Stenocereus Pruinosus Care | Stenocereus Pruinosus – Grow, Care & Harvest (beautiful & Edible)

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Stenocereus Pruinosus – Grow, Care & Harvest (beautiful & Edible)


Stano Crow’s prognosis a grow plants dot-org, a also known as LA Milk rock Reye’s prognosis oil. Pattaya Fruits. It’s another name for a lot of cactus fruits with a bit higher. This is the less common one by the way. This is the cactus and its per radial. Its growth force on the metal plant, mostly, but if the fruits are edible, and this is lovely, it’s beautiful as you can see. It’s really, really beautiful, especially this very gate one, and if you would like to grow the Riesling below link is right up side. And if you purchase information for this channel, don’t forget to subscribe and visit our website. If you subscribe to really help to this channel to grow, so the climate can be a desert, VDT. Rainier or subtropical climate, the hardiness zone will be from 90 to 12 a stem colors. It’s not just these beautiful colors. This is a mint color, but it can be a just green possible. A orange, yellow, pink, purple or, of course, as you can see more than one color, every neon color, regular color or the old color. If the step sometimes can be a spiral shape. But I’m not sure the spiral you can find with color. So it’s all this or this, but maybe I’m mistaken if I’m mistaken. Write me in the comment. The flowers are white with some pink in the edge and flowers are big and beautiful above 10 centimeter. So it’s been like 4 inches and the fruits are the fruit peel can be red, pink, purple or orange. They’re all so beautiful! The fruit color inside could be white, yellow, orange or purple? The seeds are also edible, so you can eat all the fruit and requirement in order to grow so dry soil, not too much more. It’s better to have a different cultivars for cross-pollination. I think it’s better and it’s increased a chance to get fruits. You can start to grow it by seeds, cutting or plant. If you choose to grow it also daughter. Plants are is sometimes daughter plants that grow. You can use them. If you choose to grow from daughter, plants possible to take a little bit the serve to cut most of the roots slowly slowly. I wasn’t doing it. What’s also it’s possible just to take it out and put it in a new location. It’s probably will survive, but if you want a better chance, do it slowly works. Maybe even some of the center. Just take it slowly without to cut the roots. If you have a problem because of the spiders are quite officious. I use a paper newspaper or something like this. It can help, and I think better than the regular gloves. That is just everything stuck inside. If you use if you want to start by cutting a cut piece, wait a little bit. Wait, use the sterile knife and let it dry at hill to make it, like probably a few weeks will take either one box in the shade. You just keep it, and after this, just put it in the soil, cover it and water it once in a while. Don’t overwater. Also, you should probably use sticks or something like this that it’s. What fold support for the plant? If you want it, it will healed faster. You know you to bear fruits faster. Better to start by cutting by the way, a plastic scissors will be from the spring to the autumn in hardness zone of die, be to tell a better to start a better in spirit to the server, actually, a hardiness zone of 10 B to 11 spring to the autumn and the hardiness zone of 12 could be all there, OK? So the height of the plant could be from 3 to 10 meter. It’s been 10 to 30 feet, but in a pot you can grow it really small as you can see here, it’s probably. I will never get fruit in this condition, so I need to consider to move it out and I will is require small amount of water and its throat all around plant. Grow it in full. Serve a little bit less will be okay. Half shade. Isaac will really suffer. The plant, a blooming season, will be in the spring to the early summer. As I said before White Flower with a little pink ten cerebellar flowers, so it will four inches edible fruits will be from the server to the autumn, a major major pest for the the fruits, it snails, slugs and birds. You can eat it raw, you could make juice jabs and ice cream, but mostly you eat it raw because it’s just good fruits. It depends the cultivars, of course, a big problem that its take between five to ten years to get some to get some fruits and this is a major issue, especially if you start from seeds, it can take so much time, so be aware so be prepared for this. Of course, except this. I would say to grow it in the container. It’s possible, but be aware that probably it will never bear fruits because it’s really you will have to keep it small at the moment that you keep it smaller, not sure how much a chance you have to get fruit. So if it’s further beauty. I cannot disturb why, but if it’s for fruits, you will need to find the basic spot to grow it. This is a major deal. If you grow it in the pot, you could use the container or subsidies. You need the cactus potting mix or sandy soil. Something that will be with crude ravage a better to use little stone little rocks. It’s a butter, but I mean, like lava great that it’s less cooled or pebbles or something like this every few years, you should check if the soil is still valid if the drainage is good enough, if not, you will need to switch, of course as a moment of switching, it’s a little bit unpleasant for the herbs, but it’s not very hard, be worth that you make it very stable after this, and if not put support like with sticks or bamboo sticks subsea like this. If you would like to grow it from seeds, be aware that it’s need to be the better in the spring possible in the autumn and also in the winter and if you grow it in the summer, give it some shade, and you have more information about the little details in the website, But I will give you the major seed so better side The soil, of course, well-ventilated. You can use the cocktail big cactus. Mix something with good drainage. It’s important or else the seeds might die or be rotten better to grow it in a separate put separate pots. I think it’s best the tip of so in a deep. It will be operated. Five-city better, so it’s. All pouring 25 inches keeps the soil in order to germinate a little bit moist to not over water, but don’t let it dry. If it’s like this moist soil, it will be good for the plant and it will germinate. It’s taped theoretically from 2 to 6 weeks. I already saw that it’s. Take much more, so be patient and don’t forget to give it a full Sun and accept this. It’s it’s a beautiful plant and its growing variety of climate. Also, the fruits are edible. It’s beautiful and you have edible fruits and it’s a cactus. If you like actors, this is the plant for you and I like it, So that’s all from Rob Black Dot, or don’t forget to subscribe, visit our website and, of course. If you have any question, just ask, you have here. Links about more videos, sub-lists subscribe and, of course, Purcha plant. And this is the nation for our channel. I hope you enjoy and come visit us again.