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Suculentas Sedeveria Fanfare


Hello, welcome to my channel. I am a little gardener and the day of Today. I want to talk to you about this. It should be fun fun. Off and fire. And the truth is that it is a plant that likes heat with it. I have not had no problem. I have seen that. He likes the sunlight very much he likes. The sunlight is from these succulents that want light and light without light without light. He does not like the cold. He likes the sun very much and well. I have seen that if you put it in the shade. It tends to be wrong then. It is a plant that. It requires a lot of light that you do have to be careful with heat stroke. U2 you know that succulents in nature occur outdoors. They are given to full sun and all this stuff, but they stain they come undone. They hurt. I don’t know they can burn, so it is a plant that I recommend that you have inside indoors, but inside a greenhouse. Not in the inside your house where there is shade. No, no, she likes a greenhouse. The put in very happy. See if you like succulents as much as I do, make them. A small greenhouse out of milky plastic with plastic to The nursery will protect them from the cold. They will be happy, and if not, if you have some drawers and you can make a kind of shelves and put this plastic above, they will thank you. Very much is already. I want to change. I’m going to put it in a big glass. I’m not going to put a glass little one. No, not a big one because the leaves are already coming out of the container. So let’s start and lets. Change that substrate. I struggled with nothing with it. It is a super easy plant to care for the only thing. Is that in winter? You have to be careful with watering and the matter that it is not violated too much because it requires a lot of sunlight. So this plant is one of those plants that you have to be careful not to lack light. Another detail is that sometimes. It gets stained very easily dry the leaves. I also recommend all the leaves that are dry. Remove them, cut them. Even these pieces that are here are. We remove them to make the plant. Look beautiful! I say that is how we have it here that look pretty and take care of it. The cochineal is this plant? You have to be taking care of it of the cochineal. Check the one that does not have cochineal because it is one of the main problems we have with her, highlight the gravel that this stone is adorned with. And now if we are going to stop a bit, we are going to turn it and we are going to treat this scale very carefully ready. The truth is that she is have a substrate, very, very have a substrate That is almost pure perlite, but this is because the people who sell it do not want the plants to be lost, so a succulent is easier to move was due to excess moisture than due to lack of. I risk that’s why they do it, but if you want your succulent to grow big, we must add more nutrition. We are going to first remove all these leaves that these wands are already dry too. I loved this plant, but as I already mentioned, it tends to fly a lot then. It needs a lot of light, even almost almost that direct sun so that it does not stretch too much and look pretty OK, then a plant you have to have that in mind is difficult to take care of her. Not the truth is that it is not difficult to take care of her. Only that you have to have some attentions with her and so that she does not go and see. You already gave us a little baby. You see how beautiful that baby is. We are going to move him to a special land so that continue its growth and we are not going to lose, lets. See if there are no more babies, is that this? I do not know if it is a stem or a floral rod. This one here is more like a leaf. He told me I don’t see down here. Is that later? There are succulents that babies get trapped. You have to be careful not to get stones. Come out with a brush. You can remove them and you know that. I like to play love plants, but there are people who do not. This whole matter worries, Ramis. And that they look pretty. I say yes. We are going to have them at home that they look pretty. You know that? I love this one. Give a larger glass. The substrate that we are going to use is same that it brings, and we are going to take advantage of it because it is quite mineralized. There is to remove all the rotten dead leaves those we do not want them to be. Go go and now we are going to put my substrate. Magic that is normal. Garden soil also has river sand and has also perlite. Yes, a lot of perlite and sawdust to make it very fluffy. We are going to give this girl a hormone bath in ante root. So that this root become big like this and voila. You are going to know that this is going to be the difference and we are going to put this earth to mix the look here. I even have a little coconut of coconut fiber that I put on it to make it very fluffy notice that these succulents that look succulent succulents like it, too, have a substrate where they can feed to grow faster, because if you have them in a substrate, that is very general, they grow slower and, okay, there are people who like to have a mineral substrate and who don’t grow, but I like that they get big. In fact, I also fertilize them more. I’ll make you a video of how I pay my Cullen. You are as I give them food and at what times? Because, as you know, many of them do not have flowers. Then these plants as they do not have a flower also like a fertilizer that is over all for leaves for famous stems. And I already have the glass here with this Well so that it filters the humidity to put a little soil sometimes. I lose the tablespoons of my house. 3 for this reason, always ties in succulents and plants comments month. And The same thing happens to you now. I want the root to come out from the bottom. Then this root, we are going to put hormones underneath so that it looks good very well now. I’m going to measure here. You need more, Thierry there. So that we it is well at the height. It is, and voila! We are going to place it with a lot careful, and we are going to fill in the missing spaces with the soil that we have prepared and you have to upload it very carefully. This babe, in this way, we will not go up. I’m going to pause this video, and then I’m going to show you how it turned out friends. And how beautiful we have been. This should be fun to be. I love it precious. Now let’s give it all a watering. Teach you how to water it. You know that? I teach you to water it very carefully that place the sprinkler. In this way, you stick your mouth very well to the part of the earth. In order not to wet the leaves. This headquarters no longer likes that the woman leaves the ruin. You do not want to stain it. You have to water! It comes because it is enough. I quite like the water, so give it a good watering now. My key is not to water all the substrate. I just water from the top and it is humid. It goes falling downwards. I also don’t water from below. I always water from above. That allows the plant to get used to the humidity does not die from an excess of irrigation and that all irrigation is going to come from the top down. Folks, that is key to growing succulents. And you will be going to see what to bring super. Well, we go back again and water until the ground is dry. Agree this plant. If it requires humidity in the sense that is great, there are others that are less demanding, And I realize that she. If you drink water, then this tour will only go until the substrate is dry. Can water once a week once every 15 days, depending on your weather because the dangerous climates where you are will vary a lot, but she. I have realized that it does like water because it has a fairly large trunk. Thick cited fish and well. What a beauty of plant now. I want to tell you that this beautiful specimen is called should be because it is a cross between an atxeberría and a serum. This is very interesting because because it is mixed, an atxeberría and a serum and came out. One should be something wonderful. These are not the parents of this. It should be Pfeiffer, they are not. It is only to give an example that a serum like this is mixed that is very lengthened with an echeverría and then we are going to produce a hybrid that is going to know how it should, and in the particular case of this is a should fans. I hope you liked this video a lot. I’m a little gardener. If you like me, give me a like, don’t hesitate to subscribe to the channel and see you until next time.