Senecio Himalaya | Curio Mount Everest Pflegen Gießen Düngen Standort Vermehren Schneiden Umtopfen Senecio Aquarine

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Curio Mount Everest Pflegen Gießen Düngen Standort Vermehren Schneiden Umtopfen Senecio Aquarine


Hello, and welcome to a new video. Nice to see us again. You want to have switched on in the video? I would like you to be very easy to care for houseplant boards. Go through feuding tips too. You really can’t go wrong. Here, which plant is here? Curio, Mount Everest, Sinne’s parcours him or her just in German. The circle kraut here. You can see a copy. Unfortunately, a bit bigger here. Piece canceled that. I now try new to birthday. We’ll come to that if you want to learn how the plant was Said. A plant for beginners. If you don’t have a green thumb, or if you are on vacation for a longer period of time, you do not feel can take care of how this will somehow. It is not a problem with the plants. Nevertheless, you can, of course, do a little wrong and before you guys. Now I have a brief note to give you the care tips for the plant in its own, right, a lot of videos about houseplants but also about. Plants for outside are made for the garden and in the future. Many will be videos about it. Follow again! I noticed that the videos people like to watch. Unfortunately, only subscribe for two percent of viewers also main channel or let my thumbs up because what I personally do think it’s a shame because I never try too hard for the videos go and therefore, my please. If you liked the video and also helped. That’’s definitely a thumb up because you’’ll help me with it. And even better, of course, if you subscribe to a channel and then you get, Of course, you can also see more videos on many, many other plants like that. So much for that now we come to the care information as promised, and when you have the plant, then the question always arises. Where with it. Where is the best location takes a lot poet, Little Obama, and that’s how it is in our circle of Kraut that they like it. Hellmann, so in the southeast or Southwest Windows are the ones ideal Skeeter weeks pure the window, so the direct. Sun exposure cannot deprive the plants of a great deal of what they cannot should make it too dark, or can I manage to put It also tolerates it over a certain period of time, but you have to get used to that usually no longer grows from there. If you have the opportunity in any case and especially Max is also warm. Temperatures of five up to 40 degrees are no problem for the plants either in the summer. She could also like to put it out, but then she doesn’t straight into the midday sun, but get used to it first little to keep the leaves out with that. Either burns actually arise that far from the location, and now we come to the next point. Now we can go straight to the point where you can. Yes, in principle can make almost the only mistake and that it is unfortunately very is often done because now in Germany, we are often too Good, No, and yes. Why is it about watering the plants because there is often too much watering, succulent plant that means at first. It doesn’t need that much water. She has the possibility to store what he himself neatly here That means she can cope with it. When she is completely dry means you might be on vacation for two or three weeks. Don’t water the plant. Then it won’t be so tragic. Your curio. Mount Everest will definitely survive. What you, of course are not survived to frequent and too much watering over a long period of time stroked if that. Soil is simply too wet or even worse. There is water here in the pot collects, and then waterlogging comes from you. Gradually the roots to rot, you can then see that mostly The leaves are giving way at the beginning to become the plant will know that leaves fall off and little by little. The euro plant will die. So you look with your finger? If so, son is a bit difficult here, but at the edge you can do it. Do it every now and then, and when it is so deep, an inch in the ground and that’s still dry, then you could have a little water, Add it in the winter months. It is really very, very rarely poured. I will do it partially so that you really only come here once a month. Give a sip of water. And that is actually enough in summer. It is, of course, something else. I said. At temperatures up to 40 degrees is also no problem. Of course we have to water a little more often. I would definitely recommend that once a week. Check and then if necessary, if it is already dry one, it is always best not to give warm water even better who has rainwater who has clean so that you can water the plants and check once a week in the summer as I said if necessary water. If you haven’t eaten after two weeks, I can promise you that the plant won’t break from it either. The next point is the thing. Which fertilizer can you take for it? You can take cacti fertilizer. I can you in suitable times down in the link video description. Just have a look at it. How often should fertilization is not so common actually only in the growth phase, ie. It is from March April to September October, depending on as well as the weather is a where your plant gets up when it is one. If it is a little brighter, the growth phase is usually the same for longer. Even with the temperature condition, every four weeks four to six weeks is enough. The plant cannot make it completely out of more often record and would be much more often. Thinks then thinks too much again and then there is also the risk of over-fertilization. And if you do three times months in the growth phase have not fertilized. Then even then I can Promise you that the plant will not be seen as a result of this. Take no harm. It may not be as nice or fast. We have a properly conditioned plant, but it will also grow. Take no harm now. We come to the last three points that is that. We start repotting the cutting and propagation of our indoor plants. It is usually so far with repotting every two to three years that was fresh substrate need to make sure that the earth from the loosely permeable is most with a ph value of around six Rom. This is the case with houseplants or ground houseplants and then every two up to three years around, you can often see it when that is already in the pot take root, and that is completely changed, then everyone! If the time that you should repot the best time to do so are earlier and also for propagation, for example via cuttings, you can cut off cuttings in spring or summer and then give them in Moist soil clean and after four to six weeks should usually be rooted. If you keep the soil moist, but you can also with repotting, for example, dividing the plant once that is also about. You can then even with it. You can cut once more, but you have to. Most of them are not, but if you somehow get a little out of hand, guess that then you can always cut them back and that you can then use the cut ones to multiply the cuttings. Incidentally, the time to cut back is also then in the spring doesn’t have a green thumb or doesn’t have that much desire or time and To take care of your houseplants and still just do something would like to have at home. I can definitely call the mount everest curia. Laying your hand is really very easy to care for your houseplant In principle. You can only pour it over or just put it out and then forget to bring in winter, then freeze to something at temperatures below zero degrees, but otherwise, you actually get that houseplant, Not here, yes? I hope that you guys the video liked here. Who year I’m happy said a lot. She has a thumb to the top. I would be even more happy if you could use my Youtube channel subscribed, because then we’ll see you again in the next video until then.