Stapelia Gigantea Care | Up Close And Personal With A 14″ Stapelia Gigantea Flower!

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Up Close And Personal With A 14" Stapelia Gigantea Flower!


And it finally happened, so I got these cuttings this top Elia cutting. It’s the paleo gigantea from my friend about two years ago and I’ve been waiting forever for it to fly work for me, and then I had. Then it was starting the flower and I waited like two weeks for it to open. I have some pictures of a prophet progress, and finally today after I had to move it into the garage because we have a cold front coming through. Look what happened. Look at this ready ready. Look at this beast, isn’t that insane? I just it almost scared me. I was in LA. I noticed that it open look at that. This is right up next to my head. I brought a ruler out so we can see how big it is gentle with it. It is so big! Okay, gonna smell it. I know it’s not gonna be pleasant, but we’ve got to do it taking one for the team. Oh, god, it’s bad smells like fish. Trash is gorgeous, though. It’s like we’ll see how big it is. I brought a ruler out. Hey, it’s well! The ruler isn’t big enough. It is probably almost 14 inches across. That is crazy that is insane. Okay, let’s see what. Tiger thinks smell that flower. What do you think I left? Wow, that’s a stinky thing, huh? Whether you like it fun. We need to see what the dogs fake popups. What do you think about that one there? Jess, what about you, Annie? Is that stinky smell? Can you smell it? Yeah, didn’t smell too. Good, it’s not like, like, lift it up and throw it. It smells bad. It’s all that awesome blue eyes a little bit, yeah. I actually just smelled it again and it is getting worse and I’m having to keep it in the garage. So we’re gonna be hanging out behind the fan. Hopefully blowing the smell out, but it’s totally worth it. .