Sedeveria Pink Granite | Sedeveria Peckerwood Vs Sedeveria Pink Granite

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Sedeveria Peckerwood Vs Sedeveria Pink Granite


Hello, how are you welcome to my channel? The green sigh! I am Melisa of health from. Oklahoma and this video is going to be short and is a different video than the others because by chance with two subscribers. We have the same doubt and It’s about this one. Should this one should as you know? I already mentioned a lot some of my videos. This link should bite woods for here. Is the name look at the name? Wood should be chopped and I want you to focus on it because look at their recipes and this video and this information that I’m giving is an investigation with both of them because I have. I have the other one that I know taught them now. And for me they are different. If you have if someone can you help us. And why search search in Google and not, it turns out that it is the same with a different distribution name, look for on Youtube, and there is no video about them or differentiating it or anything and about the piquer, but there is very little information, almost nothing about the other, so we already saw. I teach, but I want you to focus on this is on me. It should be picker moon. She’s got she’s fast growing. She’s like eight months with me, and I bought it this size a little less and look how it is already. I already grab a whole pot, so I want. I want to show you well. I want to focus on one of the rosettes. Let me see which one looks good for you to see the difference from the other that I am going to show you. This is the piquer wood in gallon. In mind, first, look at the rosette. The leaves as they are, they are like pointed, and they are not very chubby. This should take a lot of water and always is. The envelope already takes about 8 hours of sun, and it has less sun. It is a little greener and the center is turned as a mint green mint green color. But look, then she is not so compact. She always has her have as she is. It says it has separation between its leaves. Look at it and now. I’m going to present this. This is a video. I am recording it with the tablet. It is a video that it occurred to me to do it because it may be that many have doubts and we can help each other. I return and I repeat. It is not information that I get for any side is comparing my two plants is the one I just bought. I showed them the Complete last. I did, but if you look at this, look at this picker wood. Is that our so many recipes next to it grows up. And if people start small like that, but look at this one, it is more compact and have the same. Time of sun is more compact and the leaves tend to be less little and they are more chubby, see if they can be fixed there. Look at that recipe, and you have to look for the difference with magnifying glass and having both because on the internet, they could not be differentiated, But since I have them here, they are not the same, but the differences because the leaves are more chubby, and it is cooler and also the contour as they are growing. This should be the pike. The ship is higher and the pink granite and it grows longer as for the sides. If you notice it is not as long as the as the piquer. But they saw that the pike is very long. I can not give you another view for here. Look, you saw that rosette how long it is. And look at this one. Their rosettes are not long, and they are not more compact and more to the side of the pink granite and this link should picker wood then so far for me, so the difference. I don’t think they are the same with a different marketing name. Then for me? This granite pencil should be pin. Granite is more compact, more closed and grows to the sides and the wood should be chopped is more with space in more open and grow up. The colors are so almost the same, so it’s all a short video, but I do not know if someone else has the doubt, or they have it so that they can leave doubts. Then this is the difference, and when it grows a little more, we will see how a a little more different. Look, let me see if I can see you here. They saw that it was taken differently from another angle and also in people, it can be see this skinnier and more pointed blade, and this is more chubby and more look round are different, then in case. Another person had the doubt because here. I think you can see quite the difference. Saw Long Link should piquer wood and is more compact. Then it may be my smallest video that I have made. I did not make one of two minutes. This feels weird because I always do it long, but but nothing for. If someone else has the doubt, take good care of yourselves and a hug .