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Thelocactus Bicolor - Care Tips & Info & Repotting


Hi guys, it’s Lynn! Hey, I hope everyone is having a lovely, sunny and safe day night today. Guys, I’m gonna be repotted my fellow captors by color. What a name, which is this amazing and rather gorgeous cactus here. I’ve had this for absolutely years, Probably about 25 years, and it’s very slow growing, and I said apatit on every year every couple of years, and at the time for repot, the groups aren’t coming through the bottom, but he does need a bit of a fresh change of soil and decided to put into a little bit of a pot there little bit of a tiny sizer and before. I go any further. I want to give a very special. Thank you to my wonderful fiance. Hans, who is filming me today. So got my hands-free. So if you’re not familiar? Hans do go over subscribe to his amazing Youtube channel. I’m we cut scene with a beauty’s leaks up above, and don’t forget to subscribe to me too. Hahaha, so this thinner cactus by Curtis a paddy. For many, many years, it flowers every more less nearly over year for me, and it has the most gorgeous, beautiful pink, silky blooms. They just like silk guys. And if you want to see what this particular cactus looks like. When it’s in flower, then do check out a video of this plants in flour. Mix up a birth. It is breathtaking, and there’s no signs of birds just yet, but it’s only April. This usually comes into inter bud, usually in the next few weeks, so I wanted to get this repotted settled into its new soil and parts before the bird’s form. Hopefully all bird and this little bit about. It’s care! This this fellow cactus bicolor. We keep this at a minimum in the winter of 5 degrees Celsius, which is about 41 degree Fahrenheit. It can take lower than that if you live in a climate that is low in humidity and quite. I read here in Ireland. We were in Northern Ireland. It’s it’s high humidity in the winter and we keep it in the poly turn or so because of that, we don’t let the temper in the pilot on the drop below 41f dive sea, and if it does drop, the heater kicks on, so that’s how we go and we overwintering completely dry. We don’t get this. A scrap of water bomb sort of mid fall autumn up until sort of now. Really, it’s now. April, but probably I would be worthless, Probably now until the May time. And once I’ve repotted it, I always keep cacti dry for about a week to ten days before I water again anyway. I always like to repot, preferably if I have if I can. In the spring and summer because that’s just better when they’re actively growing. And if any roots get disturbed or damaged during the meat party, it’s easier for them to recover when they’re in their growing period. So there we go these big cat cactus as we’ll, just love as much Sun as you can possibly give it so a lovely, sunny position all year round and to say, keep totally dry in the winter and in the spring and the summer sort of from May onwards. Whenever you have your spring, then once it’s if it’s long as it’s in a very well draining cactus soil, it can take my daughter watering as long as you wait until the soil totally dries out before you water again. And that is the best advice. I can give for caring for this particular cactus there. Plenty of sunshine, well draining cactus mix and also dry in the winter cool and dry and water in the summer, as and when you need to when the soil has totally dried out if you if you’re not quite sure about the soil can be difficult when you you don’t know what if it’s dry at the top and it’s damp at the bottom, then you lift any up helps and also get one of the soil meters, which we’ve got it. I’ll show you’re going to do a next video. Dip it in, and you’ll often know if it’s damp there. Wait, it is dried out before watering again. That’s that’s my advice there, and if you do their moves and fertilize it, we like to fertilize our cacti from the spring up until put into sort of mid to late summer with a as well as a cactus, a sapling further. I’ve got one, psmith. We also like to use a tomato fertilizer as well because it really helps to kick-start the the cacti and give them a nice bloom in because of the high potassium. And if you want to know why we tomato feed to feed our cacti and succulents, then links of above to a video. I made on why I like to use tomato fertilizer to feed my cacti links up above there. You go, so that’s a bit of care on this gorgeous plant and, ooh, check out what it looks like in flower, too. Now here we go. I’ve got the pot a little bit bigger. It was like to go a little bit bigger when I we pop cacti don’t like to go too big of a part because excess soil is not good around the roots and again stays wet for longer and yeah. I know I haven’t got gloves, but I just prefer not to use gloves when I’m repotting. But this was a particularly spiny cactus. It looks finely. I know, but it’s really not look. I can go up my hands. If it was very spiny. A sharp, I would obviously use public our board with sheets of hard type of paper, a newspaper to turn it on its side to pot, and I have made a video on how to Repot Cactus. We’re show a couple of examples in there very sort of different cacti. One a very spiny one on one A tallish one. Do check that out if you’ve never really potted a cactus before and share some tips on there, but as. I say this was easy enough, so gently Tip it on its side there, squeezing it out, squeezing around the pot. Okay, and this is an easy one to repot, anyway, because what is soft to come out and it’s not a sharp or as such there we go now, always a good time to when you repots as I mentioned in whenever I read part is to check the roots over. I think it has got a great root system on it and no signs of mealy bug or vine weevils. What I’m going to do is loosen up the soil a bit just to double-check it’s safe and also to loosen up the roots, so it climatized ease to the new soil is a little bit better now. This is Perlite which I used to use in a lot of my mixes before with the sand and the loan and but a great, so that’s not bugs and or anything like that Root. Mealy bug has a fluffiness about it. It’s always caked on the bottom when you take them out. This is just perlite as you can see there, so then very gently. I liked a very, very, very, very carefully. Loosen the roots. This is pretty much loose anyway. These roots are a really compact. I’d have to probably loosen them up, but I don’t need to, so I’m not going to really disturb this at all. That much the soul mix. I’m putting it in isn’t a lot different to what it was in anyway. We’re using a very well draining cactus mix that was recommended to us by our wonderful friend as from cacti mania, which is for parts of loam soil in this case. I’m using John Innes, with lava rock and pumice and a bit of grit and grits as well. And if you want to know the soil mix, I’m using. That does recommended links up above to dust from Cacti Manias video up above there and do check out that video and subscribe to him. Also, it’s a great soil Mix been using it on a few of our plants. They’re very happy with it. So there we go there, it’s all. I’m gonna do this one and I’m going to very gently. Put it into into the soil, Then, as I say, if you if you don’t like to handle. Spiny plants do use cardboard or newspaper as a tip. I think I’ve got I’m often being asked. Why I don’t wear gloves well. Usually, the pots to the plants are part of a don’t have to globe site by the absolutely hopeless with cacti. Anyway, because the spines just go straight through them. And I think I really do have leather hands by now anyway. I’ve been potting plants for so many years as a child that really I really have got strong hands there. We go carefully. Make sure the soil is gone all around the edges there, and they used to like to use clay pots, but now sort of prefer plastic because they’re easier to to sort of get out when you do repast, but clay pots can be handy if you have plants that are very. Rock Pro. They allow the soil to dry out quicker like to gently tap the pots just to make sure that the soil goes all underneath so this doesn’t just stay. It goes all the way down like nothing asleep, falling down like that and then. I like to gently, Don’t you press down again to make sure that the plant is secured? I wouldn’t recommend goo-goo-goo like that pressing down because then you can damage the fragile roots there, and that’s pretty much it easy peasy and what I’m gonna be doing now as I say keeping this dry for about ten days before I start watering again and I’m doing that because it is Ti’s offspring now, But if I was happened to be repotted in winter, which I wouldn’t do unless it was an emergency. I’ll just keep it totally dry until the following spring. There we go if you want to know a little bit more and have to grow cacti. So please do check out my website. There’s a plants of Ávila calm, and don’t forget to Polly. Klaas made the subscription button and also the notification as well. I big thumbs up, Fonzie fulfillment. Hahaha, so guys, all the things you loads in love Heaps are happiness and turns and turns. Oh, cactus and sunshine power from across the Emerald Isle. I’m until my next video bye ! Thank You, three party me missus .