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How To Care For Succulents: Kalanchoe Tomentosa


I get so caught up in the middle thinking of joy. Good morning, everyone. So we’re back for another plant feature and the day our plans picture would be the Colin Cowie Tomentosa. I add so this one is super one of my favorites, Cosima, by Epsilon. And so don’t keep haha. These are I don’t well. I do have the founder plant. But well, I separate. You say, I have here my old arrangement and this one. I made that I made this joy. I made this dish many dish garden for an event. In every last year, Shyona nada now red ribbon and better, like Elongate Nazish. Ah, you know? I know you banned the plant, so I need to trim it and the flower. Also, I mean, the HFA also the machination that they actually blew brilliant. No, Matt. I know him blue, but I’m there. The blue bird got sick, But I put it there local hobby shop. So you gotta pay attention, but a lot didn’t wanna not in and so. I changed the a chav area that was there, but the butcher! Santa Rita is still there in a branch of ignition and 11 pumps. The Osteria is still there again. So you’re gonna say my salmon eat anyways, lets. Go back to the brown ones. These are super nice and I love this because I think I finally got it after how many tries of having pimentos us. I think I finally got what they like. So this one’s I got from Korea. These are Korean commandos us. This one is, I think. Colin Cowie, tomentosa chocolate soldier. And then this one is Colin Cowie, tomentosa cinnamon, and, and then this one is Colin Cowie, Tomentosa Negro Marjina pass common commonly known as black tie black tie tomentosa. Yeah, and then, of course everyone’s favorite. This one is that Colin Cowie, teddy bear, Colin Cowie, Tomentosa Teddy Bear. I am now automatically three dollars. Tough day and, you know, go on a shower, buddy. It’s not a ligature, actually. Yeah, that’s growing. New leaves already and then this one. I’m super happy with this one. Because this one has started to pop out some options there that one one do. And then what the Mishima I needed no stem. Yeah, -. Ursula ears are popping out hanging cutie. This this is so cute it does should have been a battle. Um, not long ago. They said no washing over there so furry, they feel so velvety, and then you can see the dots on the side so pretty and then when you touch them, a registered shy, you know, Oh, but I found me helped a bit, so I am. This is five, I’m a current favorites. And how do you care for them so when I got them? It’s actually easy! You just have to read about it. So a gritty soil makes a dry, pretty soil. Mix because these babies. Actually, they don’t like water. I don’t water them as much as I water the rest of my active areas, and they are not Sun loving plants again. Mallika Nan was kind of a chambray, the more Sun. The more vibrant. The colors are Union, but apparently they only like a little bit of Morning Sun. So give you only have to give them a few hours of morning Sun, so most probably two to three hours. No morning, Sun Lashonna now. I am to say that no collar guy. So yeah, Neon is around 8:30 in the morning. So you’re not I’m Sun like the knucklehead. Nila, very light. I still have a UV plastic, so filtered button shot and gentleman young sunlight so polluting named Aladdin Direct Sunlight, Sapodilla. So it’s just bright and shady the whole day. Duncan, a pensioner, must abolish tangle a bath, a new new leaves. Yeah, well, under the drop. Nur leaves a bottom. They’re very sturdy and company long. Man leaves subhanAllah no. Like even this one you ordered in a leaf now when I got a tangent, but in shock, so super happy with that, I am sure when you get it. You just have to pop them. In a gritty soil makes a dry gritty style mix. And then I use lava rocks for my toppings. Fatima, Gemma’s Magenta. And then again I watered after five days 10 ml around the rim of the pot. So I still use the syringe method on them that he’ll cheat algorithm in Tosa Iona. Bubba Santana leaves. So what I do Is I water them when I kinetic. Oh, bugger! Oh, ha Olam, no, so nml. And then you just put them around the rim of the pot That is every four days, and then I’m a Poppin. Signify own historic nishang Mangla bust down roots. Yeah, iam a white roots. The line a bus. I know I am COC white roots coming out near the near the near the soil on the stem. So when you start seeing that, you can put them in a in an area where they receive our selves, not a very bright area, and then you can water a little bit more frequently, but up to now and water goes up. Audrina, actually, it’s only 15 ml. And this has been with me for around seven months eight months. Now it monster seven. So paramita was analogous. I read they in my 15 ML. The seven deadly if not pop London amento so 15 ML lava every five days, all always on the rim of the pot and never touching the plant because hidden because it up in a fallen. And you can see lab in a Bashar. I say don’t see the prone Brown then to happen. A students are just fungus. So it’s very important that you do your by monthly maintenance of fungicide, The only Ashley Devabhaashaa, a pendulum body capital to spray up enough fungicide. And, of course, you are king soil mix marry on Burma cast. So what about now you’re acting duper so will happen. In the Hong Minigame. Edna will happily no con Yenny gamut, fertilizers of vanilla, And so after you must stabilize your plan. I just retained your name. The 10 to 15 ml couple small park Lamina, and 10 to 15 ml on small part. But my I’m a big clump shots. Then you can add more dependent. Elega on the I know and under. Okay, no, the the how big the pockets I have used to have the kalanchoe a tomentosa teddy bear for variegated. But I gave it away and then I’m at idea so major, you and major sensitive sang-hee no. I thought denying a summer nickel shop in Atlanta parts of per diem, very God. Since variegated majors, minimis Mossad and she say heat nominal weather. So you’re denying young son Leona because legacy of diapers, Numata? But I ordered another batch. So hopefully Imma go out for them. Emotion, memo movement, evil moves when ownership of the techno. March solo, para Anisha Mamata. But this ones are harder than the variegated ones, So I can recommend this doing our Manila based collection hobbyists. Yeah, okay, best solution of a bizarre and Vogler Voglers Shabak aghast Congress? So you’re not eating attendance? A macaroon on fungal data, I say feeling core fragile shop on the condition of Olga and always check their stem I. And if it’s greenish and in in their local Shepherd middle, my cappuccino in a wrinkle sha ABC Bein made me problem money on stamina cinema and I am so up a brown Union in my bin, a bin Laden or Leah see Colin Cowie is also very good with cuttings. So if you cut them, they grow offsets pretty quickly if he also block the leaves. Marin insurance accessory made him about Ghulam Colin. Cowie Tomentosa are relatively slow growers compared to grab the potatoes and HEV areas. So Belgium, a major. Magee him back. I own the vug para Manito Englischer Garten Kabbalist do Mommy’s up and neck in their spot in the span of six to eight months of them Being here at the Paula. I’m upset! Yeah, I am empanadas. Mama, my lab as a notes and so, man. Joe, my bag at all. I get the metallic coating a bit. You had to ear knee and a pair of ear. Stand well, if I didn’t shine my shadow, a tote bag. We long didn’t up arrow like super. It took me a long time before the collision happened. A baboon layer. And I said when I got this one highly skeletal Initially it, so you know. I’m difference in the in six to eight months. Yeah, Ed Thomas. Many question and who helped. Oh, asking a two to three dollars, doctor? I’ve been a bit of a pattern for five dollars here, so anyways there. I hope you give the kalanchoe a tomentosa try. Cuz they’re so cute and adorable. I love the empanada tongue. I know a little necktie mementos. I believe Dextran fer yer perishing sweetener, almost compared to this on Nigeria shot by Omaha. Unbelievable and the I have numbly, Blaney Burnham OSA said. No need a money. Softy, subscripts okati. But I’m Poppy Union. I got the worth, but this was very soft and this one is softer than enough. Don’t text ringer At the end. My Samaha passionate Velveteen Ophelia. Same with the eye damage a rough tongue. I know at the choppa soldier. I am so there. If you have any questions, don’t really don’t hesitate to comment below and please do like and subscribe and show us your kinetically tomentosa on the DSCP page in Facebook. So don’t forget to tag me so I can see, and I hope everybody have have a great day. Hey, man, I get so caught up in the manner thinking of traveling is will I am Losin Psycho Style? Farley, I’m so D down.