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Succulents In Small Containers


Hey, guys, it’s! Carrie from Garden Rudiments today. I’m out on my back patio. I’m gonna talk about small containers for succulents, and this is what I get . But I wanted to talk to you today. This is not a how-to video. I just needed to get some of these succulents potted up and I was going to show you some of the new containers that I have. I actually have a lot of containers when I see some out at places like Bert’s outlet or even Lowe’s or Home Depot, any of the places that might carry small parts. I try to pick up a few as I go so that I’m not having to buy a bunch at one time. So this is, um, I don’t know if you if you shop at the Dollar Tree, I found these early spring for a dollar. You can’t beat these. Of course, they don’t have holes in them, but everyone is using these little unique containers for all kinds of different things. They use them in the home to decorate. You can put holes in this and use it for succulents. As a planner, you can grow flowers in it. A house plant. You could just set the pot down in it. Something like this and have your flowers. Come out of it without having to plant in it, but these are just neat little containers and for a dollar, you can’t beat it. This was a bird feeder is a bird feeder. This was $30 at Joann’s. Of course. I did not give $30 for this. I would not give $30 for this. I gave less than $10 for it, but I thought it would make a great little planter for succulents, something small something that it has drainage holes in it that drains out into the saucer, but this would just, but this would be great just for some small plants in here. Something you could layer up and just set on a coffee table or on a desk. Anything that requires some low-light. This is just a cute planner. A cute bird feeder that makes a great planner and then. I found these. These are like pen and pencil holders. You can drill holes in the bottom. I would use them just like they. Are you know when you sparingly water, your succulents? You’re not going to overwater in these. You put a little water and the water is going to seep down to about right here and never drain to the bottom. These would make great little planters for the cactus in. I thought they were cute and let’s see. I don’t remember where I got these, but probably it was Berks outlet, but I think they would make great planners don’t with this video. So when I plant in small containers, I especially love these. These would come with three or four little small plants in them. I love the shallow bow. I really like these, but I never can find them out to buy. So when I do if there’s some some kind of plants that I would like to have, I’ll go ahead and purchase these. These were 648 when I bought it. It’s called a little dish garden, but I always put a little piece of hardware cloth and I just take and cut it up into little pieces, and I place it in the bottom covering the hole so that my soil mix doesn’t fall out and I’m not sure which of the containers? I have today that I’m going to use, but I know this was one of them. And I’m still using some of the plants that I started as cuttings as lead cuttings. I’m reusing these and trying to get a lot of them potted up and especially this one. This is Echeverria Caribbean. I want to try to get just a whole planter. I just you love the etcheverry Caribbean. I just love the color. I love the way. The plant is shaped. So that’s what I’m going to try to get in here. I’m going to take all of them. I think and and try to make a planter out of them, and I think these root balls are going to be just about right to fit down in here without removing any of the soil mix. How pretty that fits in there. So this is not a how-to today. This is just some things. I need to get done. It’s not that these plants are any danger of becoming rootbound. It’s just to me. I like to get them planted into the pots that they’re going to stay in and let them get to growing because they do grow faster once they’re in a new soil mix and then their knees hot. Some of these are still hanging on to the leaf and that’s okay. I’m just gonna leave them on there. I want to try to turn some of the heads to father so that they’re kind of facing out and I’m also not going to pack these in there real tight. I want to let them have room to grow and to retain their shape, not be real crowded. Look at the large leaf. This one still has on it and it’s actually. I don’t! I don’t think I could get in close enough, but it’s actually put on some very large roots that are wrapped around there. I’m gonna let it go. Let it fall off on its own. I think I’ve got another small one here. . If you knee of the leaves fall off, just let them lay around the plant and they’ll start a new plant just by laying in soil mix now. I will put crushed granite around These. Let’s protect the soil from getting insects, laying their eggs on. It keeps it nice and clean, and I think I’ve done a video or at least. I’ve shown this little planter. It’s just a little small blur, bird planner. It does have a drainage hole in it, and I’ve had plants in this one before . I like the color, the blue color of this little bird planner, and I’m going to use this pale pink of this plant. I don’t know what this is. It could be a graph to peddlin. It could be the ghost plant, but I’m not sure and I’m packing the soil mix up in there and then pressing this down so that at least a little root ball is covered. They’re just gonna fill this in, that’s all. I had of that color, but I’m gonna go ahead and I think this is a grout to Pedalin. You do these little planners, and you think all that just feels that planner up, but it really doesn’t so in the middle of this. My camera batteries died. I planted a grant OCD Impaler. For Nia sunset. It’s these were both growing in the same sail and so. I’ll put them in one pot, and then all of these. I’m going to put crushed granite around. And then if you will follow me over, so I’m going to add one of the beautiful plants that just come in from Mountain Crest Gardens. I don’t know if you can see this. This is one of the the new plants that I had just planted in the fountain when I did all this Improv evens. These are almost like runners so this has been it’s already attached itself to the soil mix and there’s a new route that has come out so that one is already rooting in and making a new home. But I’m gonna pop this in look at the healthy root system on there and this is one two three four. There’s a tiny one, there, five rosettes in one and this is a simple vivo. I don’t know what it is right now. Is it it’s one of the the plants that come in the June unboxing? I’m just going to make me a hole in here to fit this root ball. Move the soil! Mix around it. And then the next time I water. I’ll make sure it gets a good watering in. That’s a lovely plant, and I’ve watered all of these. Well, but this was the little surprise gift that came in the mountain crest. Gardens and I’m just going to find a spot for it here. I’m not going to try to put it in. It’s own part. He’s got a great root system. This is not the sunniest spot for it, and I’m hoping that’s what it will need. I have one of these that I grow. That’s a lot darker green, but I’m just tucking it in around everything else. You can see the string of bananas. Oh, it is looking so great. It’s got only some new growth. It looks very healthy and I don’t know if you can see the string of pearls from there, but it’s looking great, so I can see a lot of new little beads coming out on it. So it’s putting on some new growth. I don’t know what has happened here in this area, but it looks like I’ve lost two plants. Not everything goes great for me. We do lose some. I don’t know what happened there, but you tailed! That one is completely gone. This could have been something that. I pulled out of this improv even bad and this one here it has rotted, So it’s just gonna come out. Got three here. That’s rotted now. This is kind of on the north side so it could be that they didn’t get enough. Sun, and then we had rain and they just didn’t like it, but I am gonna try some more in that spot, cuz. I didn’t lose any last year in there. The rest of them. Look, OK? Let’s see this is Hummel’s Hummel’s. Jade, almost something now. It has some leaves that don’t look good. They’re falling off and I’m going to go ahead and pull them off and then I’m gonna leave him out where he’ll get a little more sunshine and we’ll lay that leaf there and we’ll see what it does. It may actually grow, And this was the one that I said looks like a elephant Bush, but its little tiny rosettes and leaves it has little tiny, hairlike roots very small Roos . This will be really pretty if this crow’s in here and I don’t see any reason why it should. It’s a very pretty plan. And this is the last of the plants for Mountain Crest Gardens now. I’m just chucking these into areas that have common empty, empty spot. So I hope you’ve enjoyed this video. This is just a few of the things. I was doing in the garden today. Nothing major just needed to get some things into the ground. So these are all doing great. I don’t see anything else. That’s having a problem like with Rod and Janita. There’s my frog. Got it hanging out in the fountain. Thank you for watching. Thank you for stopping by, and I hope to see you in the next video on Garden Rudiments you.