Succulent Leaves Wrinkly | Wrinkly Succulent Leaves: Causes, Prevention, Treatment

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Wrinkly Succulent Leaves: Causes, Prevention, Treatment


Hey, guys, mrs. Reagan was wrinkly. Secondly, so today’s topic. Why your securities are wrinkly? Why can be do such a clean finished action? Look, water is saturated with water without any raincoat. What are decoded? What can you do to not? Get your secondly, frankly, and nothing matures. You can take like raisins or something and to get them saturated pool, water and shiny and big and all. Cillian, things like that. I don’t know if that last one word or not. What is the main codes for such as leads to be wrinkly because mainly mainly because mainly second, please have to be full of water saturated fully with water, so there is not a single wrinkle on the cubicle. The other skin of the leaves and the whole subject should be like that. No wrinkles fully saturated happy seconds, so if there is a leaf, which has a wrinkle or there are more. League, which has wrinkles on him or not, even one wrinkle but more wrinkles that means that that specifically for the trend is dehydrated. It’s not getting that moisture that it likes to get so your first so maybe would be like. Oh, my god! I need to water one second, but don’t burn, think about it. There can be actually a lot of causes for second to have regular leaves. Okay, let’s start with normal aging process as you wish. Second, please. And other second continues to grow new leaves on the top, it will queue up some leaves and very be like, for example in the careers. You can always get some dead dry all these at the bottom of the plant, which means that it’s a normal aging process and you will always have a few that we the bottom. You can be blue because into the removing. You can get fast in that message, but that is another topic, but I have a video on the topic, so you can watch it. Make a note in poker in the corner. So if you have those bring tea leaves on a succulent on the bottom of Instagram, and you see that, for example, I should bring an example here for that. So for example, here, I have this second area hybrid thingy. I know I need to repot it. Look at that that long, long stem full of dry leaves. I know I have to be potted. I have to require it into a medium introduce soil in canoes, but but I won’t do that until it’s flowering, So I’m waiting for that with this one, but let’s talk about the ring series and the normal aging process. As you can see. You see, It’s quite good that I didn’t trip on it yet. I can show you this normal aging process now so as you can see. This part is pretty much dead, full of dead and dry leaves and both the dry leaves. There are actually second plumped leaves. But you can find some leaves that are just dying and they are getting wrinkly and they are getting dry and things like that. It’s not like your succulent release will be like is this plump and succulent fish one day and and next day it is this dry paper thingy. It needs a few days until the trios completely and dries out so it can be a normal aging process. If you have these bottom part dry leaves which you should go and you have the healthy, and you have the cleaning part of the plant. There can be some wrinkly leagues between these two layers, and that’s just cool normal for a succulent because as it ages it with newest and the older leaves die off. So if that is the case, you can have some wrinkly, such a wrinkly leaf, and that’s not a problem. Another problem with succulent can be not watering it enough. Well, yeah, under watering. Your second is the next case we you might happen, and then you can have a few shriveled means if you buy a secular imitative if you are a new business succulent. And if you just both succulent, you are like oh. This is a succulent, hmm? I can forget about that. I feel like poetry next year or something. No, secondly, water to so unique water to a second as well. Nothing but like you don’t water them for a year and you will be having this still driving seconds or something. They need water. They need water too. So if you don’t know how open or how you should go to a second? Share the video on the corner. I had a very useful video about watering cycle and it will enlighten some ideas about watering succulent, but the main idea is wait until 2 so that the complete will is dry and after that you can go through your succulent again and again wait until completely right out, and after if you can go through it again, so yeah, doesn’t main idea about watering succulents. Keep in mind your second can go without water for a few days even for a week, but after that, they do get really dehydrated, and if they get dehydrated, then we having actually bring to leave because as it as such and is living and producing new stuff in it water, so it will take the moisture from the bottom leaves. Maybe if you keep your seconds for a long time without water, it will kill us. More bottom leaves than it should normally because it will take up the energy that water from those leaves if you convert it into new leaves and in stuff that is growing and actually, if you leave your second without water for too long, the whole plant can get really wrinkly, but if you watch it again, it will plump again, so don’t forget to vote for your second regularly because that’s important. There is a winter time when these plants are experiencing interests in the lone tropical areas in wintertime, these not Frascati such as they can go down fighting whistle here. That’s pretty much okay for them and in these cold temperatures when there is cold and not that much like they will slow down, The enrollment was on the slowdown, So that means they don’t need that much water, that’s why. I say you can water your psychology Limited admin once a month or so because they can go without water for a lot more days than normally in the growing season in swimwear in the summer because the whole plant is just slowed down. So if you don’t water your seconds, that’s much in the winter time. That is okay after it because plant is experiencing the interests, which shouldn’t be confusing dormancy check. My video was not that mean folk art. So that’s another possibility between cuisine, but on the other hand, the other case is watering too much. / bed soil if you notice. I can’t beat is falling in the bathtub Very compact, which is not free training, the boaters say their to watch. Or you just water your second too much. You add water every three days or something without waiting for it to dry out completely. That’s bad because those roots are involved to experience dry period, and if the truth experience, I feel that normal life environment for the plant but indicate if they are not experiencing any dryness, those youth will actually rot, and if all of the roots actually rot, that means this plan will get no water, so the actually we will get wrinkly and you’ll get free loads to the self. You look dehydrated. Flickr it in, but don’t be confused by that. Because if you water it too much, that’s an Cowan plan to dehydrate because the third is not the best or to water eternity, or is too moist all the time, so you have to decide and you have to experience instruments with that If your second is actually kept too dry or caps to let because that is just two different things you don’t look out for that, and we should note if you water your sector too much or just the motor isn’t very often. I don’t have too much time left on my memory card. So so these very main things that can cause your plant to be Brinkley. But for example, there is another case and I experienced that one as well, for example, if I put my second in the hottest days of the summer on the hottest on on Pusan all day long, they can be shriveled because of the hot weather and the Sun and strong to light and everything like that, the plants can actually feel those bottom leaves can shriveled from that too. And I experienced it if I move the plant to shave your location. The plant collection. Come back up within. You know, Trade is not like or something. It instilled a lot of lives there, but the satellite can actually gone back up, so that can be another code if you put your seconds and full. Sun, so these are the main code is for your second to sheer older lead and they there might be other hoodies, which are like more complex or something, but these very most common factors that can make your hand go shrivel as Brinkley and things like that so. I hope you liked this video and I hope you find it useful. If you like it because like up and leave a comment, you can chain this video with your friends and don’t forget to check out the info card videos, so forget success. Be sure also, you can subscribe to my other channel and you can follow them. Instagram, you can find all the in the info card down below. So see you next time. Bye, guys!