Terrarium Cactus Plants | Make A Cactus Terrarium – How To Terrarium Ep. 4


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Make A Cactus Terrarium - How To Terrarium Ep. 4


Everyone, welcome back to episode 4 of how to terrarium in this episode. I will show you how to make an effective cactus terrarium. I bet you’ve seen a lot of nice-looking Cactus Terrariums, online. Unfortunately, most of them won’t work long term that’s because they are putting aesthetic value over the requirements of the cactus plant. Therefore, in making this terrarium, we are putting our cacti first. You could also use the principles presented in this video for other plants that grow in dry, arid conditions. Here’s what you will need to make your cactus terrarium gravel for our false bottom and top layer fine mesh, such as windows screen, a suitable substrate sand or something similar decoration, such as stones, twigs and sticks cactus plants, of course, and the container of which I will describe in greater detail. Throughout this presentation. The Sturm is built around the plants as I described earlier. Therefore, the cacti will dictate the requirements for this project now. Being mid-october is a great time to make a cactus – area because they are usually on sale. I got all six of mine. 4 on $15 Something to consider is that many cacti get pretty large that being said your cacti could eventually outgrow your terrarium with some research. You could find some that. Stay smaller, however. I wasn’t concerned with this as I wouldn’t mind having to make additional terrariums for each as needed Anyways. Make selections that fit your budget and plan for the future. Choosing an effective container for your cactus trim is a must as you can see. We have four different types of containers here. However, only one is going to make an effective cactus terrarium, and here’s why cacti live in dry arid conditions where there’s a lot of airflow and where the soil can get dried out that being said only one of these containers is going to allow that to happen as you can see. We have a closed container here. This is typically what we would use for clothes, – areum of any kind that being said it’s not going to work for a cactus tray. That’s because humidity will go up in here and shortly. Kill the cactus. In other words, it’s not going to work for this project as you can see, we have these two open containers and I’m sure that as you’re looking online at Cactus trims, you’ve seen them in containers like this, However, in the long run, they’re not going to work, even though they look nice, it doesn’t matter because we want our cacti to thrive and to live in the long run, even though these containers are open and air can get in, it’s not going to be enough, air can come in through here. The humidity will still build up in the back, and although cactus could live in here for a few months or even a year and the lawn, it’s just not going to last, and although this type of container allows some air flow in as well, more humidity is going to build up than in this one and then alarm, it’s just not going to work for an effective cactus terrarium. Now this type of container will make an effective cactus terrarium, and here’s. Why it’s deep enough that we can make a nice false bottom, which will be essential to the success of this project, Another can go around the plant, which they need to survive and thrive in the shape is extreme enough that it still looks like a terrarium that being said, let’s get started much like we begin. The majority of our other projects We’re going to start by making a false bottom. I have mesh here and grab one. That’s pretty much all that we’re going to need for this. We’re going to add a generous amount of gravel into our container to maximize drainage. We don’t want any excess water staying in our substrate as you can see. I kind of slip the rocks up towards the back, and that’s because the way that the land will goes up towards the back as well next. We’re going to add our mesh overtalk to the rocks. I’m going to kind of just cut it to the size of this, and I might have to adjust it there. After all right now, let’s see if this fits as is, it’s actually not too bad. I might cut a little bit off of the back. I always put a few stones or gravel on top of the mesh to help. Keep it in place while adding the substrate next. We are going to add our substrate. Follow the link on the screen to see what it’s composed of and how to make it for yourself to remove redundancy instead of showing you how to make the same substrate in various videos. I decided to make a separate video so you can watch it on your own without having to watch an episode of how to terrarium. So Semana soil will do good for now. We can either add or remove some as we add the plants as needed. Now, let’s start putting in the plants, unlike other terrariums with the cactus turn. I’m going to put all the cactuses in first and then we’re going to decorate it. Typically, I won’t be down at the background and work my way to the foreground that being said I definitely want to include these two cacti and these two. The other two, I’m already. If they’re not in there, so start with the background to get your planks out of the pot. You should just be able to pinch it and they come right out. Since they’re so dry, they’ll pretty much just come right out. You can kind of just do this and get any excess soil off so that it will be easier to plant. I’m going to put it right here. Eyes are pretty sharp, so try just to grip it up here and we can even use the soil that it came in. Throw it in there. So that way we’re not wasting anything. Put the other one right here now as you can see. I got dirt all over. I’ll show you how to take that off in a little bit. Hmm, yeah, those other ones definitely aren’t gonna fit in here, so let’s add this one and let’s add the final one as you can see. We got quite the mess going on here. This one is totally covered in soil, and then there’s some back on this one a little bit here, even someone here. So what I have Here is a straw You could use a drinking straw or anything like that and all you’re going to do is just blow on these areas. Now we’re going to cover the top of the soil and gravel and then in sand, you could use whatever type of sands you want. I have some black sand hair. I just play sand earlier for the soil mix, but I have this desert blend here, which I’ve had for years and I’ve never been able to use it on anything. So that’s what I’m going to use for this, but begin with. We’re just going to add some rocks. All right, so now we’re going to add our stand. I made this little contraption, which will make it easier to add it. Basically, It’s just a funnel attached to the end of a spare. PVC pipe? So I’m just going to put it here and then pour a little bit in. So that way I can kind of better. Disperse it throughout here! I really like how this looks in here. Contrast with the green of the plants. Really well since it has a little bit of red in it. And I’m just getting going to go through and move it around. Just a little bit kind of show. Some of the rocks through. They’re gonna show to many is. I don’t really care for that. Look, and so now we’re going to go back a final time and just kind of lightly blow it through here. Now we can finish it off with some decorations. You can add whatever you want for this process. I’m simply adding a few pieces of sandstone and some twigs that being said in my opinion, I like to keep it simple and natural-looking in other words when decorating don’t overdo it, we are simply trying to add a few elements to make the cacti look at home. Finally, lets water our terrarium. When you think of cacti, you probably think that they hardly need water right well. Ideally, cacti should be watered at least once a week in a container like this, however, we will have to water a little more sparingly since it can’t drain out completely fart area. Lets water our plants. Every 10 to 14 days do so by spraying around the base of each cactus. You don’t have to go overboard with this. If anything less is better than more after completion, put your new character’s term in a bright and warm location and enjoy.