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Succulent Wrist Corsage


Welcome to the flower! School comm video library. I’m Leanne Kessler, director of the Floral Design Institute. And today I’m here to share with you. A beautiful, succulent wrist corsage. We have to make them so often with homecoming prom weddings and they can be easy and fun now yesterday. I made a beautiful bridal bouquet using flowers from Fleur abundance calm. You probably saw that video. And now I’m using the leftovers. The bits from Fleur abundance to create this gorgeous wrist corsage. Let me show you how the materials all of your favorite things, of course. I started with a single, beautiful, succulent. Then I added some lovely purple flowers and some grade flowers, seeded eucalyptus live the anthis a Wren. Geum Delphinium. Even a little tiny bit of hydrangea designed this way. Yes, you can use hydrangea, and it’ll be beautiful than a bit of ribbon. All of it. Put together with your Oasis floral adhesive and the base, the flap bracelet. It’s my favorite way because it adjusts so well to fit any wrist. You can flatten it out to work and then just put it back on and it’s ready to where to begin. I like to personalize the base. The slap bracelets are fabulous. I always buy them just in the white color because you can change it, however you want. Just pull the tab off. So then you’ve got the base and then using your design master color tool, you can paint it any color you want, you can see the purple and then the more lavender, then when you’re done, just slide the tab back on, and then you’re ready to begin for this time. I’m going to use the soft lavender. I don’t need the white don’t. Need the purple right now? Then I got this ribbon. It’s two-sided shiny, purple on one side and then a little glittery on the other side. Now when I teach you in class to make a bow, we make a loop and then we twist so that the shiny side always stays up, but this time rather than twisting every time. I’m going to let it come back and then twist. How do I get some purple And some With the more glittery? I might go back with a glittery and twist so that I get glitter and twist, so I get glitter, but then stop and not twist so that I get that purple color again. Twist that I get a little bit of purple. Just kind of look, see which side do I want to show in this particular loop? Make that decision whether or not you want to twist or if you want to leave it the same and I just go back and forth, making it nice and full, maybe a few that are a little bit longer and then at the end, give it at all a twist, and I’ve got extra ribbon, so cutting that and then taking it and putting it in my hand backwards, so I’ve got some streamers that glitter and some that are solid and using a wire. Fasten that together so now. I’ve got that secured. I’ve got that two color bow, which is just so fabulous. Cut the wire off. I don’t need that. Press it flat fluff out the ribbon, then using your Oasis floral adhesive. You want to take that put a little bit on the backside of the bow doesn’t take very much Let that begin to dry, then put a little bit on the tab, Let that begin to dry and what’s going to happen. You have glue to glue. So it will securely set and not fall off. There’s no risk of that now. Be careful, your glues do vary. You definitely want to use the Oasis floral adhesive, and I know I sound like an advertisement and know they are not paying me to say that. But the Oasis flow adhesive is the only glue that I trust to make sure that this will stay on and not come loose under any circumstances and just nestling it in place holding it securely but to apply a bit of pressure until that’s dry. And then you’ll be ready to add all your other materials. This succulent. It’s the heaviest. So I want to get that placed well very first. Sometimes you want to adjust your ribbon like this one. The center loop. I’m going to give it a cut The way I can open it out. Make a better spot for my succulent to tuck down in there. Kind of Nestle it, then again, putting glue both on the bow and on the succulent, I set this in, let it begin to dry. Go back once you remove the stem. Don’t want that at all, and then a bit of glue on the stem and I go on to the little petals as well just to make sure that they don’t break off. Let it begin to dry. I’ve got glue on the petals of the succulent, and you sure I don’t touch the face because you’ll change the color glue on the bow, then go back and just nestle them directly into each other and again hold it with a bit of pressure until it sets the fun of today’s contemporary risk. Corsages is the amount of variety that we’re using so many different textures and contrasting colors. They’re fabulous, but you just need bits of everything. So maybe a couple orange ium heads just a couple. Maybe one more for fun, A little bit of seeded eucalyptus, just tiny bits, and then maybe a single lisianthus floret. Just pick one out here. You could use a bud as well. The buds are so delicate and graceful, but you can see. It’s tiny, tiny, tiny bits. The Belladonna delphinium. Just a floor at or two and then the hydrangea. When we work with hydrangea hydrates so badly, but when you use bits, just a few florets tucked in low, even as it dehydrates it looks beautiful, so you can just break it down to little pieces, so you get the color and the look without the worry of it, dehydrating and fading, then again, they’re so delicate, so it’s easy to just take a little bit of glue right on the end. Squirt out too much like I just did their best to go ahead and take a couple more and just dip it onto there that way. I’ve got it spread a little thinner. You don’t want too much glue? It just gets messy, then lifting the loops and nestling it in adding a spot of color tucking it around the succulent going back, maybe letting the seeded eucalyptus hang down a tiny bit down with the streamers enough glue on it to make sure that it’ll stay finding a spot to nestle it. That’s going to be so beautiful so much fun with the grayed colors. Now the succulents of the eucalyptus, it works so well with blues and purples. That’s what I’m going to bring it up towards the top, so that’s almost like it feeds through from one side to the other, then the lisianthus, nestling that in there, tucking it low and going back with summer in Geum C adding that texture so much fun, absolutely gorgeous. There’s so many more materials available to us now than when I first started. Remember the first risk corsage as I made, we didn’t do anything except for spray roses and baby’s breath and now got seeded eucalyptus orange. M Lisianthus succulents. There’s just so much that I get excited and I still have fun making risk for Sasha’s. The last piece is Ill. Go back and add the buds from the lisianthus. Their stems are so tiny and delicate. It’s easy to just kind of squeeze them in, find a little hole brighten up that area, and then sometimes as you’re working, you might drop a little bit of glue, and if you do, just take another floor ad, put glue on it and then cover up wherever you might have a spot of glue the way it doesn’t matter. Just tucking that down in there. If you didn’t drop any glue, just use the rest of your florets until it’s beautiful. Bring this one on down. Then, using the mega beaded wire, just cut, cut the beads completely off and use them individually, add a little bit of glitz and glamour, all the natural and then adding that real bright ball in there, the orb just adds just a little bit of color to brighten up everything else. Make it seem even more special and tie it all together, creating a wrist corsage. This beautiful makes me almost want to go back to high school, so I can go to homecoming and prom. We’ll know I’m lying. I do not want to go back to high school, but making a wrist corsage like this makes me so happy. We must be fun for the mother of the bride to wear it. A wedding or maybe me tonight going out to dinner. I’ll look like the belle of the ball, but I think David should take me out to dinner, so I can wear my wrist corsage. If you have questions, look for more inspiration. Check out the website. Flower school comm. If you have a question that you need an immediate answer. Pick up the telephone and give me a call, it’s five! Oh, three, two, two, three, eight zero, eight, nine and of course. I’d love to see what you create. Take a picture and send it to my personal email is Liane le a NNE at Floral Design Institute comm. If I don’t reply immediately, you’ll know. I’m out with my wrist corsage, Enjoying a sidewalk cafe? Now it’s your turn, have fun and do something you love you.