Succulents Wilting | Troubleshooting Wilted, Molded, & Yellow Succulents — plant One On Me — Ep 019

Summer Rayne Oakes

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Troubleshooting Wilted, Molded, & Yellow Succulents — plant One On Me — Ep 019


Hey, guys, if summer rain from plant one on me and it’s time for the next episode guys, thank you for all of your questions. They come in all sorts of ways. Instagram, Facebook on my blog at Homestead Brooklyn Com underneath the the videos. I should have just like one place where you could put them, but the reality is, we’re all in those different places, and sometimes we just like, have a question, and that’s the place that we could ask it so feel free. Have them come along. I compiled them all in this handy-dandy book, and I write down all the questions. I try to write down your name sometimes. I forget them so sorry, and and then I’ll try to answer them two or three questions, you know, every week because otherwise, these episodes would be very long, so the first question today and the second question today has everything to do with Succulents and Joshua crapper. Bauer says my aloe succulents have started to mold in the center. Any tips, all right. I think sometimes it’s really difficult to understand what’s happening to one’s plants because you can’t actually physically see the plant. However, if something is molding generally, it means that it’s wet or it has wet conditions because mold doesn’t typically grow in dry conditions, which is what succulents and cacti, particularly love. So if something’s molding in the center, it just means that you might be watering it too much or the soil base that it’s in or the place. Edison is not draining enough. Maybe the soil is completely compacted and the water is just sitting in there and it’s creating a space that would be more amenable to mold than it would a typical plant like in Scala or any other kind of succulent of cacti for that matter, So I would say if it’s molding, you would want to get it out of the container that it’s in check that it’s not too wet, Get some new, succulent or cacti soil, and, and you know, feel the roots, you know, even if you go bare root and just kind of feel the roots feel if they still have give that they’re like bending a little bit, because if they’re not then chances are you might have. I already killed the roots, which would be a shame, but it happens. Most plants die from from over watering. Unfortunately, so I don’t water it as much aloe and cacti and other succulents really really thrive with benign neglect. And, you know, just to give you a little Side Story in Mozambique, where we do some of the agroforestry initiatives, which is, you know on the eastern coast of country on the eastern coast of Africa and they just have a low-growing they’re in like the heat of the Sun, and they barely give it any water, so I’m talking maybe once every week or every couple of weeks in like extreme Sun, so be gentle when it comes to to watering, be calm be, you know, trigger-happy when it comes to to pouring that water on there and make sure it has the right kind of soil, really, well draining potting mix. You know, you might need a little bit of sand or, you know, loam or vermiculite in there that creates a little bit more air pockets for that particular plant. So good luck. Joshua, I hope that your owl comes back to life. If it’s anything in particular, succulents and aloe and cacti are are really resilient, so hopefully that resolves it. Someone here has a question, and I’m sorry I didn’t. Cuff your name down? I know you came through. Instagram has asked. Well two people actually two different things. One person’s cacti is drooping and another persons is turning yellow. Alright, so again when we when we’re kind of like. Looking at plant problems, whether it’s Browning or whether it’s turning yellow, oftentimes, it could be a range of different issues. So if I don’t get the issue, right, he’ll hate me because it’s very hard to see unless you know I’m actually physically there, and I have a sense of like what you’re actually doing with the plant. So if the cacti is drooping, Hmmm, chances are, you’re not giving it enough water. So cats-eye. Typically in the non growing seasons don’t need water so from November to March, I actually don’t water my cacti unless there’s like an extremely hot, You know, sunny week, and I know is in all water. Maybe my cacti a little bit as soon as the growing season starts. So I’m talking, you know, April end of April to October. That’s when I start to water my plants. You know, every couple weeks now, if your cacti is in an extreme south-facing window if you’re in this hemisphere. I’m in New York and southern facing exposures can get really hot, especially if you have like big windows, or you know, whatever, and it’s not shaded by any kind of shades or blinds or anything along those lines, and I find that my cactus cacti can actually get a little wilty and when that happens, they just need water, so make sure you give them a really good pub watering so that the water comes down through the bottom every couple weeks or as you see that they might need it so hopefully that helps the person who had the question about the cacti drooping now the cacti turning yellow. Well, there’s a couple different things, so I have some succulents and some cacti that start shrivel or turn a little discolored and my guess is that it’s too much light for those guys, so oftentimes I’d take my succulent earn my cacti and cut pull it back a little bit from the light, because even though they really do love light too much of it could actually discolor them. I would also take a look into watering it as well because certain certain cacti, particularly not the ones. You know, I’m thinking of the Mickey Mouse ones that have little ears. The opportunies where the little pieces can actually fall down. If you have one left, that’s very straight and it’s like on a like a big kind of like stock like thing. It doesn’t really drew, so I would. I would look into actually watering it. I don’t think there’s any probably anything wrong with the fertilizing or the water because like cacti really don’t need fertilization. They can handle a lot of like salts and minerals in the water as well. So you know if it were a different plant. I might say that it’s like chlorosis or maybe some deficiencies or maybe a toxicity within the particular potting soil but for cacti. I probably think it’s you know, something. One of those things so check it out again. A general good rule of thumb for cacti and succulents is watering every couple weeks succulents. Every other, you know, every week for succulents and for cacti, which is the type of succulent, maybe every couple weeks, and if not a little bit more in the real heat of the summer so again, feel free to chime in. I’m sure there’s some other folks who might have some ideas when it comes to cacti and succulents care, but hopefully that helps, and hopefully it allows your succulents and cacti to thrive. And if you have any questions, keep them coming. I have a boatload of them in here and I need to get to them, But there’s only so many weeks in a month and we could only get over two any questions in a month So hopefully we will, you know, get through them as much as possible and tune in next week as well. Thanks, guy’s, bye.