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How To Buy Korean Succulents Direct From South Korea From Online/where And What/unboxing


Hi, guy’s here. It is this, is it? I got a new package for Pms for, and it’s been weeks now and guess who I it’s my favorite. It’s succulents, and I’m doing an unboxing, so watch out for it. Don’t forget to hit the like and subscribe to my channel and keep the belt up. Guys, get to it exciting day, and you know why? I got another plan name and this one. I got straight from South Korea. And what’s inside are rare for you. I’ll show you how it looks like. We’re gonna open this together and I’m really excited about it. I’m gonna teach you where and how I got this and further ado, lets. Open this and see what it looks on, guys. I’m back, I got this and you can see. Here is a good sized box about the medium sized box, though it contains all rare documents from South Korea. I ordered them directly and let’s eat. It looks like well. Open it up, Let’s hope it’s still good because it took about two weeks to get here and got some packing here. I think he used the newspaper from Korea that way. Such leopard here and subside. I got commercial invoice money because the shipper’s name and everything. Third, I ordered 12 succulents from this guy, and because that’s the maximum of number of succulents I can order or import without having the license to be more. Otherwise, you’re gonna need to get a license to import stuff if you have to order more than 12 so I just maximize my my allowance for ordering, so I ordered 12 okay, and looks like he put names as well. That’s good that helps me identify them as well and this one looks like it’s. Pecha Berry on the North Beach clasper in every member. How much I paid for this One is the most expensive one I got in the packing. So the noir in Glasper. This is how I see that. I’ll take picture neighbors. You can see a much closer view of what it looks like, but this is a chip area the nor the cluster it looks clean. Dora thing and it’s well stressed, so I got one two three four . I’m gonna keep the name, so I don’t forget which one is which next one we got it. Chef area. Carol, so I got picture Very of harem area, Carol. It is so it’s cute. I like it. We’re gonna take a picture of it as well. And that’s it ship. Very young Carol. Another one is, it’s your very own soul. Oh, it’s colder blue. I like . Oh, Papa, okay, Next one is extra barrier Africa out of unfun variegated foundation area and found barricade. Okay, got a few tips. I tried it fell off. This is Alexander and another one if Echeverria Saudi landscape such website here are either a good size, the difference from getting in from. Yes, the color, but this one, this one’s our favor if this is entire area. Another one is Mr. Berger picture the other , of course, the poet, the discoloration, But you should fix itself once I already put this in the boxes. It states that you in the shipping, so some of the vanilla discolorations are grow, but that’s going to be all right. This one is it’s got another baby beside. Oh, I thank you. Marybelle . Well, I’m gonna give you all the information and actually and using diet and I just have to do with frosting, onion different, though, the chippers, and I was wondering with Del-one. I actually contacted three, which I thought see people which I thought there are suppliers for stock units in down there in stock, but it was from based on their potent of like their nursery. So I tried three. I got a response from to the other ones. We didn’t respond, but there was food that responded in the other one. He’s not really sure how he is ship here. Since is Kabat pandemic thing happening right now? But this died of Shango! He responded right away, and so I ended up ordering from him first. I just inquired adapting my message on Instagram, IBM him and he responded a few hours after that. I contacted him in June then and he responded and some a little after that the same day I think you then. And then June 11 I tried to browse all this something baby, the gun mount and then listed on some things and I gave that fails to him, and I thought them I was to ask how much these are and I have like a penis of this choice. There were so many succulents that I wanted out, but because I was asking also, it gives this family five eyeball, he said. Unfortunately, he gives already who sent a prize so he doesn’t give it, but don’t feel bad because when they get, he finally gave me all the prizes from our choices. Some of them are really cheap. I can’t imagine. They arranged for four dollars tonight. $240 some of my choices are any very expensive, So I ended up canceling the other ones that I earn two hundred forty dollars just for one sock in it. I can’t afford that, so I ended up buying the the ones that are for $7 $8 or something as they’re something, but I think there were only like $5 or $4 or something like that. I think the most expensive one that I paid for in that in this foot package game. This one, it’s a very early. North lobster. Because it’s not third, their part is really rare and this a lot of succulent toppers are really after this way and five dollars and all the rest, the conical trail. I think they play this machine. I didn’t find it very expensive at 8:08 Well, not sure, and I asked. How much is the shipping? You have an idea how much it costs me to shift from your country into California. He said $35 our shop because $35 Oh, my god! I can’t decide me. I was expecting like $100 Just to be shipped over here and $35 is not so bad knowing. I can have all of this because if you buy this on Etsy locally. If it’s already, uh, somebody or as shifted, they’re gonna prize you. Even the hallways purchased one of them. So if they, of course we can’t, we can’t. We can’t blame them for writing that that way because of all the the shipping and all that waiting time and plus your investment on on getting it from directly from so I think even if they sell it for like twice the price today, and it’s from South Korea. It’s still worth it because you add the shipping, so you divide all the shipping and some of them are small. Some of them are big, so that’s how you probably do not make some money out of it, but it’s more of the joy of getting all these succulents and a rear for the price that you can afford so all in all. I paid for time $141 He only accepts the bow. What you can also do is probably if you don’t want to spend that much. You can share with another friend, and you can just stop combined. Your order and save on. Shipping is $35 $35 You know, you don’t want to really spend that much, but know how pretty that is so as you can see. I ordered long before, and you can have a video of that as well. I could show you the link on description, so you can wash it. Well, but I ordered that locally. It was in from New Jersey, and it also rare Shopkin is from South Korea, and they’re not bad. I mean, he gave me 11 pieces and I paid about $138 because I got the mystery box. I didn’t get the as much as this size, But most of the sizes here are about the same size that that guy from. NCI ordered from our giving me, so I don’t know how he makes money out of it pretty much because the price is not so far away, so the only advantage if you order it directly from South Korea is you get a chance to get a bigger one like this, and and then you don’t have to pay as much because this one. If you buy it on Etsy, it probably cost you like $40 for the clustered like this or even more because these are big and this one, I’m not so sure I dial in or if it comes like $35 already. First, I’m gonna get this is probably gonna be $70 their United States Plus, also, you can also choose the rarest that you can find, but these are actually not the rarest because misters. I have travel or how flight and ship areas. They’re not cost two hundred forty dollars for just one. I can’t afford that. There are some that are $70 $60 for one soccer net. And maybe not now so. I’m happy, which is happy. The ones for eight dollars, and and ten dollars, something like that it. Let’s the shipping. So these, are it guys. Oh, by the way. I also want to tell you that he has all this paperwork done for you, cuz. I think there’s like phytosanitary clearance that he has to get down there and he don’t charge for it. So he includes that together with our package. So you as you can see here in the box? It really is needed all the paperwork all the clearance. Cuz you can see the USDA. They open the box. You can see how they take it again, so they open the box and make sure there’s nothing wrong with the plant and as you can see here, also the sticker itself that came with us tissue that was wrapped together. They really inspected it. They looking into it and checked each other that if they are not having in food or some type of bug that they don’t want in here in the United States. So that’s why Mr. Xiang go. And I asked him at least 13 and I really want to get this warrant, said no. We can only have the limit. You don’t want trouble? We just want to make sure it gets here and got here obviously, and I’m not the about test. Okay, guys! If you have those drugs, yes, don’t forget the poem and also, please, please. Please, guys !