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How To Layer A Succulent Terrarium With Moody Blooms


Hello, and welcome to moody blooms today. We’re going to go ahead and put together this cute little terrarium from newwittycom. They’re going to give all of my viewers 20 off anything on their site. We are going to assemble a tall terrarium, so this one’s super cute. It could actually go sideways if you wanted it to, but we’re going to go ahead and assemble it standing up today. So what you’ll need to get started? Is some river rocks for the bottom? Uh, this is optional, but I highly recommend it. It’s activated charcoal, and it’ll help dissipate any smells. It keeps the air fresh in there, and it’s it’s great to have in the, uh, terrarium, so then we’re gonna have some cactus soil, some well-draining soil and then some rocks for the top a lot of times. I just use the river rocks, but these are great, too, so and then also some cuttings and succulents that you want to go ahead and put in to your terrarium. Okay, so let’s go ahead and get started. First thing we’re going to do is add some of the river rocks, just a nice little layer on the bottom there, and then we’ll get some of that charcoal. I do a lot of water propagation, and this does great to have inside those bottles as well. I put a couple granules in the bottles of my cuttings that I propagate in water. All right now we’re going to do a little layer of some cactus soil or some succulent soil, which can actually pour a little bit in, maybe not okay, so normally I would add the succulents, and then I would add the river rocks, but because most of these are cuttings that have calloused over, they don’t have any roots yet, so they don’t really need to go directly in the soil and then have the roots around them. I’m just going to pour some of the rocks on top and then add the cuttings if that makes sense whoopie’s. Okay, so then I’m just going to make a deep hole not deep, but a hole for my first cutting and put the taller ones in the back, so I have a couple of these cuttings that have a little bit of roots. This one not so much. These are some cuttings that I’ve been propagating in water, so there’s a little bit of roots in there, so we’ll gently separate those if possible, if not, we’ll just leave them together, so we’ll go ahead and stick those in. Make sure the roots are covered and then we have some jade cuttings so and a few more rocks in front there. We go all set up. I hope you enjoyed putting this terrarium together with me. This was a gift from newwittycom, and they actually are going to give all of my viewers. A 20 off anything on their website and the coupon code for that is moody blooms, the website and info will be down below as well for you in the description, so thanks so much for joining us on moody blooms. If you are new to the channel, please go ahead and hit that subscribe button and give this video a big thumbs up to let us know that you enjoy our content, and if you have any questions or comments, please leave them. Below in the comment section, and we hope to see you next time on moody blooms.