Sedeveria Sorrento | Top Three Must Have Easy To Care For Succulents. Easy To Propagate.

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Top Three Must Have Easy To Care For Succulents. Easy To Propagate.


Hey, guy’s in this video! I want to talk to you guys about propagation and the best succulents to start with, um, or to have I in my opinion. So, yeah, I’m just gonna mention one of my favorite, never gotten sick succulents, and or prolific, You know, or just can handle the rain because we get lots and lots of rain here in Florida and, um, yes, with help with, um, some drainage in your soil. These succulents can really overcome. So these are they’re growing, so they’ll be a little bit difficult to tell. I believe that the these are either Sorrento. Um, I’m gonna put the names on the screen just to be sure or California sunset. When they’re growing, it’s kind of hard to tell. Maybe if I had two of them side by side growing. But, uh, it’s kind of hard to tell right now, but yeah. This is very, um, both of them so to me. Um, the the plants that behave very similar Are gonna be the Sorrento plant. Um, I know I’m missing another name on that California sunset and ghost plant. They behave very similarly. And, um, I’m gonna show you where I’d have them and where they’ve been forever. But these plants are very strong plants. Um, they do very well. Let me show you some that I’ve just thrown. I literally thrown them on the ground and they just grown on their own. So let me look for that. Some succulents that I’ve just I take the leaves and I toss them on the rocks. Look, there’s another one there. So also what I’ve learned with these and probably many other succulents. They only grow within the depth of the pot. So what I mean is? If I keep them. In a small, tiny pop, they will stay small for the longest time ever, and if I put them in bigger pots, then they grow bigger, but look, here is another one. Look at how cute. So there’s that there’s another one, and there’s a ton just growing everywhere. Let me show you something of them, right, Let’s see if I there. Zoom in, guys, there’s that one, and that one there you go, they look so healthy and yeah, so let me show you what they look like like. I said, um, I’m pretty sure it might be California sunset. I’m leaning towards that one because I’ve propagated that one a lot first. I want to talk to you guys about my ghost plant. My ghost plant has been here for over. Uh, three years. This one right here has been here for over three years. Um, it gets all the rain. All the sun that Florida gives it even was here during hurricanes. So and here it is so obviously This is one that I love and should be in your collection. The other ghost plant I have. This is the main plant that I’ve propagated so many times and I just continue. I even repotted it, and it’s been such a giving plant very prolific and it changes color, also, depending on how much sun it gets. This one gets a good amount of morning light, and that’s it. No afternoon, sun. And then here is some California sunset, but let me show you more here It is this one is fairly new. It’s not as old because I had to. Um, I had a bunch of little succulents growing in here, and once they got once what summer was coming before summer came. I took them out because I wasn’t sure if they were gonna make it with the sun the afternoon. Sun that hits here. So I know California sunsets can deal with that sun as long as they’ve been acclimated and they do. Well, so this is my California sense that this has been here since spring. Now let’s go to an older one here. This one is also really good. I think this is golden sedum. But, um, these will outlive this one. So, um, like the most I have is California sunset because it is such a strong, succulent. It can deal with a lot of weather, and it’s really beautiful. You can have it in different areas and enjoy the different colors that it gives you. So, um, their colors can change by stressing them out with sun and withholding water And here is the Sorento right here. You can see the difference in the Sorrento and the California sunset. The Sorrento leaves are much rounder to me. And these are much pointier. Can you see the difference? Sorrento, california sunset? This one! This one down here is a Sorrento. I don’t know if you guys can really tell the difference. I can tell the difference just by just looking at them so and so this one has been here also for about three years and this one as well, so I want to talk to you about the different colors. So as you can see, this one has some really pretty colors going on. Um, the colors are way more vibrant in this one. You see more orange, really pale green and maybe even some pink in there. So right here, There’s an overhang. Let me show you. There’s the overhang. So what that overhang does is kind of withholds. Um, some of the rain that comes so it doesn’t get as much water as that planter over there. So that’s why this one here is much greener than that one and then here. I have some ghost plant as well. This is ghost plant. The reason it looks different is because it just it’s staying small because it’s just a big grouping. And I and I I’ve grown them in here. Um, from little pups, It’s not like when you buy a big plant. Like, um, like those. Um, california sunsets. They were already grown when I planted them there here. These were here, but in here in the middle, I had shoved a bunch of baby ghost plants and this is how they stayed. They won’t get any bigger because they don’t have the room for the roots to spread for it to get bigger, so these are definitely in my opinion. Must have succulents. Um, easy to care for like I said. Just make sure you have good drainage in your soil. You can use perlite. You can use pumice you can use surface and just make sure you. You do a good mixture with a lot of people use whatever soil they have. You know, I use miracle grow. But that is the top top. Um, three succulents, in my opinion that you should have let me show you another. Um, California sunset. That I have that it’s my pride and joy. This is my California sunset in this beautiful pink pot and I used to have it on the other side, but when we moved the table here, it was just so pretty the pot that I decided to bring it over here. Look at this! You can still see that. Um, like I said, we’ve been getting a lot of rain here, so this one is not as orange as the one you saw. That is under the overhang because it doesn’t get as much water but still has really beautiful coloring. This is california sunset. I see it all the time almost any time of the year at home people. I see this one all the time. It is not a hard plan to find. If you do have a hard time finding it, I’m so so sorry. So, yeah, that’s what I wanted to share with you guys on this video. I wanted to share with you. On how easy it is to propagate the leaves and the color and the endurance of the plant very strong, succulent to have so. Thank you guys so much for watching. Don’t forget to comment like and subscribe. You guys have a blessed day. Bye, guys you.