Senecio Kleiniiformis | 馃senecio Kleiniiformi | Cuidados, Recuperaci贸n | Suculentas Super Baratas * Crazy Cheap Succulents!

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馃senecio Kleiniiformi | Cuidados, Recuperaci贸n | Suculentas Super Baratas * Crazy Cheap Succulents!


How are you welcome? I am happy to return to say hello. I want to show you in this video briefly. How to take care of this precious senecio clean report and once again? I give you tips on how you can acquire succulents at a low price at a low cost. This is something that I personally. It has been very fascinating to grab a succulent that is sad that it is in terrible conditions and transform it. Rescue it from that state and put the beautiful beautiful. I am going to show you how I managed to be in that plan and for I was in these conditions and in bloom. Let me introduce you then. To this succulent. That is a Senecio at the beginning. Well, I do not. I knew this type of offspring When I saw him. I thought he was the one they call him. Silence of the end! Because look at these. They look like dolphins, but it is not called. Senecio Klein. And I formed well. I went to Loes and when I saw it, I I liked it a lot, and I set myself the challenge of transforming this succulent that I was on sale at a dollar and I noticed that his leaves were a little sad yellow only because I saw that maybe a little more care to change the substrate the irrigation because it is going to put in a better state and that is how it I mentioned earlier. I like to get succulents found in these conditions to see their progress to see their transformation, and Besides, he also brought me a succulent at low cost, and then I rewards with good results when seeing their transformation and some even give flowers, as is the case with this one is fool clean report. We are going to enjoy to see the progress. The succulent has passed a month and I put it in this pot that a friend gave me using the same substrate that I prepare then is a substrate that drains the water. We’ll remove a little enough moisture to keep this beautiful succulents circulating and here where I put it That was on the porch of my house, Gives it the morning light and a. A little bit of afternoon. Light also fascinates the light because I could see that quickly grew. Look, a month has passed and see the big difference is September 9 from the last video August 29, Then we see a big difference with this offspring because they see it is going to bloom Well. I think that this succulent is an easy-care succulent, and it is Great for beginners, So I highly recommend it and as for the I water because what I do with all. The succulents is water them every time. The substrate is dry, some like water more than others, for example, in the case of this. This one likes water because sometimes he did not wait for the substrate to be 100% dry because it can also be dehydrated and if it feels on its leaves. So I risk him going to the Czech with a finger Czech these deals, and when I feel that it is already very dry. Because I already water it even here where I have it on the porch. He gives him the rainwater, too, which he loves and these are the results -. It is going to give me flowering now. I am here in the greenhouse, and I want to show you the result of caring for this that fool. Klein report. What a big difference. Ain’t it true? When I bought it in deals, I had bought it for a dollar and it was very small, very sad, so I put it in this pot that a friend gave me what he made me, and I put it together with that pleasant Paraguay petal in. I know that I spread it by leaf. There is the Echeverr铆a cubit frost, this jade and this other capsule, too, Because then I day and cares for her attention he needed. He loves the sun. I had him in full sun of the morning and a little bit. The afternoon Sun gave her, and I saw that she was fascinated because she it was put in this way on its leaves as many describe. It looks like a teaspoon then. This was the result. Look, give me those floral bars. And if they see there, others come and here has others and they try there. It is, these are the flowers that this fool Clean report gives me look what precious is very simple but beautiful, It is not true, although I wanted to show you The result, then of what you can achieve by getting succulents in offer, giving them the care they need and there are the results. OK, have a good day. I hope you liked this video and you have learned how to take care of this. Beautiful, succulent Senecio plane report. If you like succulents the same as a consider subscribing. I will be preparing more videos to help you. Take care of these. Beautiful plants have a good day. See you later, bye. .