Sedum Sarmentosum For Sale | Sedum Sarmentosum Succulent-a Edible Succulent Also A Hardy Stonecrop And Great Ground Cover

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Sedum Sarmentosum Succulent-a Edible Succulent Also A Hardy Stonecrop And Great Ground Cover


Hi Succulents, fans! Welcome to my channel the way to succulents and wait as always. I would love to share my way of being succulents with you today. I’m sharing about a really, really awesome Garand Tower. It is a type of sedum. Have a look that is it? Can we say yeah, I’m familiar with it. The Latin name for it is sedum of samantosa, and it’s also commonly called a gold mouse sedum of the Riviera Mouse Because it can just grow really quick fast in the really hot environment. For example, where I’m sitting here now it is the shoreline of our house. Where actually I’m planning to plant them up? I wanted them to keep growing and eventually cover the rocks part of our shoreline, so we don’t need to worry about it. Doesn’t look good in a big family of succulents. It belongs to Karasula family. It’s originally from East Asia, such as China and Korea and also South Island in India in Asia. They also call it a tree. Ching chao, which means stringy, see them. They planted in a pot, so the plant grow is kind of, like a string of something like, for example, string of pearls or dolphins. It just keep going and then make a really good string of something like I mentioned is quite invasive, so if you want to restrict them from growing in a small area, it’s not a bad idea to grow them in a pot and the funny thing is in Korea. They even eat that as a salad. They add some like sesame oil peanuts, Chilis all these things, and then they just start eating it. I haven’t tried it shouldn’t. Be bad! Yeah, if you are interested. Maybe you can have a try too. Look at this big chunk of this sedum. That is from a friend of mine. She’s so generous and just a duck some and then share with me. No, it doesn’t carry a big big area, but I will separate some of them and then just plant them In a short time, like after this summer, it will cover a huge area. I’m working on this and I happen to find something which is actually edible. We don’t eat that in China as a salad. I’m quite sure it’s kind of like a dandelion, but it’s, uh, it tastes similar to. It’s a bit bitter, which we think is really really good for your health. What we do, is we? Mix it with some salad like a lettuce, tomato cucumber. We can also just dip that into the soya bean sauce. I have a good harvest. I’m so glad I have the hobby to share with you and take the chance to find something. I mean, not able to find in my daily life. Our house has a really long shoreline, but we have problem. Look, these curving seats are exposing because the covering mulch and the soil is blowing away into the lake. It’s getting shallower and shallower, so it’s kind of ugly in order to show this problem. Last year I was planning to plant some junipers. They do look nice, but the problem is. One piece of juniper is quite expensive and it takes quite a long time to grow. We hired like three or four pieces of the Junipers and this year and I was thinking I should find some other solution so first step. I just lay these right mulch on. I love this red one. Because it’s such a gorgeous contrast color with the long green. What do you think and then some area you see? I didn’t lay some mulch. I planted this succulent this ground cover. That’s another type of ground cover. It’s another type of sedum. It’s also perennial. It’s the hearty one and it doesn’t grow as quick as the sedum salmon tosam, but it’s also a beautiful one, this green one with a good sun in spring and autumn, it will turn purple, and I also plant some Utah plant, For example, this one here is also a hearty one, it can grow as big as a juniper or even bigger taller than a juniper. It’s a really awesome one. The nickname for it is Adam’s Needle. I will make a video about this plant about its habitat. How to take care of it and here? Let’s have a look That is actually the sedum Salman tosam. I planted that. These are the new one. I got those yesterday and I separate them and I separate them because they grow really quick like I mentioned. They are invasive plants, so in a short time like a year a couple of years, they will just grow. Cover the whole area. For example, you see here, these guys. I plant them last autumn like a couple of pieces from a couple pieces. It just grow like so many pieces. So if you are considering about a grand cover. This is really a good choice. I will add more because I don’t want to either loads of mulch. Next year. I already like working crazy and I got her back broken. I also put some heart and cheeks. Her and cheeks are really, really good. Hearty succulents, too. So they will grow and getting bigger and bigger and cover this area. What I will do is add some red lava rocks, so the color would match really well. And then it will also compose a really good drainage system. That is the juniper, another juniper. I mentioned and you see, there is another Yucca Adam’s needle plant. See her and cheeks. There are some mohawk and cheeks and the Grand. Cara, see them look at her. Look at the color. Isn’t it gorgeous? This area actually is not a full sun in my land in the shoreline. Its only partial scent, but it just gives you the awesome, awesome color. Look, the whole area. Hopefully I will just show you another video. In the autumn, you will see the big contrast. The big difference with this whole piece covered with succulents in the summertime, I will also put some soft succulents in the pot, though I would not have planned on the shoreline here because it will be really hard to dig out and then take back in so in that situation. Move the pot back in is not a bad idea. What do you think thank you for watching my video? Hopefully what I share is helpful to you, And if you like, hit the like button and please share the videos with others. Bye for now!