Succulents In Pots Without Drainage | How To Repot Succulents Into Containers Without Drainage

Crystal B, Barbados

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How To Repot Succulents Into Containers Without Drainage


Hey, so I am about to report these little succulents in these awesome Now as mentioned, I’m going to show you two ways in which I think you could successfully brought these succulents in containers without holes. I always advise against doing this and to be honest. This will kind of be a risk to you. Have to be very, very careful. When it comes to the amount of water you put in these containers because with succulents not letting them for, like two or three weeks, they’ll survive, But if you let them back-to-back like every four days, maybe even every week in a container like this, chances are they will die so less is oftentimes more, it’s easier for a succulent to bounce back from being extremely dry that it is to recover from rock or just overly saturated soil because there really isn’t much you could do to dry the soil. After it’s been in there apart from taking plateau completely so number one who goes where? Alright, so one of the bees I would do, this is by putting the succulent in a separate container, it’s slightly bigger than the container it came in, which is always a good idea, and the reason people always suggest you pop a plant in a container that is not much bigger than the original container is because see, this is very tiny, so this can only hold a tiny amount of water, but if you put it in a massive container, then you feel they need to, you know, wet all the soil and that’s a loss oil, so it’s a lot of water for a tiny plan so even though that container may have holes at the bottom because there is more, so it’s just more volume. There’s more water, so the client could potentially still die from rock, so a smaller container is always better, even if you want to put it in a nice fancy pot like what? I’ll be showing you. There are ways to get away with a smaller container in a massive pot. I’ll show you that no, the starters, let’s take him out of here. He has a really good wool root system. Definitely ready for reporting, but he is very wet. Just gonna take off these dried bits. Any little dead arms that he’s got makes no sense for potting him with those. So that’s those two because he’s so back. I don’t think I’ll be adding any water. So his mix. No soil now. This is a capsule! Smith, that I use its very light fast. Drinan, it’s basically just peat, moss, perlite and compost. There’s no soil in this at all, which is OK When it comes to succulents, I usually get this from muddy boots. It’s their peat, moss, perlite and compost mix. Just ask for it, usually fifteen dollars for a bag, a massive bag. So yeah, here and this in this ice container. I’m going to be using this fit here perfectly, but not over the edge, so this will be easy to hide. I am going to pop him a little high, any big pieces of taken out there. We go so because his soil was so saturated with water already. I won’t be letting this per se, but what I will do is just get the top it and my spritz to help keep the dust down when you notice the key to soil down, but not too much because he’s already had a bit of a dousing to make sure he is nice and even in there, that’s what I do to hide the fact by he’s in this container, Put it in here, make sure it’s centered and she has graciously provided this. My opinion is about to do it, well safer to do. This looks pretty cute. And, of course you won’t be over watering this. Just maybe once a week once every other week, probably and because he’s in that small container of soil. Yeah, there isn’t much chance of oversight tradition. So here, okay, right here, so that’s one. Secondly, I would do. This is my land, a solid foundation gravel before I add a peat moss and perlite, so it’s not as much soil. I’m by putting the gravel I’d bottom. It’ll kind of stand to be like water reserve like a reservoir so that the soil isn’t directly so that the soil isn’t directly at the bottom of the container, and so the plant doesn’t actually put two of these in there and the plant is a sitting directly water. Hopefully, if she follows the instructions and doesn’t overwater these, then they weren’t being much of reservoir water at the bottom, so there won’t be much progressive. World water at the bottom. I mean, some of it will be. It’s way down there, but if you don’t let this in like week or two, then the plant will pull that water up from the gravel into the roots, and that will help feed it over time as long as the water isn’t high above the gravel and sitting in the soil and drowning the plant. Alright, so we’ve got these two in here now because I’ve used these two in here. I am going to put one of my succulents in today. The third one. But she’s got these awesome stores. Indoor just gonna give this a little. All right, so this is it these two in here, very cute now. I have a few of these storms as fast items. It’s kind of like playing Tetris in. You should be perfect right here. No, that’s how he looks as I said. This is two ways in which you could pot succulents into containers without rules with both of these methods. You still need to be very careful with how much water you put into each of them. I’d suggest that in every two weeks, but that’s just me you!