Sedum Hernandezii | #sedum #hernandezii #succulent #terracotta Sedum Hernandezii | Chubby Succulent | Easy To Care Plant


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#sedum #hernandezii #succulent #terracotta Sedum Hernandezii | Chubby Succulent | Easy To Care Plant


hi guys! Hello, my gardening friends today. Uh, I want to show to you. My one of my favorite succulents. And her name is sedum. Hernandez or Hernandez. So I’m still lucky because, uh, I so today. I saw some baby Hernandez eye. And this is kind of sedum, yeah? , yes, well known as succulent plants . I love them! , um, . So this is cute. Yeah, see hernandez. I love this succulents, there’s. twice a month foreign. Thanks for watching and hope you like this video of mine. My succulents and my channel is Japan. Lola, Miyazaki, Youtube channel and please don’t forget to like, subscribe and kindly comment. And if you like to share this plant, yeah. I think it’s sedum, Hernandez. Thank you so much! God bless have a nice day to all of us have a pleasure. Thank you, thank you, see you to the next vlog. !