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My First Battle With Succulent Fungus


Hi, my Youtube friends. I wanted to do a video tonight and I’m a little reluctant to do it because it’s gonna take a little bit of courage, but I want to tell you that even if you think someone is really great at keeping seconds, we all still make mistakes and so. I want to show you something that’s happened with a few of my succulents, and I’m really worried about it. I’m gonna tell you what I did. So let me go ahead and pan over to what I’m talking about. So this is my quarantine area right now, and these succulents look terrible, and I know what you’re probably thinking that they’re covered in mealy bugs. Because you see this white stuff, but that’s not what it is, and I’m going to tell you what’s going on. So when I first started, I inspect my succulents every day and one day I start inspecting them and I saw these little white speckles around the sides and like this one. I haven’t done anything to so this is actually kind of what it looked like to begin with. And then I have another one over here. That’s the same that I haven’t done anything to yet, So you see, I saw these little weird speckles like brown white speckles. So I used systemic pesticide on all my plants, so I know it’s no mealy bugs. I know it’s not scale and so what I’ve come to find out is that I believe it is a type of fungus. I think it’s powdery mildew and what you’re seeing on these succulents right now this one actually didn’t look too bad until I decided to do this home remedy, which is where you spray it down with a diluted milk. So you take milk and mix it with a little bit of water. Spray your plants down. I did it with this one. This one that one. And so that’s where you’re seeing all this, but this one now this one, you can really see just all this kind of scaly stuff on it and then. I sprayed this one with milk too. Which is why you see all this kind of stuff. But that’s not mealybug’s so anyway, after the milk spray didn’t work. I did the second thing that I heard. People talk about online, where they said to dilute some hydrogen peroxide and spray them. And I did that as well and I want to admit that I did it and I didn’t take my plants out of the sunlight, and I think that may have been a big mistake because this was such a beautiful plant. This is my answer. Very abar billion. This is one of my favorite plants ever, and it looks so sad right now. You know, the first thing? I noticed was what looked like crown. Rot, however, it’s not gonna die. I can tell it’s gonna make it. It has lost a few leaves, but I know it’s gonna make it at this point, but my plan at this point because the the hydrogen peroxide thing did not work either. In fact, it kind of looked like it made some burns on the plant to be honest after I did it. I noticed little places on my plants where they look burnt. So my third thing that I’m going to do. Yeah, totally. But so the next thing I’m going to do is something that is specifically for fungus, so I’m going to use neem oil spray, and I’m gonna actually do what everyone has told me to do and go ahead and spray him, but then keep him out of direct sunlight while they are recovering so. I want to show you what this looks like right now. So here’s my bar billion. She does not look good and look at her new growth. I’m so sad about this. This is a native area. Debbie, which already lost some leaves. But you see this just? This does not look normal and this is a wanna save all area. It’s a variable area and most of the white stuff you’re seeing right now. That’s actually from the milk, but it just never really looked good and I can, you know, pulled off some leaves. That were, you know, had spots all up like this, so I had some leaves that had so many spots. They just fell right off. Oh, this fire glow is horrible, so look at this. So yeah, anyone can make mistakes like some of these. You can wiggle them enough and they just come right out, but I think I’ve pretty much done. That was most of the ones that are bad. This is a dick’s pink that I got from a beheading and it was so it was doing so great. This is a gibbehhh floor that I got from a friend, but I believe this is powdery mildew, and I’m not expert. So if any guys think it’s something else, please let me know. This is a touch of area. Tasha, and I’m seeing this weird stuff here. So you know they’re all treated by the systemic. Yeah, that’s everything so just these guys. So anyway, they’re all treated by the systemic, so I know it’s not mealybugs, but what I’m gonna do tonight is I’m going to spray them with the neem oil, and I’m gonna take them out of all sunlight and just kind of watch them for a few days and see what happens so this is kind of documentation, not just for me, but also because I’m gonna post it online and I really don’t want to, but at the same time, you need to know that we’re always gonna make mistakes, and when I started with Succulents, I killed lots of them and it’s just gonna happen, but this still happens even when you think you know what you’re doing so. I’ve never dealt with this and from what I’ve been told. This is something that just happens. When there’s a transitional season like, you know, from from spring to summer, there’s a lot of humidity, and then you spray down all the plants in the greenhouse. There’s tons of humidity, And even though I’ve got the fans running. You know, the fan’s fans are running right now. And if these these fans right here, run if it gets above 75 degrees, so it’s not like they don’t get ventilation, but I’m gonna go ahead and spray them with neem oil. And then I’m gonna give you an update on how they look a little bit later, but I just want you to know that, yes. We all have plants that don’t do well and just because you see all our really pretty plants. It doesn’t mean that we don’t have ones with problems, so I’m gonna go ahead and stop this now and spray them, and then we’ll go from there, so I haven’t sprayed anything yet because I went through every single one of my plants and wanted to do a better inspection and I found a couple other ones that I’m gonna treat, so got this guy. It was actually a beheading and grew into two really pretty plants. It’s a cast hybrid, just lots of little deformities and then, of course, at the new growth, you can see, it’s got what looks like crown rot. And then this guy doesn’t look really bad, sorry. The fans just came on, but you can see all those little speckles and stuff in another one. Remember if this was in the original video, but I’m gonna try to take care of this one, because I see if you look really close. There’s some stuff on the outer leaves, And then a Riviera with some crown rot, and I don’t know what this is, but it clearly has something going on, and then finally an introvert Cupid, same thing, crown rot. I’m not over watering these guys. In fact, some of them really need water, but but I’m gonna try the neem oil, and, you know, might kill them. This is a black sari, red prints, so it could kill everything. I don’t know, but I’m gonna give it a try and I’m gonna show you the stuff that I’m using. So there’s I’m using you guys. I’m gonna try this stuff. It’s the the main ingredient is is neem oil as you can see, but I’m I’m still debating on whether I’m going to dilute it or not, so I’m gonna let you know what I do, but I’m gonna do it tonight And then after a few days, keeping them out of sunlight. I’m going to take another video and show you how they’re doing. So wish me luck, all right, so I just sprayed everything down and I don’t tell you that this neem oil stuff stinks. I don’t know what it smells like. It’s not like some sort of old food or something, but anyway, what I want to do. Real quick is just go through each plant and kind of film. What it looks like before that way. I have good documentation, so there’s our guys and what I’m gonna do after this is, I’m gonna take them either under the gazebo or in the house and let them do whatever they need to do for a few days. Just kind of soak this up. I’m not gonna water them. I’m just gonna monitor and we will see what happens. So if this neem oil kills everything well. I won’t be happy, but I don’t want these guys in my collection because they’re gonna spread it so anyway, I will let you know what happens and I’ll give you an update soon. All right, everybody! I’m back and the day that I sprayed these guys with neem oil was the 14th and today’s the 23rd so it’s been 9 days. I haven’t watered any of these guys, and I’ve kept him out of direct sunlight under my gazebo in some shade and for the most part. I think this was a success, however. I think I’m gonna treat them again a little bit longer, but I’m gonna go through and just show you how everything looks now. You know, looked pretty horrible before, and I’m not saying it looks great now. But it is showing some promising results, so let’s just start with the bar billions. So obviously we lost our Farina, but but I can see the new growth looks good. There’s all this damage stuff coming out, which I’m fine with that. As long as the new growth is looking good, it really is, so I’m just glad it’s not gonna die, but I want to spray it again just to make sure and this guy. He still got the spots, and I think that’s from when I sprayed the hydrogen peroxide and the burns. But again, the new growth looks good, So I’m not worried The Valaria looking a lot better. The bottom leaves are still thin. But that’s why I said for some of these. I’m going to spray them again. They don’t look perfect, but what? I like to see is good new growth and I definitely didn’t want anything to look worse. Fire glow! You can definitely tell how good the new growth is compared to the old stuff. That was all that weird black stuff that I saw at the very beginning and we’ll probably do want to make. This video is try to superimpose what it looked like before. And after that way, you can kind of compare the two and the dicks pink from the beheading. See all these spots, but they’re, you know, they’re solid. The leaves are solid and the new growth Looks wonderful. So I like that the Debbie, the Debbie looks great. There is a little burn month there, but it looks and actually grew quite a bit and the new growth really looks good. The morning dew, which is one of my Korean hybrids, still has these this stuff on the outer leaves right here, but I think it’s going to shed these and again. The new growth looks great. And that’s my biggest concern now. This afterglow, which was just a baby, is not looking the best, however. If you look if you can see close enough. The new growth does look like it’s coming out better. This was that unknown giver flora, and it did lose some bottom leaves. You can remember. I showed you how scaly they were, some of them. You just tap them and they’d fall off after the treatment. These ones haven’t yet. This one’s got a little bit, but it’s got some new leaves coming, and they look great, so I’m happy and eventually, since it’s gonna be kind of tall, I will be headed, but right now. I’m gonna let it recover so after today. I’m gonna spray them again or after this video. I’m gonna spray them again. Still keep them in the shade. A couple of them are floppy. You need a little bit of water, so I might give them a little bit of this. This guy looks pretty good. There are those spots, but I think that’s probably just gonna be left over new growth. Looks good here. Is that Riviera That had that weird-looking crown? Rot stuff, so you can see that the crown rot is now further out and the new growth is coming in clean, so I like that, and this Red Prince really looked horrible, and it really actually still looks horrible here on the outside, but you can see the center new growth. I’m happy the cupid again that weird stuff. But the new growth is coming out so eventually these leaves will get further and further away and they’ll be shed. So I’m just happy I saved it, and plus I didn’t even know, but she’s got a baby underneath there, and then finally, this thing I still don’t have an ID on this, but you have definitely got these spots still here. There’s no Farina. So that’s why I’m touching it. I don’t really care, cuz. I’m not gonna mess anything up at this point, but if you look deep inside there and it may be hard to see here, but but the new stuff doesn’t have that, so I can definitely do an update in a future video, but I wanted to go ahead and show you the results right now and upload this, but I will keep you updated. If you guys are interested in seeing how these guys go and, of course, in some of my future videos, you may just happen to catch some of these when I’m showing plants, so I want to say. Overall, the neem oil was successful, and I think it’s gonna be a little bit of a longer process of recovery, but my biggest concern was that these plants were going to die and now. I don’t feel like any one of them is going to die. Not even the saddest-looking one, which is the afterglow and after glows, are really sensitive. Their leaves really, really, really thin, really sensitive. So if this one isn’t gonna die. I think the rest are gonna make it, and I’m super happy because I was the most worried about my Bar billion and I’ll show you a picture of how it used to look. It was so beautiful and then. I’ll show you a picture of what it looked like before treatment and now and I’m gonna try to superimpose each one of them, But overall, I think it was a success. And after I turned this video off. I’m gonna spray them one more time and give them a little bit longer, but I now feel confident that this was the right treatment for them and that they’re gonna recover so anyway. 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