Totem Cactus | 3/11/21 Unbox By Cactus & Succulent Lover: Cotyledon Penden, Totem Pole Cactuses & Korean Imported

Diem Nguyen

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3/11/21 Unbox By Cactus & Succulent Lover: Cotyledon Penden, Totem Pole Cactuses & Korean Imported


Hello, everyone, so welcome back to my Woodleys Unbox again. So, um, today I have both doctors and succulents, so lets. Take a look so this week. I have pendants, Yeah, yeah. These are local, but beautiful. Yeah, and it’s a flower season. Also see cute flower, okay, and this is, um, one side. Green one side red looks so cute. Just look like our koi. So I have pendants and that’s hanging, okay. I have all the gymno cute gymno. We have some red fingers. Some variegated aloe and small boobies and this beautiful guy see beautiful, variegated yellow. I like it a lot. I got some more rue beans. It’s fully rooted, so it’s healthy And I have one crested candy crusted, nice and beautiful. Yes, another crust, right, there and Pandora. Rinovia is all bloom now. And I got some romeo. I got, um, cotyledon. But the long one, not the this one, the cheaper, uh, 37 and the other kai, the round, tiny one. Those are more expensive! This is cool and beautiful, Cute little variated. This one also lovely. This one color will look really fun and look at these. They are fully yellow. Looks so nice. I love it, okay so this week. I don’t have much. I just have this tray and little Boobie There and a few and these are waiting for shipping. So I got this guy. He’s really fat, super heavy and fat. Look at this! How nice they too. These are funny characters. Yeah, really fun. Look, this one have four family of four, and these are my last boobie’s super fat, It’s bigger than my arm. and here? I got them out, ready to ship beautiful variegated. But I got some more next week. See how beautiful yellow it is, it’s so nice. I just have four of them and it’s all taken, so I did pause, okay, So these are waiting for shipping. After the this video, I will pack them. Send them to their new happy home. See, my giant giant crested so heavy. It’s like four pounds. Yeah, so big, so big and huge, and this is another giant one I’m not. Oh, my God, it’s heavy I can hold by one hand. It’s super super big. Wow, wow, wow, yeah, it’s super, but big are some tiny little ones, too. Here’s a small, one small but heavy too. This is a small one. These are waiting to go to Hawaii. So this is another crested, too. These are local, but it’s beautiful too here. Another crested! See how cute yeah? I got lipstick. Kiwi, how beautiful, the key. We are. All right just there, okay, and all the characters are blossom now so nice. Okay, that’s all I have for this week. So thanks for watching. I will see you next week. AH do do you?