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Succulent Id And Why You Should Back Up Your Succulent Plants


These are my new babies. So let me introduce you to hello there. My name is Liz. A self-confessed, succulent addict. Welcome to my channel growing succulents. Maruba raindrops frosty or should I say crested frosty pvn or pearl vonnenberg neon breaker, dark veda. Blue waves, Zorro. I already got a big crescent frosty, but I don’t have a small frosty that I can put in a pretty pot and torture and see how it grows in full sun. The one I’ve got is in a nice protected area because they’re not as Frost Hardy As my other Achivoria’s Babblion is not Frost, Hardy and my Babylian has suffered, so I’m gonna grow this one in the shade protected. Uh, from the frost. Come next winter. This one is raindrops. There are different types of raindrops or the drops, uh, vary in sizes. So this is the carrunculation or the little bumpiness at the tip of it. So there you go, They all vary, so I like to get different. Stocks of, uh, the same plant because they can vary from one grower to another or depends on the condition that what they were exposed in neon breaker is a hybrid and hybrids Don’t do very well out in the frost, but I have some neon breakers that I’ve already Frost hardened. Also, heat hardened, so expose them to the sun and the frost and the elements and the wind and all sorts of things so and it has become hardened so but this one’s, uh, I’m gonna grow them inside and see how they grow inside because different conditions growing inside like a lot of you have probably haven’t got the space, Uh, to put your succulents outside, so I’m gonna do some tests. Uh, from buying it from the first time and taking it home and putting it in my potting mix, My soul mix that I have and it’s. It also depends on the plant as to what sort of soil mix. I’m gonna put them in. I’m gonna do this one as a test subjects. These ones, so that’s why I bought them. My Zorro. My Zorro is very Zorro full. So this Zorro now is going to be pampered. So most of these plants are going to be pampered except the packet by Tom Compactum. I already have a few pachipatum compactu’m. But they all have been placed in special location and special pots and soil mixes to find out how they’re going to grow. And that’s the reason why I got some new ones, because, um, they take a long time to grow. They’re not very expensive. They’re only five dollars for each pot. The thing is, I really really love them and they can take quite a long time to grow into so ill. Just show you, uh, this one’s now. This one has obviously been grown outside now, but to get them to from here from there to to get to here, it takes a long time and also there is a new compact form, so I just want to know if the compact form is basically the same standard Pakistan or it is actually a new breed and I would love to get my hands on it if it is, so that’s why you need to do some experimentation. Well, I’m doing a lot of experimentation, so there’s all different sources. Some have got Master Soul Master succulents. All mixed others got advanced oil. Mix so in the pot and I also have a couple in the garden, which is just all green. So I’m just going to show you so, okay. See this one’s here, lucky by being crowded. Even there, there’s a reason why I still haven’t, uh, pulled them out. Oh, look, the ebony. Hello, ebony. I have to pull them out. Have to pull out this red edge or this lipstick out, and also this penemus me, so I can propagate, and this one’s now needs to be taken out really, but it’s also a good thing that I’ve been slack that now they I can see that they are very, very strong plant because they’re just bursting out. They’re just trying to crawl out of, uh, the crowdedness being crowded in, and yet they still manage to grow out. So this dark Vader. Here I wasn’t gonna buy a dark Vader because I’ve got a couple of dark Vaders. Well, really, I only got six, and I haven’t propagated my dark Vader yet, and maybe it has something to do with the soil mix as well because they look very different. And then this one. I got really annoyed because the lady I bought it from just threw it in the box and broke a leaf. Look, look at that. She doesn’t care and then she actually broke it and said there you go. You can have another baby. I don’t know why okay so. This is my dark Vader here and I am I have this growing in my master. Succulent soul mix. I mean, it looks pretty and everything, but and look, it’s gone short and the leaves have shortened. Look at that, so I don’t know if that’s a good look, but I don’t really like that. Look, so I’m now gonna have to change it and I I’m not, I don’t wanna, um, experiment on this one, because I just wanna see how it grows and I’ve got another one and I’m just drying up the leaves in the bottom, So you just go shake shake, shake like that, and then they fall off, and then I’ve got another one three-headed one as well. So this is one plant that forms three heads and I. I like three, so if I chop that off, then I’m gonna have only two, which is really an even number. I don’t like even numbers, and then if I take the other one, so there’s a reason why I haven’t chop it off, but now I’m gonna have to deal with this one. I’m gonna grow you into a beautiful plant, so I hope so, but I’m gonna change my soul mix for this one and probably grow it in the intermediate soil. Mix you.