Succulent Wreath Care | How To Keep Your Beautiful Succulent Wreath Alive & Looking Good / Joy Us Garden


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How To Keep Your Beautiful Succulent Wreath Alive & Looking Good / Joy Us Garden


Hi, it’s! Nell and yesterday I made this succulent race. It’s still settling in. That’s why it’s just meaning, and I’m not bringing it up right to show you, but I got to thinking I should do a quick video on how to care for this to make it last as long as you can because after all, you put some investment into it, and you’ve also put some time into it so. I’m going to give you a few quick tips before I start with the tips. I just want to make sure that you know you. Um, it’s best to keep your wreath laying flat for one or two months after you make it so that the roots can settle in and grow. You don’t want your beautiful creation to fall apart after all, first of all is the exposure You don’t want it in full. Sun, it can take a little bit of Sun, especially Morning Sun, But not the afternoon. Sun, it’s gonna burn. This is beautiful here because it’s bright, but it doesn’t get direct Sun. My front door is right there. So if I were to hang it there, it would be great because it gets maybe about half an hour of morning. Sun, but it’s very bright all day long, so keep it out of full hot Sun. It will burn and another thing that is going to make your wreath last longer is to have it under some kind of cover like my porch is a covered front porch, so it’s not going to get hard rains. It’s not going to get as much wind either. It’s a little bit more protected. Oh, by the way. I will leave a link here and down below showing you how I made this because I’m going into how to water it. So this is planted in a wire frame and it does have some soil, so you do want to water it and depending on how warm it is and what the exposure is once every week or once, every two to three weeks will be fine, so I would either Do it like like that with. I pointed so you get each each succulent here or if it’s staying moist for a while, you can simply spray them off and that will get the soil to, and then you will want it to drain out too. You can also water it with the garden hose, but you want to make sure it’s on a really, really gentle. You don’t want any strong sprays because that’s gonna blast it Next is feeding it it. Does this is gonna want a little bit of feeding because it’s not growing in the ground. It’s not getting, it’s not getting the nutrients from there. So once in this spring should be enough. If you want to do a second feeding, you can do one in mid summer. If you think it needs it and something like a balanced liquid fertilizer is just fine, or if you have like an organic sea, kelp or fish emulsion or some sort of a manure tea. That would be fine for it to. Lastly, we come to pests now. Depending on where it is, it might get mealy bug or aphids, my succulents, my fleshy succulents at the end of summer, usually get the orange a fits and they have a little touch of mealy bug, so I just gently hose it off with the garden hose. You could take a sprayer and get down in there because a mealy bug tends to live in there. The aphids tend to be on the tender new growth. And you can just just spray them off with some water, or you can use a mixture of like a little bit of rubbing alcohol and then some water, and that will do the trick to to help to keep those away. This is just a little something you may need to do over over time. The Moss may start to fall off the wreath form. So you just take a greening pin or a floral pin and you just pin it back in to secure it, or you may actually need to pack with the masa like. I see some dirt showing right here, and you don’t want dirt to show because then it is not going to hold in. So take your moss a patch of Moss. It just comes, you know, just like doing a band-aid and you spray it and that’s gonna make your moss more pliable. It isn’t gonna fall apart is easy, and then you can just go in and patch wherever you need to and here. Are those greening pins? They’re fabulous to have. I’m going to leave a link to them in the description box below and also in the blog post. And then you just go ahead and pin. And that is your patch. Oops, these things just leaves just fall off. These like crazy. These don’t see them and that is about all. You need to know it’s really really simple. Just those, uh, so. I’m it, the main thing is to keep it out of direct Sun and be sure to not overwater it, but these I found take more water than the succulents do in pots, because they’re in such a tight. You can see in such a tight growing space here, and you might have to, like clip out a few leaves every now and then, but it’s not gonna need a lot of pruning, and I kind of like these wacky fun things. I did one of these books a finding in the Bay Area by the way and it lasted over two years looking even longer. I will let you know about that. I hope this video has been helpful to you. I thank you so much for watching, And as always, I thank you for all your likes and your subscribes and your comments. I really appreciate them and I have a lot more videos coming your way about succulents, cacti gardening, all that good stuff and speaking of gardening. Let’s get out in the garden and make the world a more beautiful place. Thanks for watching bye. Oh, and be sure and check out the post on how? I made this the post in the video, thanks.