot of direct sunlight throughout the day, so I wouldn’t want to put it in my house and have it go through that. Um, I was thinking of doing two pieces. I don’t know, but I’m definitely going to chop like right here like you could probably see. That’s where it goes in. So this is a clean. This is a clean kitchen knife in the video. The guy used shears, but his cactus that he propagated. I think was skinnier than this one. I actually don’t know if it was, and I don’t know if a sawing motion is okay. So as I got up to cut the cactus, I noticed that there was a lot of scarring on the back side that you could see right here, and I decided to just cut below that scarring to just get rid of it entirely. Okay, so I cut it and it actually smells really weird. I don’t really like the smell, but I decided to cut it lower down than at this area because this is where I originally wanted to cut it because this is where it goes in, but I decided to do it lower down and I did not cut it straight at all like it’s very slanted. I’m really not good at cutting straight like my watermelons always come out weird, so I think I’m gonna chop this again right here and like right here, actually, so then my plant, my new plant can be like this, and then this part I will root by laying it down because this part looks very wonky. It has a lot of scarring on it. So I’m going to chop this on the table. Actually, that would be easier, so there we go. I was not planning on getting two cuttings out of this. I would like, like I said this part. I was planning to leave on here, but I think it’s for the best to get this little ugly piece off. And so the way the guy did it is the top cuttings he would let stand up to root and then the center cuttings he would let root laying down because they would grow like a new little cactus over here, Also for the base of the cactus, he would cut it pretty low because he said new cacti would pop up. I don’t know if they like if he meant they pop up on the sides like a rhizome type of a thing, we’ll just have to see, and he said to let these callus over, so I’m gonna have to wait overnight and then put them in soil in the morning, which I just barely watched the video before filming this because I have been wanting to propagate this thing for a while now, but I already made my soil mix, and this is like one-third of my soil Mix that I make, and then two-thirds of a cactus mix. I will have the exact brand up on the screen Because I don’t remember what it’s called right now. Um, and the reason why I added, the cactus mix is because I don’t have any sand. That’s what I got here and I’m also planning on putting it in this pot. Which is I feel like it’s kind of big. So, um, yeah, I’m just gonna have to wait till tomorrow to finish this video up. Hopefully it will callous over by. Then I’m not really sure if you don’t know what a callus is. It’s pretty much just when this when this cut heels over, it’s kind of like a scab for plants. So yeah, we’re gonna let this callous, and hopefully it will be about, and hopefully it will be done by tomorrow morning because I would love to get these ready to be propagated, So I will see you guys in just a little bit and we’re back, except it’s three days later the morning it was not callused over yet. Um, it’s callus now, though. So this is what the callous looks like. Both sides of this one. I probably could have done it yesterday, but I just decided to wait one more day. Just in case they needed a little bit of extra calcium. The guy in the video didn’t really say how long to let it callous for. So I think we’re good with three days and oh, this is. This is how the top is looking. It looks so ugly! I don’t know if I should cut this down or what to do with it because this is the prettiest part of the plant of the cactus. So I kind of want to keep it, but I don’t think this like, actually, this is definitely not gonna form a new like top, so I don’t know if I should cut it down. I feel like that’s what I’m gonna have to end up doing because that’s. What, that’s what the guy did in his video like I said, I have my mix of a third my mix, and then the rest two-thirds of the cactus mix that I have the little title of actually gonna move this over here because I am right-handed. Okay, so all of this is just pure soil, and then I’m gonna stick it in, so it’s gonna be like this deep. Oh, wrong one! That one’s really tall. I’m just gonna stick this in like that. Oh, my god, it’s so cute! I kinda wanna up higher. It’s okay, it’ll grow, it’ll grow up, so that’s fine and when the guy did it, He had the top part of his soil moist because he said not to water this plant, So I’m just gonna spray down the soil and get a little bit moist like a little bit, just a tiny bit because we’re not trying to go crazy here. Okay, I’m just gonna mix it up. I don’t know if you can tell. But the soil is a little bit damp. Put this little guy in just like that. We don’t want him tipping over, and I’m going to kind of pack the soil a little bit because I don’t want it falling over. Oh, my gosh, it is such a little cutie pie. I love it! This looks so so good, okay, so this one is done this one. I’m literally just gonna lay down so, um. I actually need to get the tray that I’m using for that, so I will be back in just a minute, all right, so here’s the container where I’m keeping this wonky piece and we’re going to lay it down. I don’t think you need to bury or anything. You just lay it down. And then that causes a plant to grow out of the top end, so I’ll put a little extra space on the top end for a little plant to grow, and I think once roots start coming out of the like where spines are supposed to be then I can cut it again and then hopefully get more plants out of it, but do not quote me. Do not quote me so yeah, I’m not planning on watering This. We’re going to see how it does, but I’m so excited to have such a cute little Pepe. I just wish it was batter. I really like how they like, short and chubby ones. Look so much. They’re so cute there we have it. I now have three plants. One of them is not looking too hot and it’ll. I don’t know, let me know in the comments. If you think I should chop it all the way down and then maybe I guess lay it down next to this one, and I don’t know, maybe that’ll make it look better, but thank you so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed the video and I will see you in the next one. And when I do the update for this, I will link it to this video. Who knows who knows when the roots will sprout, Okay bye?