Succulent Clippings For Sale | Unboxing Succulent Cuttings And Tips What To Do

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Unboxing Succulent Cuttings And Tips What To Do


Hi, everyone! Welcome back to my channel. This is MV! How are you doing so today? We’re going to do unboxing video of succulent cuttings. I bought the succulent cuttings from Facebook. Remember if you haven’t tried buying Succulents online, I recommend you try it because it’s a good feeling like you’re opening a present for yourself, do it and try it just for experience when you receive your sucker cutters from the mail, check it first if there are bugs or insects and see if the cuts from the stems still look fresh or not, if not, click, upload it straight away in a dry soil and do not water for at least two to three weeks to allow roots formation . But if you don’t have time to plant your succulent cuttings After receiving it from the mail, just lay it on top of the tray and don’t be alarmed because you can leave it a week or more until you are ready to plant it, and that is based on my experience. What can we do with all? These succulent curries mainly. I used these succulent cuttings for making arrangement because for me, they are easy to plant. Just stick it in the soil. No digging required, then using succulent with roots, and you can also use this for propagation to start your own succulent collection in a cheaper way, so these are all the cuttings. I received from the mail and it’s ready to be planted. and I also made an arrangement out of the Succulent Case after I finished planting my succulent cuttings that I ordered from online shopping. I place it under cover to avoid from getting wet and intense light. I also place it in a position That’s still getting bright light to avoid from stretching out and to maintain the nice color and combativeness. If you’re wondering what sort of roofing I use in my hat house, It’s a clear hat house plastic, which contains combination of UV stabilizers that protect plants from harmful effects of UV light and heat for very long periods. By the way, guys. Please ignore my clutter. These are old stuff. I collected from secondhand shop that are used for my succulent planting and arrangement. That’s it for today. If you enjoy this video and find it informative, please don’t forget to subscribe and hit that notification Bell so every time. I have a new video like this. You will be notified and you will not miss a team. Feel free to like and share my video as well until next time. Have a good day or have a nice evening or whatever time in deities. I hope you are all happy and in good health. Bye for now, take care, always you?