Sedum Craigii | Pachyphytum Oviferum Y Sedum Craigii ๐Ÿ’™ | Diferencias, Cuidados Y Reproduccion


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Pachyphytum Oviferum Y Sedum Craigii ๐Ÿ’™ | Diferencias, Cuidados Y Reproduccion


Welcome to War Tinga. In today’s video, We are going to talk about two succulents different, but very similar. The Pach and Python today we’re also known as Moonstone And Pse don’t cry. Regarding the origin both are originally from Mexico, but from different states, the Pache Python 9 Ferum is a native of the state of San Luis Potosรญ and has the peculiarity that it grows at high altitudes in mountainous rocky areas, while being a crack is also a native of Mexico but from the state of Chihuahua regarding risk. Or we suggest that it be every 7 days. But if on the seventh day, they see that the substrate is not completely dry or still wet for which you can insert a wooden stick to the bottom of the pot. And if when you take it out, it comes out completely dry there. It is convenient to postpone watering and in winter once a month in both species in terms of lighting Here is a small difference of the care that we apply in principle. We both suggest that are in a well-lit place, but without direct sun exposure other than nothing. The Pachi called a new nursery that is very sensitive to sun exposure direct, but this does not mean that it is in the shade, but in a place that it is very illuminated, but it does not give direct sunlight to the leaves because it is very likely that he will burn now as he believes that in principle also. We suggest it to be with indirect sun exposure in a very bright environment, but in this particular species and more than anything as a serum we recommend that has some hours of sunshine, mainly the morning hours or the last hours of sunshine of the day that are the least strong and are also those with the least V. Rays have the optimal temperature of the python, Patxi. Today they were going between 18 to 25 degrees and regarding the pse. Don’t cry and in. In reality, I still have not confirmed well. What are the optimal temperatures? But I can hardly confirm it. We are going to publish them. Regarding the cold, actually, neither of the two succulents has tolerance to frost, except as. We always say that it adapts to the place where one lives and can acquire a certain resistance and, in neither case, do we suggest exposing them to less than five degrees and regarding the reproduction of these succulents in both cases can be both through sheets that later we will show some that we have reproduction, but also by stem cuttings, cutting some of those cuttings. And as we always say, you have to let the air heal the cutting so that the cut area scars and at that moment is that we just passed it to a small pot number 6 with dry substrate, and we waited about 6 days to give him 17 days to give him time to get some small roots and there we just started with a superficial watering one or two times a week until it is able to root strongly. And then if it is, you can apply the care we suggest well before showing and explaining how differentiate these succulents. I want to start by showing you These images that are not mine. Since neither of the two that I have has blossomed. That’s why I’m citing below, which are the photographers where it can be clearly seen that the most definitive way of being able to confirm if our succulents, a python, Patxi, new and fierce or a being a crack and it is because of the flowers as you can see clearly in these beautiful photographs on the CD of a crack flowers are born as if it were a bouquet of small flowers that usually have this color that is white and yellow, but very small and instead on the patch, Pizzurno and ferum, the flowers are born and develop as if it were a cluster that falls with some small flowers that are also small but are rather red and yellow here the way to differentiate them is definitive very clear. When you see the flowers, but now and immediately we are going to give some tips on how to differentiate them. Before flowering since many times, wait until flourish and takes a long time. So with some tips, you can get to serve to be able to identify them before they bloom. If is it one or is it? Another Martรญn Agua have with is fine as lost the leaves and for this not to be a hawk. There is the silo. I don’t remember if I said it in another video, but well a bit like we said before. I brought it here very recently. It was the last trip we made to. Buenos Aires. And I think two months ago it was not the best specimen I found, but he can’t find it anywhere. The pach and Pitu did not see it and the 15 even though she’s kind of inclined by herself. I’m trying to recover a little to be more centered again, And, of course, as I brought her on a trip. I live in the south where many times in a Argentina province to the south called Chubut. The city is Commodore Rivadavia. And the problem Is that when traveling by plane. It is not very clear if you can. To carry the succulents in your hand luggage or not in short in the same Airlines. Tell you that the safest thing is that you carry it in your suitcase. Because perhaps when they do the control of hand luggage, depending on who touches you can tell you you do not have to leave her and not have to leave her the succulent and no, it would not be good, so the safest thing is to put it in the suitcase, and, of course, to be able to transport it and I had it to put inside the suitcase that I have already done several times in a tupper and I put the succulent as it is and filled it with buns of newspaper inside the Tupper box. I touched the tupper. But he left a little hole at the top, just in case and so that a little direction has and good in that process. It is seen that with a few shakes, not from the flight. I think from the people who dispatch the suitcases. Of course, he lost two sheets When I arrived. I opened the Tupper, The other one I had brought it was perfect, but this one lost two leaves, which is where it is healed that an elastic was much prettier. Obviously with the two sheets, but hey! I took advantage of those leaves to reproduce, and I am going to show you like this that, Carlitos, That is the complete story of why he lost. These two leaves. Well, we will also give other ways to identify them before the flowering because if not in the end. I know that waiting for it to flower can happen a long time, but well, as you can see. These two specimens are quite large. You can say that they have been several months old since they grew up either. I think that the two of leaves were reproduced. Surely, and how you see when you already have a certain size is much easier to differentiate them. Here you can see and this is well from the fingers that take out several stems. The stem many times as seen, is quite visible with the leaves, and instead the patch and pitu do not see, but the stem is much thicker and also shorter. This is a succulent of small compact size. Should this species be a a little below not showing so much the stem, but hey! I got it like that with the time It is seen correcting, And if not with those that I am reproducing, but how do they come to naked eye? When you have, a certain size is easy. You can also see it in the sheets the size of the pse of a training, the sheets. They are much smaller on the other hand in the patch. Pitu 9 ferum. They are leaves that if well, they have that shape, which is some say as candied because it is quite thick is much larger in the pach and pitu the size of the leaf, also to times the color because the python or bottle Pachi tends to be also fine with a little more lighting. If you put them a little more in the sun, it can have a little. This More greyish color also tends to have as a trend to a little more greenish, although, and it is a little more grayish, but that is relative because with this, it is recovering as we said we bought. It was much more green and little by little. It takes on a more grayish hue, but hey, is other information to take into account just in case these suggestions more than anything for when they go to buy. What happened to me is when the? I bought that it was a long time ago. Yes, many months. They had told me It was a Patxi whistle 90 very clear as it was little. I thought so, but then it started to grow like this, and I said it’s not a pitt patch. Today they were terribly uncle. Side is that no is not the case, or is it another? And it was definitely according to Craig. Also, he don’t cry and as he is a pig, he takes out. Several shoots would be stalks and begins to grow as several stems see from the base that this is much more slow the process in the package, a ferocious bird that although they will also grow at the base of the stem over time little children, it is not at speed or at amount of being a crack, then the main problem that we have to differentiate them in reality, it is when they are both small and there it is where we find the big problem because they are very similar when they are very small, in fact. I was waiting to make this video that I have some little leaves in reproduction of the ones, according to Craig. And that now I’m going to show you. They have grown a little. What are these from here? Look at these, how beautiful they are. These actually are little leaves of the pse. Don’t cry and that as you can see is very similar being so small to Patxi Pit 1 but I don’t know if they can tell what they are, and they even seem like me. I see them like this. I made a 90 whistle patch. I am not reproduction sheets of the pse. Don’t cry and here is the issue. Here is the problem how to do to be able differentiate what is actually very difficult. But if you see well from a very young age, the pse of a crack begins to appear. The stem begins to see a little more the stem, but you have to be very good observer, and that can be an indicator that if they sold us. They did not tell us that. There is a Patxi whistle 90 seeing well the issue of the stem there. They can realize that maybe it is not a 90 whistle patch and is the pse of a crack and also good. Those two little leaves that I have of the one who had told them that. They had fallen or came off in the flight that here. I am going to show you that they have not yet grown a lot. These 2 without help, Carlitos 7 are is here is exact. They are still fine there. It is growing, it would be the sprout of this leaf That is from the pach, and he whistled a 90 that also realize much larger. The sheet to his is of a crack and there too, and growth is much slower. This has been going on for several and 22 months that they are so only now. The bud started to come out. The root had peeked out but this when it grows that little sprout that it has there, it will be quite a lot compact that is the stem will not show as much as these little ones here who? Although they see that the stem is showing, it is easier to see here. It will be more difficult that little bud may be more compacted. But, hey, these are. Indicator indicators only very finite. That is very precise, and that can, obviously there is a margin of error. I was a long time confused with this thinking that it was the for chip and you did. It grew and it was not to be a crack and then it took me a long time to get the real one for chip and t-90 Obviously, when they both bloom, I will show the flowering of mine. Well, and we are going to make a new video comparing them to show well in detail. What the flowers are like That is actually the definitive thing to be able to confirm if we are facing an incredible 1010 pit patch that as they see as chiquitita’s, they are very similar. So good this video in. I actually did it because they have asked me a lot how to differentiate them and others, and It is real that unfortunately happens, you see, you go to the nurseries, and sometimes they sell you. One thing and it is another and they tell him. If it is a for chip and shifts, but Shuichi. And they sell you. Well, not so small, but one a little bigger than one leaves confident. And then this happens to him that the chip was thrown at them and you dwarf, is that was thrown at them. Is the pse a crack and these good indicators that we gave can serve to be able to know, or at least by and distrust by and not Gs and be able to buy what we really want to buy or get so well. That was all. I hope you liked this video as I always know. All the comments are appreciated. I like suggestions the recommendations that we. They help us a lot and see you next video. Chapeau .