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Learn The Fastest Way To Grow Sedum Jelly Bean | Succulents


Is mirrorbotnet here from the butler’s vlog? Today’s video! Guys, I’m going to give you some tips on how to grow your jelly bean, healthier and faster. So if you’re interested in this video, guys just keep on watching. Just so for those who are not familiar with this kind of plan, so this is a called sedum. Romblo rhombrotic! Tom, I’m sorry, guys, but I really, it’s so hard to pronounce it. So this one of them there are few types of this and this one and also pink Jelly Bean. So as you can see, guys, if you expose this into full sunlight, it will turn into pink and also I have a blue Jelly Bean, So this one guys this also, yeah, one of them and also guys, they don’t need really special attention for this one because it can be ignored and also, uh, the good thing about this. If they receive a full exposure of sunlight, their leaves will turn into a bright color red as you can see. There are two ways in how to propagate succulents, guys for this kind of succulent itself, so first is through lift propagation. So all you have to do is remove. Um, some of the matured leaves. Yeah, they’re actually down the bottom. You just have to pluck it. It’s easy to remove the leaves, guys. So this kind of plant is very kind of like sensitive when it’s, um, when it’s handled, you have to be, um, extra careful because that leaves can easily fall off, so you gotta be. Um, a little bit careful for that one. So all you have to do for the matured. Plants of matured leaves leaves. Just have to. Yeah, gently. Remove it like this and this one guys you can. Um, place it above the soil on the top of the soil or an empty container. And then you place it in a bright, shaded area. Do not expose this to sunlight because a tendency will. Your leaves will turn will get burnt so they will not gonna grow roots. If this one will get, uh, bright. And in a few days time, or in a few weeks time, you will notice that this lift will grow some root roots from so the second way to propagate this. One guys is through stem cutting. So that’s what I normally do with my jelly Bean, and I find it that if you do a stem cutting, they’ll grow quickly and it will lash so quickly as well, so that’s what I, uh, I am doing to my jelly Bean and actually, guys. If you I’m gonna show you a photo, uh. When I started planting this wine, I only started with, like, maybe 10 stem. I planted in this in the same container, and then I propagate a lot of leaves the matured leaves, and then when I see that this one’s growing, I started cutting it, and then I just, um, plant it straight to the soil. So, uh, today, guys, this this one here as you can see this container here. Uh, they’re very, very healthy, and as if you can see, they’re growing very well, so all we have to do today. Guys is we’re going to cut all the scent. We’re going to plant it in here. This is the new. Um, what or how they call this container that I bought the other day, which is very colorful and I love all the colors. It’s very attractive, so let’s begin. Now, guys, let’s start cutting. We just have to look for a long stem, and all you need is a scissors. So this one we’re gonna choose a long a long stem. So let’s say for this one. Oh, already cut this one, so we have one and we’re gonna cut some more, so we going to cut some more in this side. Uh, so this one guys is ready to plant now so all we have to do is just fill this up with the soil, so we have soil here and this is this, Uh, Jelly Bean that I’ve already cut and I have here a little thing to, you know, to poke the soil to for you too easy to blend, so let’s start much better guys. If your stem has already roots in it because that that will easy to grow, so if you can see this one, all you have to do is just remove the leaves, and then this leaves we’re going to propagate this one. This will not go in two ways because we’re going to propagate it and this will turn into a little plant very soon. All we have to do is just fill this up with the soil and . Now let’s start planting. So all you have to do is just poke like that. Very easy this one here. Here and I’ll go all around and this area here. So that’s the last place. Just poke it in there. You go, and then, um, and then the last one, so in this red. Um, pot that I have guys. I decided to plant a blue Jelly Bean, So we’re gonna cut some of the stem of this one too, and then we’re gonna do the same way. So now guys, we’ll start planting this blue jelly Bean . So I’m gonna start in the middle. Yeah, so we’re gonna do just the same way. We’re just gonna fill this up very easy. Just keep poking big blobs straight to the soil this side. And that’s it. So there you go, guys? These are the new planted Jelly Bean and also the blue jelly fin. So that’s what it looks like now. So in this part guys, this is. I planted this one a month ago and then, um, as you can see. This is a through, um, stem cutting as well, so this wine is already got roots so yeah, and also this one. This is from stem cutting as well. This is a blue jelly, and I’m excited to get this one stressed because I will give you this kind of like red orangey color. Yeah, I’m excited for that one, and I’m looking forward to get this One stressed. We’re finished with our planting guys, and I just want to remind you that, uh, once you plant the stem cutting straight to the soil, What I do is I do not water them until 10 days, so you have to wait until 10 days, and then you can give them a good drink and, um, and do not expose them direct to the sunlight. It would be better if you place them in the bright shaded area. So I start my way on how I propagate my jelly beans. If you have other way, just continue, continue doing it. Whichever way you prefer to do it. As long as we are successful and as long as our plants will grow healthy. And that’s it for today, guys. Thank you for joining me today, and I hope you have learned something from this video and please don’t forget to subscribe to my channel, and I hope to see you next time bye.