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Full Sun Succulents In Hot And Humid Weather


Hi, to all secondary lovers. Welcome back to my channel. It has been a long time. I didn’t make any videos and today I’m back. If you are into the content like growing succulents in a hot and humid climate like in Malaysia, please don’t forget to subscribe and hit the notification button for the future videos and today I would like to introduce you 20 types of succulents that can be grown outdoor all year, long with the temperature about 24 to 35 degree maximum. So before I introduce you all the trendy species. I want to talk about if you want to. Put your succulents fully outdoor. You must fulfill certain conditions before you can do that first. You must make sure that your plants are sun loving plants. That means it needs very intense direct light for them to thrive and second, they must not be too sensitive towards watering and third. They must be planted in a very porous mix, for example. If I have my plant in terracotta pot, I will use 80 gritty mix, For example, I have lava rock, zeolite pumice or charcoal and burnt rye husk and all that and with only 20 peat Moss or Coco Peats. And if I have my plants in a non-porous planter, For example, ceramic pods or plastic pots, then I would increase the gritty mix ratio to 90 percent, so 90 percent greater mix and only 10 percent Peat Moss and cocoa peas so that the water will not retain so much and they can drain through quickly and fourth. Choose the pot. Um, I would have my plants. The outdoor succulents in terracotta pot. And next, you need to make your plants stable for at least one month or two weeks, for example, for certain types before you can move it out. You need to do that because you need to establish the roots. Well, before you put them out and next, you need to apply fungicide to your plant because the rain can bring bacteria or fungus to them. And it’s pretty normal that your plants get. Fungus attacked so apply fungicide once a month to prevent or to treat this problem, however, for these 20 plants that I want to introduce you today, They have less fungus problem compared to others and last, please plant your succulents in a small pot compared to a big pot small pot, The moisture will evaporate fast and the water will drain fast enough to avoid root rot, so the first plant that can be put fully. Outdoor is the portulaca jealousy. So for this, I would say the difficulty is zero, because whenever you put it out, they can grow easily everywhere without your care, and you can see how beautiful it is when you put it fully outdoor, the level of difficulty for this. I would say it’s zero. Whenever you put it out, they will give you this result. The second plant is Graptocetum Francisco body full of glyphosate. It is really easy to grow you. Just don’t need to care for it because if the leaves drop and they will just propagate itself. And I think I have this for about one year because I put it outdoors and see the stand is growing old waiting, and they need this kind of sun for them to maintain this color in this hot and humid river, and I have it in a terracotta pot with with very porous mix, so they survived. I think this is ninety percent, which mix only ten percent, coco peat or pin mods that are used. So there you go. Second grantosiden Francisco Baudi and number three. We have the Grector Battalion Mendoza. There are two types of mendozai. This is a small league version and the fourth one I’m showing is the round and bit thickness. Okay for this plant. It has been with me for about. I think eight months, mostly eight months, and you can see the color changes. Uh, recently, its rainy season over here, so the color changed back to green. You can see how much sun they need. In order to achieve that purplish look and a little bit small cube footage like Little Grays and since I have it in terracotta, so since I have it in the ceiling part, so in this, I think I have 90 rocks and only 10 Coco Peats, the level of difficulty. I would say one out of five number four again. Another graphic of talent man. Jose, this is another one, which I, uh, compared with you Just now that one was smallies and this is with big leaves. You can see how round and fat The legs are and hold it together. You can see the differences. This is a round foam and this is a small, smallest form. The next fact is graphic Italian paragraphs, which is commonly known that gold’s plant the more suns. It gets the shorter the leaves are and you can see the purple hue on the leaves level of difficulty. I would say one out of five and think I used a non-terracotta pot and it survived. Well, so make sure you have a very porous mix for that. You need to have very productive for all your outdoor succulents and next. I will introduce you another plant, which looks similar to this and a lot of people get confused. Gretel baby! Are Victor King for this Gretel area of Victor Kane. The care types are similar to ghost plant. Both of them are in the same types of pods cement spots. We have Gretta. Sedum bronze. If you love red succulents and you love to put them outdoors. Grab some student brands, a different choice. You can see now. It’s rainy seasons. I believe turning into great already, and you can judge of how much intense light that this succulent needs in order to achieve a look, the level of difficulty I would say two out of five and next, We have the serum elderfeet, one of the plants that has orange and yellow color. See, it turns green because it doesn’t get enough direct sun for these three weeks, and I planted another easy growth, succulent and a bag. So this is grotto freedom supreme for this grand theft auto supreme. It is also easy at the level of difficulty. I would say one. This is a pretty common plant. The secret is you plant a lot of them into a pot. Just squeeze it in a small pot, and they will give you this look level of difficulty zero. Whenever you pluck, you, put onto the soil and they will just grow And next. We have Kalinkowi daigre mantiana verigata. This is a very easy cake plant. Whenever you plant it, it will roll and you just pluck the baby and put it onto the soil and they will just go into a big plant. In a short time? The level of difficulty I would say it is zero out of five next. This is Kalinkowi. Fetching skull verigata. This is another plant that has the pink hue on the leaves when it is exposed to the direct sun and the more direct sun. It gets the more pink you get from the leaves. You can see how compact the leaves are because it is under full sun from the morning until evening. The level of difficulty for this plant is zero out of five next. We have the elephant bush. The scientific name is Portulacaria for Vergara. You can water it more frequently compared to others but other succulents. So for these plants, you can increase the amount of peat moss or Coco Peat. Whatever you like, the moisture will retain more in the pot. If you put it outdoor fully outdoor, and you will get this. Look, it’s not compact, but it will grow like this. This is the look next. We have this Portulaca molochinensis verigara. You can see the variegations on the leaves for this portulaca more finances. Don’t be afraid to put it outdoor again. This is a water loving succulents, so even though I use a terracotta pot in the mix, I have put more. I have increased the ratio of peat Moss in it and I reduce the creatine mix because I want the soil to retain more moisture. I just, but at the same time. The terracotta pot helps to absorb the extra moisture in it. The level of difficulty for this. I would say two out of five. It does have a problem, which is mealybug’s minibugs like to attack this plant, So you need to. You need to observe the plant whether it has milky bugs or not edge very orion. It gives you that yellow orangey. Look, another edge area that you can put out there. Is this edge very markers, edge barrier? Marcus loves water and it loves the sun. Once I give it direct sun, you can see. It gets the pink little hue on the edge of the leaves, another edge barrier that I love to push it out to, and it needs to be outdoor Is Experia peach pride, the more sun. It gets the more close up. The buds would be so make sure you give more direct sun to this actual pitch bright. They need that don’t. You want to admire the look, that’s? The close-up observe how the babies are growing great because of the rain water natural fertilizer for succulents. level of difficulty for peach pride. I would say one out of five. I strongly recommend you to get one of these oral stashes vermeering a lot of people find these plants challenging to grow because, uh, because of what because of the adaptation period, it’s quite long, maybe for some certain plants over there. Just now it takes for about two weeks or three weeks to stabilize this one. You need to have a big time to stabilize once you planted it, But it still depends on the environment. Okay, if you want to plant it if you want to propagate this plant, you just cut the baby out. Pluck it out and plant it into a moistened soil for this plant or stash is more miui. It loves water so again. I use a terracotta pot at the same time. I think the ratio of the mix is 60 60 pitch and 40 gritty mix. Because I want to increase the water retention in here or how to water this plant. If it doesn’t rain for three days, I will watch it myself. Three days for others normal. Maybe one week, and if it doesn’t rain for one week, then you water it, but for this particular plant. If it doesn’t rain for three days, I water it myself, okay. At night, I water it. And in the morning, they get the sun and after that three days. If it doesn’t rain, then I will treat myself. You need to have strong light and direct light in order for it to help maintain the compact shade. If you put it in a sheltered place where it gets only bright, indirect light, you get very elongated leaves, which doesn’t look nice level of difficulty for this plant. I would say three out of five because of the adaptation period. Keep it in a small pot. Do not plant it in a big pot. Make it small, and then, after that, you can transfer the whole thing into a big box. Remember, that’s a very important tip. If you want to have your plant’s outdoor next, we have another experia called pretty in pink, who doesn’t love pink. So if you like to have your hvar look cute with round and flat lips like first and with the pink hue maintained on the lips. Try this edge very pretty in pink, and it is very suitable for beginner as well. Once you have it stable and root established, You can put it out and this is the look when you put it in full sun area and next we have the Hvaria derex. Hvar direct is one of the easiest care experience. You can see how many babies are laying now, and it’s quite bushy. This actually directs gets direct sun from the morning until the evening, and it has no problem at all. If you want to start with experience and you want to put attributes outdoor? This is the top selection that I would recommend to you. It is fast growing and it is not finicky at all. All right, that’s 20 species that I showed you today where I have my experience growing them and remember, I’m speaking Based on my experience in a hot and humid climate Malaysia for my country, it has hot and humid climates all year long and the average temperature, the maximum temperature that we get usually is 34 35 degree Celsius in the mid afternoon. So that’s the maximum temperature that my succulents are getting. So if you have somewhere at your country, which can reach about 40 degree Celsius, then this might not be applicable to you and again, not all species can be put outdoor like that. So all these transitions. I showed you today. Are the ones that I found? Can that can grow easily outdoor? Which is quite hardy and it doesn’t. Give me so much problem because we have not so much of time to care a lot for them, so these are species that actually keep me at ease, and I don’t need to look at them every day, and occasionally I just need to spray fungicide on them and add some osmocote onto the soil, however, for this ring for the succulents that are outdoor. I seldom fertilize them because I rely on the rain water, and I hope you like my video and please don’t forget to subscribe to my channel if you like this kind of content and hit the notification button for the future videos. Thank you and have a nice day. Bye you?