Sedum John Creech Ground Cover | Sedum Spurium “john Creech”

Fran Natura

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Sedum Spurium "john Creech"


Hello, guys today is. May 30th and yesterday I came home with this juicy. That was my mother-in-law. Who gave it to me? She arrived with a box that had three parts of that there. We divided it into three parts. It was actually a box full of it and part of it will be placed next to it on the floor. Even the other part, it will make a void in her house, and I brought this part here for me. As soon as I hit her eye. I found it very beautiful. It is very healthy, already changes, And as soon as I hit her, I saw it as soon as it was early and he was being cultivated right here At the time, It’s just that the place was being cultivated. Little sun hits, enough shade and so. I believe that’’s why he has These really big leaves, so I know it’s an early one, and I went to take a look researched so fast. I still won’t give you the name, but I went to do some research because there is already a he in two other colors me and in the research I gave is. I found the spurious early name of a crash, CREF. Something like that, and it would be all green right so here. I have to show you how it is very similar. This here is my early. Spurious vase is of letters or voodoo, which is the one, which is all red. So my name is. Capuchin red purple, Depending on stress now currently wake up. He’s like this is a vote that has already filled a lot. I’m always there, pruning it. There, look at the rosette is the the only difference here is in the size of the leaves. I don’t know if it’s because this species Green really has the largest leaf or it was because of the way it is cultivated. Then the other one I have is the spurious CDU, a tri color. I’’m going to stick it here. I’’m going get the other one. You can see the tricolo as the name says it has three colors. Which is this one that would be the same only that it has green and pink white. You are seeing that Rosetta is born pink. Then only the edge of the pink leaf will remain, but it is a CD, A purge too so now. I have the three colors there. I believe this one is really green that he will never change co with any kind of stress, but anyway. I will show you again to talk if I was wrong about to it or not, and then here, I have a lot of seedlings of it. That gives a well filled vase, right, but I don’t want to make a bass only because he never has an empty vase because now a good vase 2 Why excuse me if I put it in the vase that will touch or cherly will stay good in the same way, I will show you where it is, but I will plant there alone because it is several days until I stick it one by one there he doesn’’t have no secret. I gave one after that. The staff that me I choked on my own saliva. So he has no secret to. Planting is a CD of the risk of spreading very easy any ancestry that is thrown on the ground. He is very easy, so I only at world parties. There is that it would be in here. This shallow here, it will stay out. He was out all last year and this year again, right, even during the winter. I’m trying to see with some things that it was a very big void empty, and then he has this to play here. Then I put the seedlings and Paraguayan itself also has another woman who Doha kalanchoe, and then I had already tried to see if I would put this another succulent here, but it’’s very small, it still wouldn’’t fill well and on the same day, this one appeared right and then. I’’ll put them here because there’’s going to be a nice contrast between the colors and it will grow. Well, the law. I will try right, you see, it will not stay cool. That doesn’’t work after I tell you, but for now, I’’m thinking about putting it in law, and that’s it. I leave a big hug for you. Goodbye.