Sedeveria Blue Giant | 🌞🌵 Succulent Haul! More Echeverias! 🌵🌞

Tropical Plant Party

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🌞🌵 Succulent Haul! More Echeverias! 🌵🌞


Hey, what’s up, gardening friends? Jeff, here, tropical plant party. How’s everybody doing? I hope you’re good. I am fantastic, cuz. I have a whole bunch of new succulents here, and it’s time to do a pretty hefty, succulent haul. Wow, okay, I can’t even fit these all in the frame. This has a little dramatic there. We go one cactus, But I’ll still succulents. I was just at my local Home Depot and picked up pretty much everything I could find that fit my needs. I should say I have a bunch of projects getting ready to come up here where I’m gonna be needing a lot of succulents, and it was kind of slim pickins. I mean, obviously they had a lot, but a lot of it doesn’t. Look too good as I’m sure. Many of you know, it’s kind of first-come. First-ser’ve got to get there quick When Big-box store is getting these succulents that are on these shelves with no light and they don’t get watered or taken care of. Its it’s kind of a crapshoot, but I still got some pretty good stuff, so go ahead, dive in here, even though you’re all seeing it right now. I’ll go through them one by one. I mean, except for the things like you see here. We’re have multiples of them. You don’t need to see every single one of those, and you’re seeing everything right now did. I just ruin the whole haul. I hope not going to do my best to try and have their tags in focus. And if when I’m editing, I see they’re not in focus. I’ll go ahead and type it out on the screen and Ill time stamp and put the names of everything in the description down below in the bottom of the video below the video. I should say as well that way you. Can you know? Go down there. Pause the video. Check it out in case it didn’t come through. How’s that sound? Well, for starters, let’s go with this great big guy here. The pachycereus from Glee, this is also called the fall Saguaro or Carden. I’ve mostly heard of it referred to as false aguar. I don’t, I don’t know what Cardenas, maybe, that’s. I don’t know, those are quotation marks, So I don’t think that’s a variety name anyways. Look at how neat those cactuses it’s actually quite large -. It doesn’t never mix is big on camera. I swear this is pretty big, probably a good foot, especially for what it cost. That’s a great deal. These guys get really big over many years. That is and branch out, just like that name suggests they look a lot like a false aguar. Oh, and here we have the string of buttons, Which is Kressel upper ferrata. Look at how cool that is, a very interesting craft, so it was a really neat growth habit. It kind of spread, go all over the place. Really, really. Neat-looking plant has nice textures. There’s some color variations in there and as you can kind of see, they sort of have little bitty hairs along their leaves, too, which is cool, adds a nice texture to the plant. All right and here. We have the alien ops this new coffee. I look at the foliage on that. Isn’t it cool? These guys kind of form a rosette habit, which is a little bit harder to see when it’s compacted into its pot like this. The thing that’s really cool about this. Though, is the texture, these tiny little bumps that are all over. The leaves really, really neat, very interesting. I like the spots and everything that are in here with the texture CH. You can kind of sort of see around here. It’s kind of a reddish hue to it. Really, just an interesting looking plant. OK, Kressler Missamma pizza -. I’m not trying to say that not from me, not not something. I’m gonna be all pronounce, but look at how cool it is. Has a fun texture to it. This guy will form kind of like a trailing habit, so I’ll be putting it somewhere where it’s going to go over the side of a pot. This guy also has a little bitty, teeny tiny hairs along. It’s foliage actually, really, really, really like this one a lot. Yeah, another cross a lot. This one’s called the miniature pine tree crassula. Tetra gonna chapter ghana. Tetra Goona? I don’t know it’s cute, and it indeed looks like miniature pine trees. I mean, kind of I don’t really know what else to say about that One other than I just. I just thought it was cute. It’s really drawn to the shape. I like the symmetry that’s in that pot, which doesn’t really matter because what I’m doing doesn’t be pulling it apart. Probably spreading it around. So just what’s really cool. It does say on the tag that these guys can get up to 3 feet tall. So that’ll look really neat, and I mean, I may have images growing through here. I don’t know well. It depends on what kind of mood I’m in when I’m editing, I suppose, but so we can see these in their maturity, not every single one of them, but a lot of them, especially something like this. I really want to know what this looks like when it’s bigger. I imagine it’s pretty cool, and I feel like I’ve seen it before, but I just can’t quite put my finger on it as to whether or not I have. I mean, and here’s an example of what a segment house some of them weren’t in the best shape, though very, very cute. So this is sedum, pork and beans sedum, um? Boober dingdong. I don’t know, it has nice, full, succulent leaves, Which is what I wanted. I was trying to find the seed of the jellybeans, but I couldn’t find it. This is kind of the closest I could get to that. I think and it’ll do. I like it a lot. It’ll spread out all these little pieces. There’s some leaves and things that have fallen off here. You can kind of see it down here, Even though they’re probably not in focus, I can just drop those on top of some vermiculite some soil, and they’ll probably root off and take off, so that’s cool. I’m not really too concerned about there being a few missing leaves in there, And here’s the blizzard aloe. It’s an aloe hybrid. You probably want to see the plan. Don’t you, it’s an aloe. It has variegation at different shades of green and white kind of heavily to that are serrated edges. I should say along those leaves. These guys spread like crazy as you can see. It has a nice rosette shape. There are two of them and this pot, and I will be dividing them and using them in different applications, but they’re just kind of a pretty normal average Find. I would say, but I like this a lot, particularly because like I just said it spreads very, very well edge of areas. I don’t know what to say other than Im. Basically addicted to these guys. I love that you’ve areas. I love the rosette shapes. And I really really love the flowers too. Even when they’re overexposed, this does have a flower on it. It also has another stock getting ready to pop up there, but mostly actually like this guy for its growth habit and its colors, the grazing the blues that kind of blend in there into those red tips really nice and look at how heavy that rosette is. There are so many leaves in there really pretty okay so. I got distracted for a moment and I honestly I. I have no idea where I left off well. I also got these two guys right here. The foliage on them looks a little bit different, but they’re actually the same plant. Well, right well. Maybe they’re not this one says it’s an assorted sedum, and this one says it is sedum. Fine gold leaf. That would explain the difference there. Maybe this is just the gold leaf gold version of that. Okay, well, if I just gave the same plant, but there are different lights. I actually don’t care. Cuz I’m gonna be using them in two separate things, but they’re neat, particularly because of their texture, they have teeny tiny little bitty leaves, which is sometimes a little bit harder to find when you’re just going through like the assorted succulents at you know, the Big-box stores and I think having the different sizes and shapes. Teeny tiny little bitty leaves is really important for texture. Someone keeps texting me, don’t they know? I’m busy! So, yeah, that’s the guy’s pretty cool. I think that they’ll form a low-growing carpet and just like I said, texture, texture, texture, texture, seems like everything. I’ve been doing for texture in color, and some are just cute. That’s all. It comes down to with a lot of these. I just like well a lot of them. Look, especially these guys. These are gravity sedum, California sunset. I imagine these will call up some more once they’re actually in real lighting and not in a dark shelf at Home Depot more than likely but too terribly much. I don’t think these get crazy. Bright like the sedum firestorm, which also has, which is good. I kind of wanted more of this block. It’s coloration with the rosy tips of them. I like these a lot and I actually grabbed quite a few of these next guys. I’m sure you’ve seen these before. These are pretty common. This is sedum firestorm, sedum. Adolphe II really common popular. See them that with more light, not too much light, not too much direct light that is, but they color up very, very nicely. I did grab these off different shelves, so you can see the variations and the colors and everything. This guy right here more. Green was in a very dark spot, whereas this was in the front of the tray. Got a little bit more light and like I said before the more light. I give these guys the more they will start to color up what’s. Cool with these guys and really just about everything. I’ve grabbed here with these different succulents. There’s normally 3 or 4 of them per pot. They typically aren’t that well rooted, even though this one actually like it is, but you can usually just pull these right apart and then use them. Have three separate plants always nice to have the extras. They’re not really extras. I’m gonna be using all of them, but you know what I mean and another sad sedum. This is actually. I think more my fault because I dropped it. So a few leaves fell out. Whoops, this fry, though, is sedum rubra to fix it in it. I don’t know, Aurora! You can see kind of like this porking means like I showed earlier. It has a similar foliage to it, but it’s not as shiny in green. It’s more glaucous like I had mentioned with some of the other plants. Kind of a greenish blue with nice pinky. Tips on it ultimately. I wanted this guy because it has this. Some more shape to the porking means, but it’s going to add a good contrast to that way. They both stand out a little bit better. Look at this cute little mini. Jade, this Priscilla, Obata Compacta, a crest over a very common succulents. This is just a compact variety of that. Nothing crazy here, just a neat looking plant. It’s gonna outgrow, but I’m gonna be using it for. But again there are many many stems rooted down here into the spot that I’ll be able to pull out separate them out and over time, the selection grow into a really cool-looking small plant, so actually, not even that small. I still think the compactive right. He gets like three feet tall. Something like that, so we’ll still get pretty big. Just might take a little bit longer, that’s all. I’ve always been a really big fan of this next plant and it’s the donkey tail. That variety is ver. Ito really cool plants when these succulents when they get some age on them, and you get have them in a decent sized shallow bowl, they spread over the top and look really, really cool, Almost like the Sena Co. Rolly anus, that or the string of pearls, but it’s compact and more bubbly and tight. So you don’t have the space between the pearls that is. I’ll do the Google thing, so you can kind of see. I’m talking about right now. Look at that, isn’t that cool? This one has one two three four five plants in it and several branches that. I could pop off if I wanted to to have even more starts. I don’t think I’m going to do that, though. I kind of wanted this one, not for the projects that I have coming up but more so just because it’s a good start to go ahead and put in a shallow dish and let it start to fill out like I had talked about before really fun. Foliage just overall, really cool plants. I know I said I didn’t need any more of these by edge of areas. I can never have too many etch of areas. Most of these are the neon breakers, and they’re in tiny little pots, but don’t get it twisted. These guys get pretty big, and they get pretty big, Pretty quick, but for what I’m doing. These are gonna work really well. They do have some leaves that need to come out in here. They have some dead foliage, not a big deal. It snaps right out. They could use a good watering, but you know they’re. I’ve seen better, but, hey, so you’re tiny. They’re cute, and they’re gonna work for what I needed before. I love the colors and the textures and neon breakers. You know what, I have a bigger one, lets. Go get that one there. It is what’s that Sansevieria leaf over it. This guy has grown a ton. I know if you remember when I planted it up, but it’s been. I don’t know, maybe a couple of months, and it’s at least doubled in size. That’s probably a good eight inches in diameter. We’re getting more Sun. The outside of those leaves the edges would have an even more intense pinky color to them. It looks really cool when it does so now. I have two more of those which I think is totally worth it because they are awesome. Another chrysalises, Chrysler Calico Kitten Crest. Lamar journalist Rubra Variegata. That’s a pretty good name for this. Chrysler actually really has a lot of different colors in it. It’s got the white and green variegation you’d. The older foliage has these pinky reddish hues to them? It’s as a trailing crassula, so it’s going to creep and crow across the top of the soil, adding color and some diversity. I like this one a time. This is gonna be a really good succulent for me to have in my containers where I’m gonna need some gaps, fill them and I think that this will spread and fill those out very nicely. All right, last one. I didn’t like prepares us in a manner where it’s like a finale it. Just it just happens to be the last ones. Oh, these are pretty darn cool. This is senousy. Oh, how a thorry! What is that? The cocoon plant actually had these in a big, succulent. Hall that I did last year and they turned out to be really, really cool. Plants not sure how much shows up on camera, but there’s very, very, very fine hairs along these leaves. I’ve noticed with a lot of succulents that have that characteristic that they tend to rot very easily. Make some sense. Those hairs are gonna hold the moisture, So I’m gonna be extra careful to make sure these guys stay on the drier side and I’m not gonna have these out in the rain. Either they’re gonna go somewhere protective. Typically, the foliage on these is mostly white that’s. The cocoon plant, each little leaf kind of looks like a cocoon, which is where that name comes from, but these are kind of stained, which is unfortunate, but I’m just hopeful that the new growth arts, they’re actually probably burnt or dying. That’s probably just dying foliage from them being in the dark, but I’m pretty hopeful that with some time that’ll all grow out, and it’ll have lots of new foliage and it’ll be fine. They’ll look pretty cool. These say smaller about 4 inches tall. So they’re not going to go crazy. Not gonna get super Big, just really fine. Nice foliage, Excellent contrast with everything else that I have. I’m gonna make everything else. Stand out and pop a lot, but I’m gonna remind what where I put them. I’m not gonna put them near anything that can handle a little bit more water, Because like, I said, I I think they would die if I did that. Does that make anybody uncomfortable? Made me feel a little weird, but I’ll probably leave it in there. Oh, I almost forgot. I have this guy -. This is Sena! Co articulate Asst. I actually picked this guy up a few weeks ago in a different hall, and I just I forgot to show it to you. Guys actually left at my friend’s house and the only reason I got is because I thought it looked kind of like a snail, but it snail without a shell and yeah, it’s seen better days. There’s only three dollars. It’ll bounce back, no problem. These are just kind of fun. A little succulent. There’s not much else to say other than to just well. It just looks pretty cool, and, of course, grows into a really neat looking plant. All right, that’s gonna do it, though. All kinds of fun. New plants. I have a lot of fun projects coming up that I’m gonna be doing with these guys, and I just kind of want to show them off and talk about them a little bit before I actually dive into those projects. It’s not often that I go out and I can get a whole bunch of succulents at one time, so it’s fun to be able to kind of just do a separate video where they’re all in one place and who doesn’t love succulents, right, They’re just fun, easy, colorful plants that have a lot of versatility. Hope everybody’s doing. We’ll have all my social media linked down below in the description of the video. Follow me and I follow you back. I’m mostly on Instagram, and I have a lot of fun soon. Everybody’s pictures and talking back and forth with everybody. Don’t forget to leave the video a thumbs up. It helps a ton helps. The channel hub. Some videos means the world to me. Thank you so so so much for that and subscribe as we’ll upload multiple times a week and hits that notification bells. You know when new videos come out and don’t forget to comment down below. I love talking everybody in above all else, And most importantly, as always keep on growing . You .