String Of Bananas Propagation In Water | Propagating String Of Pearls & Bananas The Easy Way In Water


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Propagating String Of Pearls & Bananas The Easy Way In Water


Hey, guys, um, so today? I wanted to show you guys how to propagate string of pearls and string of bananas. The super easy way we’re gonna do water propagation. So the first thing that I wanted to show you guys is how to choose where to cut Im. Sorry, if you guys hear some weird noises were in our greenhouse right now and the chickens are out. So if you hear some weird noises, it’s probably the chickens anyways. So if you want to propagate these guys super easy. The first thing that you want to do is go ahead and look for an aerial root, so bananas for string of bananas. And so you wanna choose out an aerial root section to cut off? It doesn’t really matter how long it is. It doesn’t really matter. If it’s short, yeah, that’s quite a few right there so. I just want to show you guys that. Make sure to cut it above there. I usually try to cut like three or four leaf nodes up so Ill. Try to cut it up there. Maybe and show you how to want to propagate them. Okay, so we’re back inside with our cuttings, um? I’ll just show you guys. The arrow roots doesn’t really matter if they’re long or short, but I do like to put the longer ones because you do want this root to sit in the water. So if you don’t want to have trouble with that root, not touching the water, try to pick a longer one if you can, but otherwise what I like to do Is I like to use a little tiny Mason jar and then we’ll just take this metal part off the like, jarring cap that they use. These are usually used for jams, so we’ll take this part off and then we’ll just be left with this. And then you need a little bit of plastic wrap and what we’re gonna do is. I’m going to put some plastic wrap on the top of this and seal it, and we’re gonna put some water in here. So fill this jar all the way up with water because you want the roots to be touching the water, So I’m just gonna put some regular tap water in this jar. The way to the top, okay, and a little that’s okay, and then we’re just gonna get some plastic wrap and then we’re gonna cover that up as tightly as we can should be pretty tight. Let’s spill proof and then what you want to do. Is you want to poke a little hole where it had a little hole in the top of the plastic? And then you’ll put your strings there aerial roots right into that hole, so just gonna poke a few holes here, actually, and if your strings are too long, you can always cut them and cut them anywhere. You could cut it here If you wanted to and just propagate this part, it’ll grow, it’ll be fine. It’ll just grow a new leaf somewhere else on the plant, But I’m just gonna leave this long, and I’m actually gonna try to get all three of these roots to sit right in the water. If this is long enough, maybe we’ll just do two and then this string pearls had a few aerial roots. I tend to like to cut off the pearls around there just so they’re not in the way. Do you find that the pearls are just super close to the roots? Just cut them off it. Won’t be a big deal so. I’ll just cut this one off too. Okay, so I’m just gonna stick those in the water. Okay, cool. I mean, I’m just gonna let this sit. It’s super easy because you can set it and forget it. You don’t have to mist it every day like you would if you did. Soil propagation and then. I’ll show you one. That’s been in water for a week so this has been in water for a week and then I’ll show you these roots, so there’s root and look at how long it is. It’s almost as long as this string itself, so I could put this isn’t some soil, but I’m just gonna wait. I’m gonna wait longer. I just want to grow a lot of long words before I put it in soil. Look at that one and this here. This part is actually new growth, so it is growing, but check that out super easy. You don’t have to mist it, so I definitely recommend to try this method out if you are interested in propagating your string of things. I’m pretty sure this works with strings dolphins as well string of Tears, whatever might have an aerial root on it. That’s succulent that has strings as its form. So yeah, pretty easy. Alright, thanks for watching guys.