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Do This When Your Succulent Leaves Falls Off


Ladies and gentlemen, we have a problem. My Chevrolet West Rainbow has dropped off some leaves, Not not yay, we’re not happy. Hello there. My name is Liz. A self-confessed, succulent addict. Welcome to my channel growing succulents. We had some rain and this one. I’ve been meaning to water this one for a few days now, but I just kept forgetting and you can see from the top, so it got wet on the top. I have a video of a Romeo, Reuben. That got drizzled on or just got a little bit wet, but the roots are dry and there’s a video on that one and showing what I did to it so but that’s a Romeo, Reuben, But this time, this is an achivorial west rainbow. These two west rainbow are grown from a head chop or a beheading. So it was the 30th of March last year When I chopped this off. This is the Mummy, West Rainbow and from this Mommy West Rainbow produced two. These two came from that. So this mummy after I’ve taken off these two babies from that mummy only a few months ago. It would be about three months ago when I chop it off and another baby grew from it. This is another west rainbow baby that I just harvested yesterday because it was being attacked by aphids. So I’ve got this growing inside under the grow light, and it’s being attacked by. Hello, Baby P. It’s being attacked by aphids, so I decided to remove it. Okay, but it’s already got roots. See, look, look at that. So it can sustain itself and another new root, fresh new one. Uh, showed up so anyway. This is the best way to kill your plants. If you keep pulling it off, they’re gonna die okay so anyway. It’s a good thing. Oops, it’s only happened last yesterday. So now I can still put that in there, but I can’t see. Hang on there. You go so that can still crawl. It’s way into the wet soil because this soil is now, uh, moist, not really wet, but moist. I’ve moistened the soil. This one as well. I’ve been growing outside and so far, it’s still good, but I can feel that there’s a softness to the leaf. Seven days ago, a week ago, I actually uploaded a video where I’ve taken a video of this West Rainbow here and they were all happy and whatever, but the Leaf were a little bit soft in the bottom. So I was actually thinking of watering it or soaking it, but anyway. I just saw this one and I have to remove these ones now before I soak this, so now hang on, get some more or else I’m gonna forget again, too many things to do and not enough time to do it. I know pedro now. This one, I’ll show you, so I’ll move that aside and this one now see all the leaves look. How much leaves has fallen off? Okay, a couple of them. I have to break off or remove forcibly because it’s right in the bottom. So anyway, we’ll take away the dried up one so anyway, can we? Oh, the other side there you go, so you can see that. Hang on ill! Just lay this out here. Is there another one? Yep, okay, so this is the area where the leaves got wet by the rain. Oh, there’s a little bug and those two. See, it’s a bit soft like you can see. It’s all wrinkled up. See the back, so I don’t know if you can see there, you go. So that’s all wrinkled up, so that prompted me to think of watering this, and I just got around to it today, but it was a bit late because we had rain yesterday or last night and yesterday was a bit of drizzle and today it’s raining sort of steadily not drizzle as well, but it’s sort of a steady drizzle. Anyway, those ones are gone and that one is gone as well because it’s already, uh, gonna die up this one as we’ll see how it’s soft on the end, see there, so that shows that this is no good, so it has absorbed water through the leaves, So that’s no good now. This one’s here might have a chance of growing, so I’ll keep those three because those three might still have a chance of producing, although I’ll keep this one too Just in case might as well keep the lot, but anyway, just let them dry up naturally, because they might have a chance of producing this one. So this one. Now I have to soak as well together with this one. So a lot of you have asked me. Uh, I’ve got my succulents. It’s growing happily and all of a sudden out of the blue. Uh, it’s lost. It’s leaves well because it’s dry, so this one. I’ve got a moisture meter, so I’m just gonna see how dry this is. So we’re gonna go right in the center. Push that in, look! It did not even move. Look at that, so it’s really, really dry. So this is a spot where I kept my chivalry, West Rainbow. And as you can see, it’s covered by all these plants because of the shelves two. So it’s over here and we had rain and it got a little bit wet, like, say this one here. This is my graptoveria. Uh, snow Peach. So it gets a little bit of water on the leaves and hang on this one’s here, just checking. These ones are still dry, but they are heavy. Oh, heavy, anything that’s heavy is good because that means it’s fully drenched or soaked with water. Also, my Romeo Ruben here. Look again, this one. This I’ve watered this really well as well, so it’s really heavy, so you can see it’s getting wet on the leaves as well with with this rain that we’ve had for a couple of days now. It’s sort of not heavy rain. It’s just sort of drizzling rain, But my Romeo, here or Machiavellian. Romeo, Reuben is doing fine and I am not worried about that. Now I’m gonna go check my other. Romeo, Rubens, see even this, Um, icy greens. It’s all got water pulling on the top and I. I don’t even worry about that because I know that’s. Oh, that’s, uh, really, really, really wet. So the only concern I have is that when they are dry. So all of this here, any root rot here, so that one is still dry but, uh? I don’t really like the way that’s looking there so again. Those ones they’ve got water on top, but the soil is really really dry on the surface. So I’m just gonna check. Oh, it’s still pretty heavy. So which means this, uh, it might look dry on the top, but it’ll be moist in the bottom, so they still have enough water for them to absorb the moisture or the water through their roots, so you don’t want the succulent to go through a stage wherein they’re absorbing moisture through the leaves, Because that’s what’s gonna make them rot. Now I’m gonna I’ve got two liters of water here. I know baby pee. I’ve got my budgie again on my shoulder. Why do you always go where mommy go okay now? This one now I’m using a soil weather. This is a different brand, so that’s. Why just a couple of brands that I use? Whatever is on special, so you just poured? Oops, oh, that’s a bit too much. Okay, but that’s not a problem. I’m just gonna add a little bit more water. There you go, so that is a lot of water now. Anyway, I’m just gonna see, look. This is the level of the water that’s about one to three inches deep. Now I’m gonna put my babies over here. Soak, baby, soak drink. Drink up and hang on. I’m gonna get my there. You go have a drink, See, look, bubbles, bubble showing up. It means it’s really dry. You poor thing, you’ve been thirsty so thirsty. Succulents will die on you, there you go. That is really, really thirsty. This plant. I had to look online. They’re about. I think 138 dollars Australian at the moment here in Australia and, uh, for a small plant. This is actually probably a hundred and fifty dollars worth. Okay, each plant now. Okay, that’s absorbing. Well, it’s getting heavy. So now I’m gonna leave that there overnight and this one as well. I’m gonna water this baby here, but this one, I’m gonna need to use my bastard. This is like a turkey baster Because I can’t. I don’t really want to get the leaves wet, but I do want it to soak so a little bit of window on the side. There bottom leaves the dryer to get wet. That’s fine, so see the, um, my soil weather. There you go, so this is also seaweed base and compost, base compost and seaweed See liquid compost and seaweed. So now I’m gonna leave this here overnight, and I’ll show you, uh, fully rooted. Uh, fully root rotted succulent tomorrow. No, I’m not, I’m just kidding. Um, I’ll leave this there to soak up. I’ll see if needs more poor thing, okay, it doesn’t need any more, but anyway, I’m still gonna leave there to soak that way. All the leaves will plump up and because I am earmarking well, the two of them now I’m gonna have to head chop them and produce more babies. So I’m just wiping all my wet area here, and that’s it, so show you. I’ll see you back again tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow. Am I gonna have succulents tomorrow? I don’t know. Will I have succulents tomorrow? Still, yes, of course. Oh, this one too. I might as well let you drink. Okay, so you are going to kill your succulents more by over watering, so I just rephrase that so frequent watering is what kills the succulent, not heavy watering, so this is heavy watering, so that’s the difference between frequent watering. It’s just like a little bit here. I’ll put 10 meals today and tomorrow. Another 10 meals and another 10 meals and the succulent will rot and die there. You go, I’ll see you tomorrow. This is now 24 hours later. I’m gonna go see how plump they are. Yes, nice and plump. Excellent, look at that little bouncy, bouncy, bouncy bouncy, but this one has got a little bit of rotting on the edge there, so I’m gonna take that off. Oh, did you have some mealybug? That’s one of the reasons as well. It’s got a little mealybug, that’s? Why see that one’s no good already and we’ll just inspect to see if there’s any more, so that one is bouncy bouncy, everything is bouncy bouncy, see that one got hit the corner as well a little bit but dry leaf. Okay, there you go And since that bottom one is also affected, but it’s all nice and bouncy as well, but that one’s got a mark, so I’m best just putting that away and removing that too, okay, this one is still good that could still grow a baby. Even that other one that one is sort of. Oh, I think that’s already on its way out, See, but that’s it, the rest of the gang, nice and healthy, So I’m gonna drain it out. I know baby pee. We drain it and this one. Now, let me check you. Oh, look at that nice and plump. Yes, Pedro. Okay, so, okay, I’m taking this one out now. Ah, beautiful, look at that. Look at that baby. Pee, okay, we’ll put you over here and drain all of these ones out, and that one we put for safekeeping. Yeah, and those ones we throw away. you!