Sedum Pachyphyllum | 5/100 Banana Sedum Pachphyllum Succulent Care Guide 🇵🇭

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5/100 Banana Sedum Pachphyllum Succulent Care Guide 🇵🇭


Hello, everyone! Welcome back to our Youtube channel. And today we will be featuring another succulent and this time is going to be the sedum film, also known as banana in the Philippines and in other parts of the world, They call this as young, many fingers, not succulents. This kind of succulent is unique, kasinga. If you’re gonna look at its leaves, what are some finger shaped leaves and young tips leaves are Nakahara red, reddish color when stressed, even though Nahidi Musha began enough attention. Or you don’t have much time to take good care of this. It can survive on its own. Unlike Saiban Manga succulents before we talk about young, different care tips for our banana plant. Let’s try to have a side by side comparison, Muna. I think banana versus jelly beans, especially for beginners. Maybe they are confused about the differences now. I think banana plant versus yunkana nothing. Jelly jelly beans plant on your right. This one is jelly beans. It’s characterized as having these greenish yum canyon color with red tips, then also in this case, it’s also greenish, but it’s really more on the lighter side. Nah, green. Both of these succulents are already much shorter sizes and maikita. You know, leaves bigger, so apparent two to three times. Bigger young beefs now. I think bananas compared to satin jelly beans. Let’s try to look more on into details now. Adding banana plant usually upright, but as it grows older, Nakahara on Thailand curve, so my during the cold season, like, for example, November or December, we will be expecting the young Kanyon. Tips would be rather in color, and at the same time, if you will give this full sun exposure for a long period of time red tips like what we have here and also with this one, if your succulent is mature enough and happy enough flower now color yellow with with tiny yellow petals because of its unique shape, You know, I think Banana could be an ornamental plant and it’s really ideal for planting in soil or in containers and elegance and garden, and at the same time as I mentioned Earlier subrandaling to weather moist and canyon soil or dry soil, still, it is able to thrive and survive, even if Napa and attention for long periods of time because they really require little attention. And for example, I have here, so imagine at the last time, but it took me Sigur, almost two weeks since last night banana, and as you can see my mother wild plant and this is also a proof Nakahitnanda ignore Natin Shah for quite a long period of time. Still, it is doing great on its own. Although my kitana sapping this one nag start nashang mag magdrai. Then all you need to do is remove it because we want your nutrients from the soil. Nandito’s succulent and not for these wild plants. Yeah, all we need to do is just uproot and thank you, But still it is better for us to remove. If we will be talking about young kanelang temperature ranges, they do well so temperature from 12 degrees to 18 degrees centigrade, although they really prefer this kind of warm temperature. And since we are here in the Philippines, this could also be one of those sakurina perfect for our location, moving on to light requirements. I think manga banana plants require you full filtered sun where it’s shaded or they are not receiving that sufficient sunlight. The problem would be stems. Next is I am following a schedule, Usually once a week, every Sundays and more than one week gonna soak and dry method, it’s always basic. Now we will allow you a thing, so it will dry out completely before watering it. Unfortunately, you know, adding decorative pebble stones on top soil recycled containers like this. You would easily see not dry so again. This one also almost two, although nothing are completely dryness. And even you adding algae outnut. I said we are not receiving water for the past two weeks. This is rainwater! All you need to do is we will try to avoid Young Canyon leaves, and even though leaves, it’s also OK, Naman. But for me as much as possible, I wanted to avoid it, but instead I will just go directly and so even here so all over and since it’s gonna be a soak and dry method, we need to water. I think succulents three times so making sure. Nah, all areas are water, because sometimes I’m problem about. Well draining you adding soil Ignatini, but it’s actually not this one. Now is the second soaking completely, then, after that one, we could start the third Na watering, and now we are ready for the third watering, So if, um. requirement for this type of succulent it can handle many different types of soil and soil and whether it’s gonna be garden soil, black soil or your special cocktail and succulent mix. Okay, you can make use of any soil. Mix that you want Madame Time to be video online nowadays. But for me, I’m using, you know, adding compost, plus black soil mix. And if you want, you can always add an ating manga, pearlite or pummy stones for better drainage. It took me six months before I finally figure out which kind of soil is perfect for me, because sometimes what works well with me won’t work with you and what works with. You won’t work for me, so you always need to keep on experimenting. It’s not, because, nah, it’s branded or it’s not because you just made your own potting Mix is hidden. Am I getting healthy in front of you? Are two kinds of I think. Banana plant. As far as I can remember Ito’m, Banana national Thai mix and negligent and pumice stones and for this one. I just made use of a typical garden, so I think that’s more on the repotting. Soil Mix now vlog. You can check it out. Both of them are healthy, there’s. No big difference both are healthy, in fact, offset and some offsets. Yeah, so two offsets and yeah. I think my two offsets next. Is we have the repotting that I think banana plants? Usually I repot, you know, ate Manga Sakuya’s every two years. That’s the standard time we’re in Baghda’d. We are trying to remove everything we will change the soil. We will change the pot. Everything shall but sometimes, like, for example, this one upon two years, just three months palong or two months nursery, but right now it’s trying to outgrow Yung Kanyang, But in any time soon I will be repotting this. Lastly, we have young propagation. I think banana and some bronzer a propagate first you can try young acting leaf propagation. If you are wondering, it’s because of propagation, we are trying to propagate banana leaves from time to time and Ghanaian. Yeah, to remove young canyon leaf. You can just twist it left or right, so don’t just pull it or you can just simply put it here. Then wait for a couple of days or maybe after one week or two weeks magazine growth and that’s it. Your propagation is successful. Another way of propagation is through you adding beheading wherein we’re gonna cut it. And in fact in our beheaded succulents and young mother plant is actually this one Ayan. So he don’t plant natto and when it’s ready to be beheaded. We can immediately do that one if you notice them. We cannot save it anymore. Napoleon, all we need to do Is Behead’s upper part na healthy pot. Then you can just plant it again and number two is sudden leaf loss. If your plant is healthy. Hindi, basa basama lagassum kanilang leaf. I ign! It’s really because of again over watering. That’s why you have to be extra careful. Bhagavad-gita inum succulent. It’s because of over-watering. And I think that’s all for today. Don’t forget to like and subscribe to our Youtube channel for more upcoming, succulent care guides, and you may also visit our Facebook page at desert, Succulent Ph. So thank you guys you.