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#55 Korean Succulent Unboxing With Succulent Id's


Hi, everyone, my name is Christine from these succulents, and that’s my daughter. Make sure you say hi to her in the comments down below because she loves that anyways. Today, We’re gonna be opening a box of Korean succulents that I ordered, and I’m a little bit scared because these guys have been stuck in the mail for a little bit over two weeks. Um, I am confident that they are still. Okay, but I still am a little bit scared at, um, how they’re gonna look because they’ve just been stuck in this box for exactly 16 days and my daughters more excited than I am, so let’s go ahead and start with the unboxing. So the first succulent we’ll be unboxing today is called a, uh, fire pillar. I believe it’s an Echeveria fire pillar. So let’s go ahead and unwrap so guys, It’s a lot of toilet paper that I have unrolled here, but I think with succulents, the more toilet paper, the better the, uh, the better they turn out. Oh, wow, oh, my god, guys! Do you see this, okay. They look amazing aren’t. These just the prettiest things you’ve ever seen. They look so nice. Wow, so, okay, if you guys happen to have this and don’t know what it is. It’s called an echeveria fire pillar so guys. I guess it’s okay that they were in the mail for two weeks because they kept their form and they look amazing and look. When I turn it, they have roots. They’re ready. They’re completely ready to plant. These were sent bare roots, so they’ve grown new roots already and these are ready. Um, they look awesome. This next one over here says it is called a Charles Rose. So this would be an echeveria. Charles Rose and more toilet paper. Charles Rose. I have two here and I guess they look so adorable. They’re so cute overall, they look pretty good so far. This one is called an echeveria, Mont Blanc. And, oh, this is so pretty guys. This is called an echeveria, Mont Blanc. And, oh, my God, she’s the most adorable little thing I’ve ever seen. She’s so cute! I love it next up. We have what’s called. I think an echeveria silhouette. And I think I have two of these in here. Oh, my God, before you even see it, You can already tell that it’s gonna look nice, right. Oh, no, there’s three of them in there. Look guys, okay. These are called echeveria silhouette. Um, they kind of look a lot like the Charles rose, but Echeverria silhouette. And they are so cute. This one is good. It says baby finger. I think this is the packet pack. If item one, so let’s open. Okay, and here it is. Oh, some stuffs falling. I don’t know what it is, but, oh, my gosh, this is, I think the pack of item Machu Che or something like that baby fingers and it looks. Oh, my goodness, I love this. It’s really, really, it’s so cute, guys. It’s really, really nice. I have this has been on my wish list for a very long time, and I finally have it, and I’m completely in love with it. No new roots yet, but you know, for being stuck in the mail for 12 days, it doesn’t look like it struggled at all. Oh, my God, look at how beautiful that is, guys. Look at how beautiful this is. Guy’s, baby fingers. Wow, this one I believe is an echeveria salan. I know this is a cluster. Okay, so this is a lot smaller than I thought, but I think it’s because, um, there’s a lot of heads in there, but they look a surprise. Look at this, look at how nice that cluster is. Guys so beautiful. Oh, my goodness, I love them. It’s so nice! This here guys is called an echeveria ice cream. So I have been wanting an echeveria ice cream for a long time. I think people also say it might be a pacquivaria, but I’ll just stick with that. Your very ice cream, and I knew that I ordered a few here. Not just one because I like them so much and here we go, okay. These are called Echeveria ice cream and I think because they were in the box for over two weeks. They did get a little bit leggy as you can see there because, um, when I was shown the picture of this and ordered it, It was, um, a lot more compact and you can tell it got a little bit leggier, but that’s okay, they will recover and they still look amazing to me. These are gonna look so great under my lights. Um, after a few weeks. The pink, the Pinks, you know, the pinkish color should come back out. And the new growth should be all nice and compact again, but they look great. This next one is called Graptivaria. Mrs Richards. I believe I ordered a cluster and I’m almost there. We almost uncovered all of it with the toilet paper. Oh, okay, some leaves are falling off, So I gotta do this a little bit slower with Mrs. Richards. I guess you have to be gentle. Oh, look at that huge cluster. Oh, okay, that was just a dead leaf, but I got leaves falling here. Um, Graftavaria, Mrs. Richards and okay so far, everything that fell off except one. Um, is pretty much dead leaf, so that’s okay when your succulents get stuck in the mail for over two weeks. This is kind of what happens. The rosettes start to open up a little bit, and they kind of grow a little bit laggy like that, but that’s okay, because, um, this will recover. It will just need a few months in my grow lights, and it will really it will look really nice and beautiful again, But this is called a Graptuvaria. Mrs Richards Cluster. Next one up, guys. We have echeveria cream tea. I have been wanting this I have been. I have been wanting to add this for my collection for a long time as well. Okay, I’m almost there, guys. I’m starting to see the plant million rolls of toilet paper later. Oh, 100 rolls okay here. We go echeveria cream tea. Let’s see, let’s see I’m so excited. I’ve never been so excited to unbox. Such ones in my life. So nice guys! These are called echeveria cream tea and they look amazing. I love them so much. Oh, get those scissors away! Look at that, sorry, they look great. Okay, let me get them out of here. I’m gonna also check for roots. Um, that leaf cannot be propagated. So throw that away. Okay, and that’s a very creamy Look at all that Farina. I mean, when this recovers and I know it will recover nicely. No new roots yet. Ah, they’re gonna look so great. They look beautiful guys. These look amazing. Wow, next up! We have some more echeveria ice cream again. Okay, bear with me. We’re taking them out of the toilet paper, but I have some more beautiful, beautiful, legendary ice cream, but I love these guys. These are one of my favorites. I mean, I’ve never had them before. Obviously, but trust me, I’m always looking for pictures of them online, Just because I’ve been wishing to have one for so long. Look at them, they’re so perfect. Eduvaria ice cream. Or is it Pacquiveria? Please correct me if I’m wrong. What is the proper, uh? What is the proper name? All I know is, it’s its ice cream and it’s beautiful and it’s. Oh, my god, I love them. It’s so cute, right, yeah, and here. We have more echeveria cream tea. Obviously you guys know that. I really like echeveria ice cream and echeveria cream tea. Almost there guys were gonna see cream tea soon. Tasty cream, tea soup. Oh, there you go, Echeveria cream tea. Oh, again, this one has double heads. Oh, it looks amazing. Two heads, two heads of echeveria cream tea right there. Oh, so so pretty, and I think that one has two heads too. I bet you’re very painty. They look great. Wow, these look nicer than the other two that I unboxed. I mean, that I unwrapped earlier. That’s your very creamy, okay, guys, so now I’m gonna read this and this is gift there. You go, okay. She could read that one. So she wanted to make sure that she read them to you. So this is a gift from my seller. Oh, my goodness, I’m super excited to know what this is because I knew what I was getting for as far as everything else, but she gifted me a. I don’t know the idea because it doesn’t have one. We’ll call it gift. Oh, oh, my oh, my gosh! This is a really nice gift. Whoa, oh, my god, um, okay, im. Honestly, not sure what it is. I’m going to go ahead and ask my seller What it is, but maybe a suian. I don’t know, but wow, okay. This is this is like a lot nicer than some of the stuff that I ordered there. And oh, my God, it’s so pretty I love it. It looks same as this one. No, that one’s fire pillar. All right, guys? That was my big korean succulent haul. Um, I did mention the Ids as I open them. But, uh, next time when I have them all set up and on my shelf and nice and stuff, then I will go ahead and provide Ids for you on the screen, but look at how look at how amazing they look. I mean, this was my first. Order of Korean succulents ever, and I have been wanting them for a very, very long time, and I am so happy, okay, so I had to lower my, um, light there. A little bit had to dim it. So you guys can see the succulents better, don’t don’t. They look amazing guys. That is my echeveria or pacquivari. Ice cream pack of item, Machu Che baby fingers. This one right here. Oh, my pretty pretty echeveria, mont blanc. Um, Charles Rose. I believe, uh, I forgot, um, right here. We have my echeveria fire pillar. Um, our gift. Maybe it’s a suiyan. I honestly don’t know what that gift is, but I’m really really in love with that gift. It’s like the best gift ever, uh, here. We have some more ice cream. Um, grab Tavaria. Mrs. Richards, you know I am, I’m curious about how this is going to look when it recovers. Because I know it’s a beautiful, beautiful, succulent This one right here. This cluster is an echeveria saline and then right there. Those are all my echeveria cream teas. And they looked amazing. They’re so nice! I love them! Oh, my goodness, so so cute guys look at that. And there they are so, uh, yeah, my first, uh, Korean, succulent unboxing. And I’m pretty sure I will have more in the future. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. You know, just like all my other succulents. I’m gonna let these sit out overnight. Just kind of take a breather from the box. They were stuck in there for 16 days. Um, or I might. I might not put them in soil right away. I’m just probably going to put them under my lights, but they look amazing. I love them so much. Sorry, guys, I keep saying that, but I’m just. I’m just so super super excited about this order. This is beautiful! I think this is my favorite out of everything. I probably I’m gonna get me some more of these. If you have any questions, please leave a comment down below and I will get back to you again. This is Christine from these succulent buddies. Don’t forget to comment like and subscribe, And I will see you on the next one, thank you.