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How To Grow Succulents From Seeds🌵 // Angels Grove Co


Hi, my gardening! Angels, welcome back to my channel if you’re new here. I am Jess, so I’m really excited because this is a new year, so I’m trying some new things, but I guess I also started this last year, but I’ve been growing some succulent seeds for the past few months, and I wanted to show you guys kind of where I bought them. What to look for when you’re buying them some tips for growing them. I have a couple different shots that I’ve taken over the past couple months, starting with how I potted them up. So I hope you guys all find this really helpful. So in terms of actually growing succulents, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend growing your succulents from seeds unless you are trying to be experimental and do a cross between a couple plants or by very rare succulents that you don’t want to spend $40 on per plant, which is kind of what I did. I bought a couple different succulents that I have not seen in my nurseries around here or have seen but are really expensive on the Internet. And so I bought a couple seeds and I’ll show you guys where I got them from. You OK, so I have my lead pots here? I filled up my pan with some water and just let these sit in here and I don’t think it took, like 2 minutes for them to be completely soaked and then this is to dry off the pots, but here’s little labels I made out of just some post-it notes and a sharpie, and then I have my seeds and these packets here and these little vials. I don’t know if you’ll be able to see them in there, but I’m just going to take some tape and put them over this and then put it on the side here, so I know what they are. Today Is November 29th and these are the mixed with Opps. This here is an echo, Very Arun. Ei san carlos, this is a Gibby flora gibeom. There’s only one in there and it’s in the very middle here. I don’t know if you’ll be able to see it. You may be able to see it now at the tip of my finger tail. There, which is kind of the point of the lift ops Echeveria Sub-forum Bosa. But the stems are getting really tall and lengthy. I haven’t put on much growth recently, but I have some growth in this one as well. Okay, so I have seven packs of seeds in total that I had bought, and then this little cup of Lithops came with some of the kits that I had so as you can probably see, They’re still extremely small. This has been several months of growing, so I’m not exactly sure how long it will take, but so far, they’ve been pretty good, and I’m really excited to see where they go. One thing I did want to mention is that I keep a plastic covered, laying on top of these to keep it a little bit more humid, because these are extremely small succulents, and if they’re exposed to a bunch of heat, they’re gonna lose their water really quickly, so you kind of want to keep it a little bit more on the wet side for them, just because they don’t have much water storage. I have was given this awesome glass watering system. I’m sure it’s not used for water, but I love it and then I just spray it on. It has a very gentle setting. I think it’s on the wrong one right now, but there’s a very nice spritz, and if you just go slowly with it, then your seeds don’t wanna move your seeds. Don’t move around. Otherwise, they’re pretty good at taking up water from the bottom of their pot, so if you lay them in a dish kind of like this and then put water in the bottom, they’ll soak it up, but they dry out pretty quickly from the top, so I’ve been using this and it’s been really good. You don’t want to pour water directly on top of them because it will move the seeds around as part of the. Etsy kit that I had bought. It came with this plastic container and some cotton balls, and then it came with a eyedropper and a toothpick and then a succulent, which is why I bought it. I did not actually sprout the seeds in this Because I didn’t want to have to figure out how to transplant them. So these are the little lithops here. That was part of the package from the Etsy store. As you can see. They all came actually closed, but this one is starting to split this one’s a little bit wrinkly, but I gave him some water not too long ago so he should be fine. The hard part with this of all of them being in the same pot is that they’re all at different stages, so watering them is challenging, but it came with a little eyedropper. That is made watering a lot easier. This cup has the echeveria allow ease in it. There are only two of them, though. They’re only two of them sprouted, But I think I only was given five seeds. Alright, so this is the mono flora. This is also commonly known as the bunny succulent, so my camera will not pick it up great, but you can kind of see on some of these that they’ve set off their new shoots of actually having some bunny ears. So this one you can kind of see it. Well on there’s leaf going out that way and then up this one has it as well, but those are really precious, so here is a lipid area, and they look real good over here. I believe are my mixed lithops and these ones got a little bit burnt because I left the lights on for a really long time. So the edges are a little bit burnt, but as you can see, there’s a lot going on in there, all right, so this is where? I bought them from Micro landscape design. I’m sorry about the bad video quality. I’m not exactly sure how to film the computer, but these are the pictures of the bunny, succulent That I was telling you about. So this is also what I bought. I bought a pack of 25 liftop seeds, and that was the live plant that came with them and then it had that mini germination kit as well and then the second store that I bought from was Walla Walla studio. So this one was a micro landscape which I worked with her a little bit on the order and it was amazing, and then Walla Walla studio also was extremely helpful and so these are the plants that I bought from fur so the lipid REM Margaret, the Rooney, I Wow and the sub corn boats. I also bought this elephant plant but and it’s sprouted. It’s just not something. I was gonna show you guys till it’s a little bit bigger. That alright guys so. I really hope you enjoyed this video. If you did, please give it a big thumbs up, so I can keep making videos like this and don’t forget to go. Subscribe to our channel before you leave. So thank you bye.