Succulent Turning Yellow | How To Know Overwater And Underwater Signs For Succulents | How To Fix And Avoid | Succulents Care

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How To Know Overwater And Underwater Signs For Succulents | How To Fix And Avoid | Succulents Care


In this video, we will explain the signs of over and underwatering and give some tips on how to fix it There’s a short quiz at the end of this video These signs are in order, but not all signs are always present in your succulents some will show and some will not show Let’s go with overwatering signs first. Sign number 1: Leaves turning yellow when you see this sign, it will be a lifesaver when you act fast Sign number 2: Mushy and squishy leaves this is an advance overwatering sign your leaves will look like jelly it is very soft and watery Sign number 3: rotten leaves and stems this is also an advance overwatering sign rot begins to take over the plant some will look like punctured wounds in the leaves Sign number 4: Falling leaves even with a slight touch, the yellow leaves can fall this can be a single or multiple falling yellow leaves What really happens when we overwater? Here’s what, succulents leaves have “small water storage cells” which are filled with water When overwatered, these cells will die causing the yellowish color It sometimes explode and gets punctured and the damaged leaves will fall off On worse cases, the stem and root will rot including the plant’s core By this stage, the plant will likely die Over watering is a plant killer. It is the number 1 cause of death of succulents according to research How to fix overwatered succulents? Remove all the damage parts It may be leaves, stems or roots cut it away leaving no trace of rot air dry for 5 days or so replace the wet soil with a totally dry one place it in bright indoor no direct sunlight don’t water until it recovers this could be for a month or more depending how severe the damage is How to avoid overwatering? Water only when needed always check the soil if it is dry an inch below and check the leaves if it gets thin “Water it full”, this means water should drip down the pot when watering watering should have intervals Some have watering intervals of 1 or 2 weeks maybe more depending on your location’s temperature now, lets go with underwatering signs Sign number 1 Thin leaves the leaves get thin when they are thirsty Sign number 2 Wrinkled leaves this means that the water supply is almost depleted Sign number 3 no mushy, nor falling leaves this is a clear sign of underwatering what happens when we underwater? Succulent leaves have small water storage as explained earlier When they don’t have enough water supply from its roots it will use its water reserve from its leaves causing the leaves to thin out In worse cases stored water will get depleted making the leaves look very thin and wrinkled how to fix it? Water the succulent daily or every other day until the wrinkles go away Be cautious when watering as there’s a big tendency to overwater and we don’t want that to happen Another solution is water therapy To know more about water therapy please click the thumbnail at the end of this video How to avoid under watering? We don’t really want to avoid it We just want to control that leaves doesn’t get too wrinkled when leaves start to get thin, then you know it’s time to water What sign is the most obvious for you in both overwatering and underwatering? please leave your comments below and dont forget to subscribe, like and share happy succulents gardening!