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Water Propagation For Succulents


All right, so hey. I’m doing a water propagation tutorial for succulents, and I just wanted to say that I am. Not a professional. I understand that there’s different ways. People do this. They use dirt they. I don’t know, use water. Whatever, but I found that this works best for me because I don’t know Dirt Dirt doesn’t like me. I guess I don’t know anyway. Here are the two types of succulents. I’m trying to propagate. I have some purple pearls, a two bearing a purple pearls. I think, and then at a very elegant blue or something. I don’t know, I’m confused. I’m new, I suck. Okay, so you’re gonna want a mason jar or some kind of jar where you can have the open lid. You’re gonna need surround wrap obviously, and you have to basically make sure that it’s on there properly. No loose edges because otherwise it just makes it really difficult to poke holes and to the plastic and for aesthetic reasons. I’m taking the plastic off because it does not look cute at all. So here is the process that I show you. You get a toothpick? You poke a hole into the plastic wraps. You poke it just big enough for a leaf to get fitted in there. That’s what you do also another thing that. I forgot to mention. Is that when you’re doing this? You want to wait so after you get the leaves, you want to wait a couple of days to make sure that the ends callus over because otherwise it’s like an open wound and it’s going to fester from the humidity. It’s gonna just rot and get moldy, and you don’t want to do that, so just wait a couple of days until it’s completely dry on the nub, and it has a little scab, and then you can start doing this. Trust me, you don’t want to lose your precious leaves, and I’m just showing you right here that it’s the same process again as you can see. The curved side goes flat down because I find that that’s a whole lot easier just to set it on there. Roots grow directly down into the water. I haven’t had any problems so far with the roots touching the water. I don’t know, also by the way just so, you know, leave like an inch or so between the succulent leaves and like the water because you don’t want the leaves actually touching the water. Because once again they’ll just rot so yeah. So today is February 20th 2018 and I plan to make an update video. Maybe a few weeks or – something like that. Yeah, me being cringy. Okay, okay, so this is the mother plant that I had. I took a lot of leaves off because she actually got trampled and a lot of the leaves Were falling off. So I figured, okay. I just gotta try to start doing something with these leaves. Yeah, and. Here I am just showing other succulents that I have here is another water propagation that I have going. They are a lot further along, and I found that it was working for me. So I wanted to kind of show. You guys like a preview of what you might see. There’s different. You know, succulent types that? I have right here, but I think . I mean, everyone is different. Everyone’s experience is different. So I’m in California and it’s February. Obviously so. This is working for me. Yeah, here is the mother plant of the active area. Elegans blue. She got knocked around a lot. Okay, it’s not as obvious, but I took her lower leaves, and I’m planning on cutting off the top part after this weird flowering thing happens. I don’t know what’s going on honestly, and so here are some quick tips that I was kind of mentioning in the video. But if you have some tips that you want to share with someone else. Dude, leave it in the comments, Please. Because I’m new and I need help.