Succulents In The Wild | Wild Succulents In Canada

Rebecca Leah

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Wild Succulents In Canada


Hey, everyone, it’s! Rebecca, so I’m outside right now, and it is real hot and sweaty, but I I’ll tell you why. I’m so there’s no second. Oh, my gosh, it is so hot out, okay. I’m wearing all black too. So poor outfit choice. But I was filming a video out here for an audition tape and I’m sitting on this rock. There’s a bunch of rocks here. This is my backyard and I looked down beside me and I see there is some plant growing out of the rock and I will show you it. So this is the plant that’s growing out of the rock. It kind of looks like a succulent. One of my friends posted the picture of these on a reddit, and they just said it’s a sedum succulent. So I’m gonna cut off some of it and see if I can grow it inside. I have no idea how this got here, but I think it’s pretty cool. That is growing in this rock like there’s not much around here like we have grass weeds, some flowery thing, more weeds. I forget what that’s cold, but someone will know the name of it, and then a lot more of the I don’t even know if these are called, but this is a little hill that it’s on and there’s just a bunch of rocks, and then this awesome little, succulent cluster and I live in Ontario, Canada like the southern part of it, and it’s not that hot here. Well, today it is, but like we get winter and stuff, so that’s so cool that we have this growing in our rock, so I’m gonna switch hands with the camera shakes, so I’m gonna cut off this guide. Talk to you with one hand. Oh, my gosh, okay. A bug just hit my face, all right so. I’m cutting off this guy. Oh, leaves are falling off as I’m holding him. That’s how much it cut off. I’m gonna try to just put him in water and see what happens since. Oh, there, there’s gross stuff on it. It’s growing like out of moss or something, but I can’t see any roots since it’s in a rock, so this could be like an air plant of some sort. I’m not sure if you’re watching this, and you know exactly what these are. Please let me know since you probably just think. I’m really dumb, and they can get some cool, succulent and really, it’s something else. I think they look really cute like. Oh, I love it. Yeah, I will update you guys. If this grows any roots or anything. Yeah, they’re really pretty. I thought I would show you guys. And today is, was it June 21st or 22nd and I will have a part two updating you guys, if anything has happened and I take a few more cutting since my friend who took the picture and put it on Reddit wants one of them as well, so I cut off another piece and I think I just found a bunch of. Oh, I just dropped it. Cool, let’s do that again. So it has one really long root and then. I think a few little like smaller roots attached to this one that I just cut off one of the ends and like ripped out of the rock. So hopefully this will work well in soil and I’m gonna do the other one in water and we’ll just see how it goes. This is another cute little plant thing growing out of some moss inside a rock. It is a rock just down from this thing and that cluster of succulents that we think they are, but yeah. I thought it was really cute, so I thought I’d show you guys. It might be the exact same succulent thing, but like a baby version of it. Yeah, it’s cute, all right. I’m gonna head out now. Goodbye, this is me waving bio stuff in my hand, so I have brought them inside and this one. I just put some rocks in the bottom of a shot cup and some dirt, and I filled it with water. That’s why it’s bubbling, and I just placed him inside and then this one, I can’t use my hands. There we go. I just filled it up with water just below the spot that starts with the that. These aren’t flowers. Were they leaves Yeah, and then. I’m gonna put them in my little greenhouse, and I’ll update you guys later if they grow roots or anything, so this was the one that had a few roots well. I think their roots and this one had nothing. Yeah, I will update you guys later, okay, So it’s only been 2 days since I put it this cutting in water and it already has roots. I don’t you can see that. Wait there! It has like three or four roots growing out of it already, so that is pretty impressive. I’m gonna leave it in here a little longer, and then I will plant it.